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I ' ve seen a lot of queries about getting scipy working in Maya (Windows *) with a few not 100% reproducible answers.
So after a long personal struggle with the problem, here's my solution which would hopefully end the madness for all Window S Maya users:

TL;DR version
Click here to grab Maya 2014-2015-2016 tested versions of NumPy, SciPy, numexpr and other useful packages (like numexpr!).
Unzip them somewhere relevant to PYTHONPATH. congratulations! All it ' s glory! scipy

"Long" version
What are need a fully functional Python interpreted compiled with MSVC2010.? The steps is found here. Fortunately, the author not only explains the steps for what and why doing it's a good idea but also provides pre-built Binaries which is really nice of him. So go ahead and?download the 2.7.10 64bit Build?and unzip it somewhere (I put mine here: "C:\Python27"). You can use the PIP to install a properly packaged Python wheels which should play nice with mayapy.
Python Wheels?are Awesome because when properly packaged they don ' t require compilers to install C extensions. Unfortunately our new version of Python isn ' t part of the standard distribution, so existing "official" NumPy and scipy WH Eels won ' t work for us. However, there is developers out there who has made custom wheels which would suit our needs. The one I used is made by " Carlkl"A dev I ' ve yet to directly contact to shower him with praise.
His?builds?use Openblas, which I haven ' t benchmarked against builds made with Intel MLK, but they work fine for my needs a nd, I presume, most Maya users out there. To get the packages, find your new version of PIP just installed (mine are at "C:\Python27\Scripts\pip.exe") and run th ESE commands:
Pip Install-i?https://pypi.anaconda.org/Carlkl/simple?Numpypip Install-i?https://pypi.anaconda.org/Carlkl/simple?SciPy
Once PIP has installed ? *both*Packages can either point Mayapy's PYTHONPATH to where PIP installed the packages, or copy them to "C:\Program files\ Autodesk\maya20xx\Python\lib\site-packages "or whatever location keep your Python modules. Do GRAB BOTH PACKAGES and don ' t mix and match scipy with a different builds of numpy or it'll complain about DLL linking Errors.
Congratulations, you ' re-ready to rock!
Quick Disclaimer:i recently noticed that running Numpy.test () and scipy.test () *does* make Mayapy crash, and I ' m not enti Rely certain why but I did suspect it is benign. I ' ve been using this build of scipy heavily in our tools and it ' s been stable and happy.

Cheers everyone!

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[Guide] How to install Scipy in Maya Windows bit-google online forum-Google Chrome

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