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While Microsoft's latest Windows 8 desktop operating system is becoming popular, some data suggest that the "Metro" interface, which replaces the traditional Start menu, is not acceptable to all users, and that the new operating system, though preloaded, has received some sales, but is in fact unpopular. Fortunately for notebook consumers, some of the classic Windows 7 systems are still available in the market, even though these products are becoming increasingly difficult to buy. Based on the highest level of concern in the products we've reviewed last year, we've summed up 10 of the best Windows 7 notebooks you still deserve to buy, and interested users may want to look at them.

I. ASUS Zenbook Prime UX31A

Reference price: USD 1099 (approx. 6792 RMB)

This ASUS Zenbook Prime ux31a is one of our favorites, and its hardware configuration has been upgraded in addition to its delicate, ultra-thin metal fuselage. The first is a 13.3-inch display of the superior IPs hard screen, the third Daicouri i7 processor and SSD Solid State drive collocation also brings the extremely powerful performance. In addition, excellent backlight keyboard, Bang&olufsen speakers of good quality is also a commendable part, is a very good business fashion ultra-extreme. The latest version is just a touch screen and Windows 8 system, and if you don't, a touchscreen version of Windows 7 is obviously more practical and more affordable.

Two. Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E430

Reference Price: USD 472 (approx. 2917 RMB)

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E430 is undoubtedly a business notebook for small and medium business users, although the fuselage is slightly thick, but the rugged design is very practical. The bright spot on the design is a keyboard with a very superior handle and a 7-hour battery time for the CD-ROM drive. Configuration, it has a 14-inch 1366*768 pixel screen, built-in third Daicouri i3 processor and equipped with a large-capacity hard drive, coupled with the current low price, is a cheap choice.

Three. HP Envy Spectre

Reference Price: USD 839 (approx. 5185 RMB)

Envy Spectre from Hewlett-Packard is an excellent design of the 14-inch ultra-polar, Connie Glass top and palm to make it appear smooth and delicate texture, creative and impressive. Of course, HP Envy Spectre is not only a pretty face, it is also equipped with the Intel Core i5 processor, 128GB SSD solid-state drive, a bright 1600*900 resolution screen, and beats audio sound system, taking into account both Office and entertainment applications. Even cooler, the machine is equipped with NFC near-field communication chips, which can be easily exchanged with smart phones for data exchange functions. In addition, the price of HP Envy Spectre has dropped to a very attractive position and is well suited for the shot.

Four. Lenovo IdeaPad U410

Reference Price: USD 799 (approx. 4944 RMB)

Lenovo IdeaPad U410 is undoubtedly a cost-effective home entertainment notebook, with Ruby color design of the fuselage looks vibrant, the price is very appropriate. Not only can you get a strong combination of Intel III Daicouri i5 processors and Nvidia GeForce GT 610M standalone graphics, but also a hybrid hard drive system that brings faster system response speed and is highly recognized by users. In addition, the 14-inch 1366*768 resolution screen, Lenovo Accutype keyboard and Dolby Stereo speakers, are the advantages of this machine, making it a very outstanding performance of entertainment models.

Five. Dell Alienware m14x

Reference Price: USD 1604 (approx. 9913 RMB)

Admittedly, high-performance gaming notebooks with good graphics capabilities tend to be pre-installed with better Windows 7 systems, such as Dell Alienware m14x. With a 14-inch 1600*900 resolution, this mobile game is equipped with the Intel third Daicouri i7 processor, and has 8GB memory and the nvidia GeForce GT 650m+intel GMA HD 4000 dual graphics configuration; Meanwhile, 750GB The 7200 turn massive hard drive and the 32GB mSATA SSD cache collocation also brings a faster system speed, the overall performance is very formidable. It cannot be overlooked that the Dell Alienware M14X also has a high degree of customization and is a very attractive mobile entertainment game book.

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