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Today would like to say that the update of an article, the process of adding a lot of content, the picture is too many, resulting in my browser to occupy a growing memory, the browser becomes very card, finally after a long time I finally updated the article to save when incredibly stuck, and then all my updated text and pictures are lost, Article become and update money, I am very uncomfortable, never met this situation, may also be because of the text and pictures added when writing too much, so I would like to say can not use the browser to edit blog posts, and the use of a software to operate, so it will not be so stuttering, Soon I found the blog Park recommended the use of the Windows Live Writer tool, this tool actually I have seen before, but I did not know what to do before, the previous Windows system seems to have the default comes with this tool.

This tool has two versions on the Internet, one is the version of the online installation, this version of my installation will be error, not install, there is an offline installation package, can be installed properly, this offline installation package contains a lot of tools, custom installation installed only Windows Live writer. I will not talk about the installation process.

Online installation package:

Offline installation package: Http://

Windows Live writer Configuration steps:


1. In the menu, select "Tools" "account", the following screen appears:

2. Click "Add button" to select "Other log Services" in the window that appears, such as:

3, click "Next", appear to add the Log Account window, fill in the corresponding content, log URL for your blog home address, user name fill in your login user name (not blog name, not display name) and password, such as:

4, click "Next", the Configuration detection window appears

Note: If the automatic configuration is not successful, manual configuration is required:

A) Select "Custom (MetaWeblog API)" in "Type of weblog that is using".
b) Enter "Http:// name/services/metaweblog.aspx" in "Remote posting URL for your weblog".

5, the detection process will appear "whether to publish the temporary Log" window (such as), generally select "No".

6, after testing, the following window will appear, click "Done" on the configuration succeeded.

"Super-Detailed tutorial" uses Windows Live Writer 2012 and Office Word 2013 to publish articles to the blog Park Comprehensive Summary


Last year knew this function, but did not go into the summary, recently had the desire to write online blog, and then picked up this thing again.

Specifically is the use of Windows Live Writer or Word, personally feel personally, because these 2 software each has advantages, each has shortcomings .

1, the first with Livewriter blog is obviously more professional, post-release effect is closest to the local, but in the editing function is certainly not as big as word, the other biggest disadvantage is that it is not the local format of Doc.

2, and the advantages of word is self-evident, we use Word every day, Word can send a blog this is a big good news, but with Word published blog post effect and local difference sometimes quite large.

Summary: personally feel, if you are not particularly tangled in style, can be released after the effect and you imagine the effect of nearly point, then do not hesitate to choose Word!

Let's start with the Windows Live Writer 2012 Blog: first , software preparation:

The latest version of Windows Live Writer 2012, but does not provide a separate installation package, it is with other Microsoft software (including MSN, Window Move maker, etc.), the software size is 131M, official: 1rewlive5-all/zh-cn/wlsetup-all.exe

or own Baidu "Windows Essentials 2012 Simplified Chinese offline".

Second, installation:

Installation is very simple, if you do not want to install MSN and other built-in software, please select a custom installation, note can not choose the installation path, this is very painful, the default is installed in the C drive. Third, use:

Open windows Live Writer, the first time you use it, you'll usually get your blog address and your account number and password set up as follows:

Select Other Services:

Set up your blog address and other information:

It then verifies that:

You will then be prompted to publish a temporary log to download the theme, which will be deleted immediately after publishing, so the General option is "Yes":

And then it's basically OK. Iv. Code Highlighting plugin:

Blog Park official gave 2, one an introduction.

1, WindowsLiveWriter.CNBlogs.CodeHighlighter.rar

This plug-in generates the same highlight code as on the Web page, and immediately after inserting it, it appears that it must be networked to show the effect in real time because the blog Park official says it is based on "cloud processing". The installation method is very simple, unzip the above compressed package and then copy the files inside to:

C:\Program Files (x86) \ Windows Live\writer\plugins, and then restart Writer to see:

The insertion interface is relatively simple:

Timely results are as follows:

/**     * Retrieving unique results from a text *     @param regx Regular expression Statement     * @param text to be retrieved     * @return *     /public    String REGX ( String regx,string text)    {        Matcher matcher=pattern.compile (REGX). Matcher (text);        if (Matcher.find ())            return ();        else            return null;    }

2, another plug-in is called: Windows Live Writer Source Code plugin for Syntaxhighlighter, the file is called, It seems that the official blog Park recommended this plugin, but the individual is not very fond of, the most important is not timely display effect . (Although a netizen has researched the method of the local preview effect, but the individual is not too fond of, want to see the stamp here:

Installation method is the same as above, but also copy a DLL file to the plugin directory, blog Park official tutorial:


The interface is as follows:

The immediate effect is as follows (in order to show the effect, this is the editor, can be found not to highlight in time):

Post-publication as follows:

/** * Retrieving unique results from a text * @param regx Regular Expression statement * @param text to be retrieved * @return */public string regx (string regx,string text) {
   matcher Matcher=pattern.compile (REGX). Matcher (text);    if (Matcher.find ())        return ();    else        return null;}

It can be found that the former code style is the same as the first "Insert Code" button in the Web version:

The next plugin is similar to the second one:

Personally feel that in the area of Code insertion Blog Park does not csdn do well, although the web version after inserting the code has a copy of the button:

But after the click also want us to manually press CTRL + C to copy, and after the copy has been the state of the text box, can not be restored to a highlighted code style, so many people use blog park, how no one feedback this opinion??? Five, picture upload notes:

Default upload if the picture is too large to compress, and all by default with the audio and video effects, the improved method is as follows:

Insert a picture, and then:

Vi. setting up categories, labels, abstracts, EntryName:

The following data fields are EntryName (that is, essays or article address aliases).

Seven, typesetting skills

See the article written on this webpage: Cnblogs Blog Layout Tips

let's talk about Word2013 's detailed method of publishing a blog to a blog park. first, software preparation.

Word who has, so software preparation This step can almost be omitted. Specifically which version starts with the blog post feature I don't know, anyway I'm using word 2013. Second, use the necessary configuration for the first time:

Open a Word document, then click "File" in the upper-left corner, select "Share" and "Publish to Blog":

You will usually be asked to create a new blog account by default:

The blog post address is: blog name/services/metablogapi.aspx

Picture options generally select "My blog provider":

Then Word opens a new window and a blog title must be set up to publish the blog:

You can insert categories:

Click on the "Publish Button", at the top of the document will be prompted to publish whether the success of the information, as follows:

Third, the code highlighting:

Generally you direct eclipse or vs copy code to Word will remain highlighted by default, I generally like to insert the code into a row of a column of the table, as follows:

But after the release of the code line spacing widened, depressed!

In addition, the eclipse code directly copied and pasted into Windows Live writer will not remain highlighted, so this is still better for word.

If you want to post the code to look a bit better, it is recommended to use a word code highlighting plug-ins, is a Chinese writing, the function may be somewhat lacking, the main problem is style conflict, although you can set the "CSS custom style" to solve, but once you change the blog skin, This code shows that it may not be normal.

Refer to the original Author blog: Using the code highlighting plugin in Word

For example, I use the theme of coffee, according to the settings given by this author, the blog post has become this way:

The normal should be this:

It is also recommended to turn on alternating row color function, look good:

style when inserting:

Style after inserting into Word:

Post-release styles are given above.

Well, very simple thing unexpectedly voluminous wrote so long, alas, I this person is has such a bad problem: is what thing once must do the best that must do! All right, dinner's gone, starving!

Hope to have some help for the people who have not used!

Live Writer Usage Tips: Always use the original size of the picture when posting a blog


Using live writer to publish a blog, when you insert a picture, Live writer uses the thumbnail image by default and adds a shadow effect to the picture. Thumbnails make the picture unclear, and the shadow effect is superfluous (and the effect is usually bad).

When there are a lot of pictures in the blog post, it's a pain to use Live Writer to send a blog, a torment--to have a picture modified attribute (have you been tortured?). ) while Live Writer 2011 finally provides an understanding of the drug.

First insert a picture in Live Writer, then set it to the original size and remove the shadow effect, such as:

Then click on "set to default" and stay away from the pain of setting the picture in Live Writer. Is testimony:

Windows Live Writer:

Windows Live Writer Configuration help: [feature improvement]live Writer blog Support "Build classification, tagging, writing summary"


Did you ever publish a blog post with Windows Live Wirter in your garden for three of the following:

  • Bad 1: If you want to create a new category and add an essay to the category when you publish your essay, you'll need to add a category to the blog background, refresh the category list in Live writer, and select the category.
  • 2: If you want to add a label to your essay, you'll need to add it to your blog background after the essay is published.
  • 3: If you want to write a summary of the publication, you need to post the essay, into the background of the blog to write a summary.
  • This feature improvement is for everyone to eliminate these three unpleasant.

    If you have already configured live Wirter, you need to update the configuration. Click on the "Update account Information" button to update.

    If you are using live Writer for the first time, you can refer to this Help document for configuration.

    How do you use these features? The following are for you.

    first, the construction classification

    1. Click the drop-down box for the category selected by Live writer.

    2. Enter the category name and click the Add button at the bottom of the drop-down box, where you add category.

    Example Operation Picture:

    Second, add label

    Click "View All" in the ("Built-in") to open the window, and enter a comma-delimited label in the keywords.

    Three, write the summary

    or click "View all" to open the same as "tagging" the same window, in the excerpt to enter the summary content.

    Preview: Next, we will eliminate the fourth one--code coloring, will be implemented in the form of live writer plug-ins, so that code coloring WYSIWYG (WYSIWYG). (This feature has been implemented)

    Tip: If you use live writer to add a picture, be sure to keep an eye out for this tip--live Writer uses: Always use the original size of the picture to continue improvements to live writer support when posting a blog: set the essay address alias (EntryName)


    After we released the [feature improvement]live writer support for classification, tagging, and writing summaries], Artech a good suggestion: you can set up entryname when you publish an essay in Live writer.

    Now, we have implemented this function in the following ways:

    1. If you have previously configured live Writer, you need to update your account configuration. Such as:

    2. In the Publish essay window of live writer, on the right side of the selection category, click "View All" and the following window appears:

    2. Enter the appropriate entryname in the "Slug". Windows Live Writer recommends syntaxhighlighter code coloring plugin


    Blog Park built-in support syntaxhighlighter code coloring, code coloring syntax: <pre class= ' brush: Programming language ' > Code </pre>.

    Note that you need to change the default editor to TINYMCE if you are using syntaxhighlighter code coloring. If you use cuteeditor,cuteeditor, spaces in your code are automatically stripped, causing code formatting to break.

    If you use Windows Live Writer to write a blog (configuration step), the Windows Live Writer code coloring plugin makes it easy to Syntaxhighlighter code coloring.

    Our recommended code coloring plugin is: Windows Live Writer Source code plugin for Syntaxhighlighter

    Official website:

    This underground load:

    Installation method:

    Copy WindowsLiveWriter.SourceCode.dll to the Windows Live Writer Plugin folder:
    * 32-bit Systems:c:\program Files\Windows Live\writer\plugins
    * 64-bit Systems:c:\program Files (x86) \ Windows Live\writer\plugins

    How to use:

    After the installation is successful, the "Source Code" plugin appears in live writer, such as:

    Click the plugin, paste the code that needs to be shaded and select the appropriate programming language.

    However, when the tool is installed, an error will appear,

    The solution is

    Publish live writer code coloring plugin Cnblogs.codehighlighter


    After solving the four questions about "build classification, tagging, writing summaries," and "setting up EntryName" that were encountered using Windows Live Writer, we solved the fifth problem-the code coloring problem-by the strike.

    Code coloring is implemented in the form of live writer plugins, using the "cloud coloring" technology (hehe, following the current trend of cloud computing. Actually just commit the code to server-side processing.

    The Code coloring feature is WYSIWYG, the same coloring effect as in the blog background editor.

    Plug-in Installation method

    1. Download plugins

    : Http://

    2. Installing plugins

    Unzip the WindowsLiveWriter.CNBlogs.CodeHighlighter.rar and copy the extracted files to the following location:

    * 32-bit Windows: "C:\Program files\windows Live\writer\plugins"
    * 64-bit Windows: "C:\Program Files (x86) \ Live\writer\plugins"

    After copying and running live Writer, open the Insert menu, you will see this plugin, the button name is "Insert Code". See:

    How to use Plugins

    1. Click the "Insert Code" button and the following window appears:

    2. Select the corresponding programming language and copy/paste the code into the window, then click "OK" to complete the code coloring. See the results:


    Note: The plug-in is based on the code of Windows Live Writer, source code plugin for Syntaxhighlighter ( Developing latex formula plug-ins for WLW


    WLW is a powerful tool for blogging, supports offline, format typesetting, and has many plugins. The blog Park recommended the code insertion plugin, but did not provide a WLW formula to compile the plugin. My general practice now is to use MathType to edit a formula in Word and then copy the formula into WLW's article, which is a bit of a hassle.

    Simply learn the development of WLW plug-in, decided to develop a WLW code to insert plug-ins. Relatively simple, according to the following steps, you can develop their own formula insert plug-in.

    first, there are two aspects involved in developing a formula insert plugin. on the one hand is the editing of the formula, generally using latex mathematical typesetting, in order to resolve the Latex function, we need latex to parse the link library, and Google Chart API provides latex online interface as follows:/HTTP{latex}, where {latex} is the code to be generated, use the Google API (so that the plug-in used in this development needs to be networked). On the other hand is the development of WLW plug-in, introduced as follows:

    So far, the expansion of Windows Live writer is not very strong, it provides us with the following two aspects of its expansion possibilities:

    A. Application-level APIs: This part of the API allows us to launch and invoke the functionality of Windows Live Writer in an external program, as a COM component. If you are writing a small button on a Firefox toolbar, such as "Blog it!," You should obviously use such APIs.
    B. Article content plugin: This part of the API allows developers to modify the content of the article being written to implement similar functions as the "Insert Link ..." and "Insert Picture ..." That comes with Windows Live writer. To write the article content plug-in, you need to select it from ContentSource or Smartcontentsource two base classes and inherit from it. These two base classes provide the infrastructure needed to write the article's content plug-in. The differences between ContentSource and Smartcontentsource are as follows:

    ContentSource: If you need to write a plug-in that will be inserted into the content of a simple, inserted after no longer modify (so-called "one-way insert") of the content fragment, such as a hyperlink, or a custom section of the copyright information, you should select the type of the base class. The "Insert Link ..." that comes with Windows Live writer belongs to this type of plugin.
    Smartcontentsource: If you need to write a plug-in that inserts a more complex piece of content into it, you might want to modify it (so-called "bidirectional Interaction") of the content slice dua, such as a picture, a map, and so on, then you should choose this type of base class. The "Insert picture ..." That comes with Windows Live writer belongs to this type of plugin.

    As can be seen, the development formula plug-in when the choice of ContentSource.

    Then, the basic functionality of the plugin is implemented programmatically.

    1. Create a new C # Windows Forms application using Visual Studio 2010.

    2. Design the interface of the plugin, the interface is as follows:

    3. Implement the functions of each key, including paste, preview, insert, Cancel, as follows:

    Public partial class mainform:form{private static readonly string picurlpattern = @ "Http://    Rt?cht=tx&chl={0} ";    private static readonly string Imgtag = "

    Note: HttpUtility in the system.web library, you need to add a reference System.Web.dll and add a using system.web to the head of the file. If System.Web.dll is not found, the target framework in the project properties is modified to. NET Framework 2.0, it is recommended to use 2.0, and the plugins developed by. NET 4.0 are not compatible with my WLW version.

    Debug the program until the window is functional.

    Create an interface class to convert the above window into a WLW plug-in.

    A. Add a reference to the WINDOWSLIVE.WRITER.API (WLW under the installation directory WindowsLive.Writer.Api.dll), and add the using WindowsLive.Writer.Api;.

    B. Modify the output type in the project properties to the class library and delete the Program.cs file.

    C. Create a new class, inherit from ContentSource, and overwrite the appropriate method.

    [Writerplugin ("adf1e416-b2e9-44e1-8612-c405bbcf1359",    "Insert Latex",    publisherurl = " houkai/",    ImagePath =" Tex.png ",    Description =" Insert Formula ")][insertablecontentsource (" Insert Formula ")]public class livewriterlatexplugin:contentsource{public    override DialogResult createcontent (IWin32Window Dialogowner, ref String content)    {        using (mainform form = new MainForm ())        {            DialogResult result = form. ShowDialog ();            Content = form. Imgintag;            return result;}}    }

    Note that we have added the Writerplugin property for this class:

    The first parameter is a GUID that can be obtained through the GUID generator, such as, which functions as an identifier.

    The second parameter is the name of the plug-in, which will be seen in the plug-in manager of Windows Live writer.

    The third parameter, Publisherurl, is the publisher's website address.

    The fourth parameter ImagePath for the plugin's icon file path, download or make a good-looking PNG picture (PNG format transparent, more beautiful), add to the project, modify the picture "Build Action" as "embedded Resources".

    The fifth parameter, description, is a small description of the plug-in that represents the details of the plug-in in the Insert option.

    The class also applies the Insertablecontentsource property, which is used to define the name of the plugin's Insert menu and insert Shortcut panel in WLW, but the new version of WLW has removed the Insert menu and sidebar, Therefore, this property is applied only to maintain forward compatibility.

    Note the second parameter of the Createcontent () method is a ref string newcontent, which represents the HTML code generated by the plug-in.

    finally compile release build DLL file , put DLL file to WLW installation directory plugins, restart WLW can.

    My Latex formula plugin is available for download. There are a lot of blogs about the development of WLW plug-in, we are interested in the development of plug-ins to learn the detailed content. The rest of the content is how to edit the mathematical formula under Latex, the next section to introduce it.

    Maintenance version (original plugin is invalid due to Google Chart API address modification)

    The latest Latex plugins can be downloaded

    Example: Cnblogs Blog Layout Tips


    Recently many Bo friends asked, how did your article typesetting? Why is your code so beautiful? How does your picture have a shadow effect? In order to meet the needs of everyone, I specifically summed up the blog layout skills ~ ~ I hope you read this article after a new experience and relaxed mood to write blog ~ ~

    Five Elements in Blog Park: Title, paragraph, code, picture, copyright.

    My principle is that HTML is the simplest, the article most beautiful, the content clearest! This article applies to Windows Live Writer. I. Choice of ways of writing

    Online Web Editor: Blog Park provides three kinds of online editor, I think this is to write the content of the blog less user mention oh convenient, each has advantages. It is recommended to use TINYMCE.

    Windows Live Writer: Configure the settings, see here for details. You can concentrate on writing articles offline. It is recommended that you use Windows Live Writer to write blog posts offline without causing data loss due to network problems and previewing is convenient.

    Microsoft Office Word: Another offline way, configuration settings can also write articles, but not recommended, because there is the conversion of HTML process, this conversion of HTML is just a lot of scary, bad for search, the article layout is not easy to control. Ii. layout style title style

    The title is divided into: Heading 1, Heading 2 ... Use

    There are many bloggers who use the title "<p><strong> title </strong></p>" to indicate that this is not good, or recommend the use of

    Of course, due to the old Bo skin problem, it is recommended that you use the custom after the Bo skin or the 2008 Bo skin comparison Standard, Bo Pilley here. However, some , and we need to redefine them, in the background of the blog (Options---Configure---the text boxes below the CSS customization page) are defined:

    Here's the style I gave:

    . Postbody h1{    margin:15px 0;    padding:0;    font-size:135%;}. Postbody h2{    margin:15px 0;    padding:0;    font-size:125%;}. Postbody h3{    margin:15px 0;    padding:0;    font-size:110%;}
    Paragraph style

    Paragraph, we usually write a paragraph of the text is the passage, with the "<p> paragraph </p>", the paragraph under the different Bo will automatically indent the first line, some do not, but I do not recommend the use of "&nbsp; (space)" to replace the first line indentation. No indentation is as beautiful as it is, but using the "&nbsp; (space)" HTML is a lot more confusing.

    For example, in my introduction, I use only

    I've also defined the and <strong> styles.

    For specific custom styles, click: download CSS. Third, Code style

    The code style that we want is to provide an area block that shows the code snippet that we need to show, and some keywords can be highlighted. Look at the code style I found, share it;

    Bo friends A type: May not know how to write a blog or do not want to typesetting blog, directly the same text code.

    Bo friends B Type: By the influence of the blog garden, using the blog park "Insert Code" function, good code to make what kind of, highlighting is not perfect also get a gray div wrapped, also shows the line number is too indecent.

    Ding Co: Web refiners, as much as possible to simplify the HTML code (this is beneficial to search, it is easy to search), so he even the code is known for saving.

    A type: hey ~ so wasted, good code to run up online, so get on the big text box is a button, the entire page code is in that text box. Who is responsible for the Web front-end?

    Lao Zhao Type: Veteran hands-on, the original code is manually customized, which keyword needs to be highlighted, the manual definition, it is troublesome AH ~ now using plug-ins to replace the past labor.

    Plug-in: A variety of code plugins using Windows Live writer, such as: Syntax highlighter, Syntax highlighter for Windows live writer, these plug-ins do not work well, Generated HTML scary, and some have JS code, the main reason is not to compare these plugins ~ ~

    Victimization: All code is not indented, the whole line is output, it is not his fault, he is the victim, is the Cuteeditor editor bug. Cuteeditor a bug will filter out the white space in front of each line, so that the code is not indented, the whole row of output, hey ~ replaced by "Plain text box" on it, this point particles ning love experience the deepest ~ ~

    Lao Li type: This is the most concise, good-looking code that I am optimistic about, hit 100 points. Here are some highlights

    Xiao Li type: My, early reference to Lao Li's ~ ~

    Most of the HTML generated code is using <div> as the outer layer, using &nbsp; as a space, using <br> to line up (supposedly <br/>), highlighting in different ways, completely violating the Web standard. The best solution:

    Strongly everyone uses Windows Live Writer's Paste from Visual Studio plugin to download from here, if you want to highlight the code, just copy it from Visual Studio or SQL Server and click " Insert from Visual Studio ... ". Its HTML code is automatically generated ~, the only drawback is that each time you will add an empty link at the end, may be to indicate the copyright.

    The plugin code uses <pre> tags, no spaces, wrapping HTML tags (save some HTML code), and provides class= "code" custom <pre> tag styles. There is an auto indent feature. The code is output as it is, and you need to highlight the keyword using <span style= "color: Color" > Keyword </span> defines the style. I've seen a plug-in that defines the least code-style HTML code. Other plug-ins generate HTML code, which is bad for search.

    Look at the code generated by paste from Visual Studio, click to enlarge:

    we use Windows Live Writer to write blog posts, it is recommended to set the blog Park editor as "Plain text box" (Background options---Preferences---default editor or the background to the left), do not use the Cuteeditor, There are some bugs in this editor, because this plugin is not using "&nbsp;" To indent, is directly blank for indentation, the editor has a bug will filter out the front of each line of white space, so that your code is not indented, the whole row of output, such as the above type of victimization, of course, there are other bug~~

    We can define code CSS style in the background of the blog (option---Configure---the text box below the CSS customization page) to make the border of the parcel code more style ~ ~ Provide my style:

    . code{    background: #fbedbb;    border: #c0c0c0 1px solid;    padding:5px;    margin:0 40px 0 20px;    Font-family:verdana,helvetica, "Microsoft Jas Black", Arial, "Song Body", Sans-serif;}

    You can modify the background color Ah, border style ah, to achieve their own style. Four, image processing

    An article is good-looking, it is recommended that I use a gadget 685kb:spx Instant screen Capture (tool) Green version v6.0, you can add comments and border effects. Let's not define HTML, just add a shadow effect to the image. Manage pictures

    I think the Cuteeditor editor of the management picture function is more powerful, you can freely manage, upload their own pictures (this will change the editor from Time to Times), recommend that you use Cuteeditor to upload pictures, and then insert a picture in Windows Live writer is to refer to the address , it is not recommended to use Windows Live Writer to automatically submit the upload image function, so that the image address, image name is not easy to control, and it also automatically generated a picture thumbnail image is a picture on the server generated two, which undoubtedly wasted the blog space resources.

    Manage picture functions (click to enlarge)

    I believe that after the blog park will be specially developed a picture management function. Insert Picture

    We insert pictures, according to Beaupuis choice, blog Park Bo Skin in two, one is adaptive width, such as Insidedotnet Bo, according to your browser resolution and automatically adapt. The advantage is that you can adapt the width and what resolution can be filled. However, there will be changes in the browser effect at different resolutions, especially when the article layout changes. There is a fixed width, such as Chinaheart bo skin, the overall width is generally 950px (1024x768 resolution can also achieve a better display effect), the general body display area 660px width, so the best picture width is less than 550px, In order to achieve a better display effect. The advantages of fixed width are: fixed width, at what resolution the display is the same. So that your typography can be faithfully reflected. The disadvantage is: too wide resolution, the two sides will be relatively empty, for the larger resolution of the user is a bit wasteful.

    We recommend using the ALT tag to define the description when inserting a picture, which is advantageous for the search. According to Beaupuis selection, insert the appropriate size of the picture, if the picture is too large you can use height, width to force the definition of the picture size, and then add a hyperlink to the picture, like this:

    <p><a href= ""      target= "_blank" >     </a></p>

    If you want to show the picture speed, you can reduce the size of the picture, the use of Windows comes with the Paint tool lossless compression: As long as the use of drawing tools to open the picture, save as you can, and nothing else, so that a 500KB can be reduced to 100KB size, so that the display speed is also fast point, Also reduced the space, double benefit. Five, copyright

    Now reproduced too much, for their own articles with copyright is also a good choice, for example, add a watermark on the picture, add a paragraph for the article ~ ~ Everyone freely imagine it, look at my statement below:

    (We examine the source of this page, why I joined the <BR/>, is to avoid some Bo Pi headman line indentation, so not aligned) six, released

    Before publishing, please preview your article, notice the image address is correct, whether to refer to the picture on the network.

    Since Windows Live Writer supports a few publishing options for the blog Park, I strongly recommend that you set the blog Park editor to "Plain text box" (Background options---Preferences---Default editor or the shortcut to the left of the background):

    Then directly copy HTML into the Plain text box, fill in the title, Personal classification, site classification, publishing options, participating teams, Summary content, tab tags and other content can be published directly.

    I hope this introduction is helpful to you ~ ~ Use a custom theme to let Windows Live writer preview the syntax highlighting locally


    Introduction to Windows Live Writer and resolution of related issues

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