The moral hazard behind big data

700,000 of people, no one told online experiments, the world's largest social network Facebook's secret emotional test recently exposed the world, the industry in an uproar. While Facebook's second-in-command Sheryl Sandberg the first time to apologize, the deep investigation into the British government's involvement has again put the red line between big data and personal privacy on the stage.   The current "Big data" so hot industry concept, in the face of the application of the standard gray area, how? 2012, Face Book (Facebook ...)

The Big data explosion era, from the details to foresee the future

& ">nbsp;   Illustrations _roger. In the great data age of information explosion, with the pace of life becoming more and more rapid, from the health of the global economy to the rout of terrorism, we rely on the quality of the forecast.   The speed and number of predictions we have to make are increasing. Psychologist, "the expert's political judgment" book author Philippe Tetlock to social science ...

Big data helps us visualize the sky.

Http:// "> Weather forecasts are now like daily necessities, the information people need to master every day." But how do you predict weather conditions after 40 days? How to make the weather forecast more accurate? In the past, such problems are difficult to solve, but now different, big data can help. With the improvement of the global Meteorological Observation Network and the increasing number of numerical prediction products, the meteorological data has reached the threshold of large data entry in volume.

Four ways to boost your sales with big data


Big Data to help you find a job

"Big data to help you find a job" after the spring festival, the peak has lasted more than a month, after this year "> Talent Market Competition situation?" Zhaopin through the network of massive data recruitment, published the city Competition index, the hottest 10 industries, talent demand industry rankings, the main city average remuneration and other data. Let your next resume cast more direction, quickly poke a picture to see!

Large data security and enterprise informatization reform to promote the development of intelligent city

& ">nbsp; Large data application areas, because of its high intelligence mass data aggregation particularity, in the Intelligent city area is particularly important. In recent years, because of the national Development Plan, the intelligent city is designated as the key promotion project. It is also because of the emergence of large data to promote the acceleration of information industrialization, intelligent City can be more comprehensive development. &nb ...

Large data security analysis is getting more and more attention

In a recent survey of large data in the world of information, the results show that more and more users are becoming more and more anxious about security analysis solutions based on large data.

Big data ready, how does the enterprise ready?

One conclusion from McKinsey's in-depth research, "Big data: The next new field of innovation, competition and productivity", is that big data is really a big deal, and it shows great potential in the research area of the report. The survey included five areas: health care in the United States, American retailing, European public institutions, global manufacturing, and global private data storage. The main description of large data can create new opportunities and cost-saving ways. In the face of massive data, how to analyze and effectively use its value, and optimize the enterprise business becomes the inevitable problem in the process of modern enterprise transformation. So blue ...

Big Data 2014 faces several customs

Big data goes from "concept" to "value", based on large data recommendations and forecasts gradually popular, data science will rise, security and privacy become an important issue, the large data industry into a strategic industry-this is the Chinese Computer Society large Data Expert committee on the "Big Data" 2014 Ten trends in the prediction of the content. In this forecast, it also includes data commercialization and data sharing alliance, large data ecological environment development and so on. At the same time, the large data experts committee predicts that 2014, the Internet and E-commerce, Finance (stock market forecasts, financial Analysis), health care (epidemiological surveillance and ...)

Big Data 2.0 times feature-faster data processing

With the development of the industry, its business opportunities show a variety of trends.   "Big Data" was used in the 2014 vocabulary, but in fact, due to the lack of data, large data cleaning and analysis capacity, as well as data visualization bottlenecks, and other issues, "Big data" has been unable to delay landing. Recently, with the development of infrastructure, it means that the development of large data has come to a new critical point. System software supplier Software AG Gagan Mehra, on the VentureBeat website, elaborated his recognition of the next development of big data ...

Large Data ≠hadoop

When business users actually create "> Big Data Application Solutions, hoping to derive business value from them, they will find that with Hadoop, There is only the infrastructure part of the big Data solution-which most vendors are currently developing and offering-and the vast majority of vendors can only provide part of the overall framework for big data, not to mention how to help companies to ...

Big Data + cloud computing makes security, privacy a paradox

On the one hand, the United States government has always been keen to show the embarrassing situation, on the other hand, the public on the network of Information and communication security and personal privacy protection of the topic again warming. Our inability to discuss national security issues seems more like a diplomatic affair, a process of game-playing among politicians.   Even Huawei CEO Ren, who said he was no longer on the initiative to expand the U.S. market, also showed frustration-he hinted: "The water is deep, not one of our private enterprises can be steered." Security, privacy and convenience seem to be paradoxes. US President Barack Obama ...

Big data "from shallow to deep" comes around

The most simple application of large data is undoubtedly the personalized Web page customization, according to the user browsing habits, give the corresponding content, now the most adept at using this technology is undoubtedly the portal site and video site. Big data to play a bit more in-depth, it should be for the Internet escort stage.   In this year's "double 11" preparations for the day, the cat special emphasis on the application of large data. Now it is easy to say big data, and more popular is the analysis of user data, these seemingly advanced technology, seems to be closer to every netizen, whether browsing the web, or behind those ...

Big Data "Count" The two sessions hot

"Big data is a major technological breakthrough in the study of our time," he said. People can grasp the development of various matters more accurately according to the large data brought by new media technology.   Said Lidan, a professor of journalism at Renmin University of China. In this year's two sessions, big Data technology was first written into government work reports.   In the meeting, large data technology is used for the first time to comb and reflect the people's most concern. Xinhua based on large data technology inventory of the two sessions of the new hot spots. From the two quotations to the representative members of the Hot search list, can even see the different provinces of the most close friends ...

Large data "Count" does not show artistic and cultural creativity

The concept and application of large data is becoming increasingly popular with the rapid popularity of smartphones and tablet computers. It is noted that large data in the field of film and television production, design, games, music, art market performance is quite active, some people even began to believe that large data will be in the field of cultural and artistic creation of the Times miracle.     In fact, with the development of large data, experts and scholars from all over the world have never interrupted the sound of reflection and questioning. "Big Data Mania" needs to return to reason May 5, the CEO of a US data solution company Gary &midd ...

Large data: From the Internet of things to support the development of Intelligent city

Large data is the intangible means of production of information society, the concept of the community has been constantly deduce a variety of versions, but on the large data, Internet of things, intelligent city of the relationship between the three, many people are not very clear. In this connection, the reporter interviewed the same side of the Internet industry applications, technical director Zhao Ying, she made a detailed interpretation. The relationship between big data, Internet of things, and smart city is simple: the development of large data originates from the application of IoT technology and is used to support the development of intelligent city. As an extension of Internet application, IoT technology is in the stage of great development. The Internet of Things is the foundation of Intelligent City.

Big data: Predicting the outcome of this World Cup tournament

From today onwards, another World Cup tournament officially kicked off, the world's fans and non-fans will also enjoy this passion burning, blood surging good times. The crisp beer has been filled, the shiny screen is ready, and everyone's love for the country and perhaps some unrealistic expectations are watching the pitch. The current World Cup statistics have been hot, Brazil is expected to usher in a total of 3.7 million people around the world, the resulting economic effect as high as 30. ...

Big data: The secret to profitability

Although we now have more valuable data on consumers than ever before, only 12% of companies are putting these big data messages into use.   Big data has become a hot word, but many marketing experts and salespeople still don't know how to deal with the information we can get.   At the same time, companies that use big data tend to deal with it in a messy way: The marketing department gets the data but doesn't know how to use it, and the sales department is always focused on small, concrete data, so it's easy to overload the information with such a huge amount of data. So two ministries ...

Large data: Insignificant significance

It is always lonely, it has no bright appearance and ups and downs of the story for people to spend. But with the "big Data" of the East Wind, it became hot. All walks of life start using "Big data to tell you ..." to make sentences.   Along with the logic of "all companies are IT companies," then, "everything is about big data." While the big data is being touted, there are also criticisms. Recently, a "big data, Anli" article summed up a few foreign criticism of large data abuse, the original appendix is as follows: 1, insignificant significance: no theoretical http://...

Big data: The decisive turn of the game between the great Powers in the future

Whether it's your intention or not, data is making your life notes every day: Where have you been? What do you see? What did you do? Your personality preferences? Contact who? How are you feeling? ...... These are all available from your Web browsing records, transactions, mobile phone records, Unicom video records, email records, social networking records, and so on, and every "footprint" on your network is recorded and stored in the form of data that is accurate, timely and exhaustive.   With this data, you can spell a "you" that you know better than yourself. So by a ...

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