Big data forecasts from Brazil fiasco

This 4 o'clock in the morning, Germany's World Cup finals for Brazil gave everyone a big bang. Germany's 7:1 victory over Brazil is breathtaking, and Brazil's fiasco is hard to get.   Perhaps even Google's big data forecasts do not predict a 7:1 disparity.   In this case, it may be a bit far-fetched to discuss using large data to predict the world accurately, but after all, big data predictions are trends. Big Data today, although there is still a distance from the perfect prediction, however, it is undeniable that the belief in data is more reliable than the belief in intuition. Put aside the "Big score" game this morning.

Big data from NASA to Netflix means big change

Big data has become a buzzword in the present. From NASA to the video web site Netflix, many organizations of different industries and sizes are taking advantage of big data. The big data business has great potential and development prospects, according to a 24th article by Microsoft National Cable television.   The "Industrial Data Lake" system developed by American companies is an efficient system for dealing with large data, which can be used in industries such as medical aviation, and can greatly save enterprise costs. Large data is used to refer to massive amounts of data that are difficult to handle with traditional databases and software technologies. From NASA to n ...

The six levels of enterprise construction of large data system from the perspective of bat

This paper divides the construction of enterprise large data system into six levels, but it is not a linear process, and there is a basic relationship between each level, but it does not mean that it must be built on a level-by-layer basis.   For example, entrepreneurial companies, in the absence of data research and development capabilities, most of the Third-party platform for data reporting and analysis.   The following picture, is the essence of this article, the following one to explore with you. First, the Data Platform Foundation platform construction work, including data platform construction, data specification, data Warehouse, product data specification, Product ID, user ID, unified SDK and so on.

Print from 3D to large data wearing

Fluorescent translucent fabrics dotted with delicate lace, in the light of alternating lights, dressed in swimwear model filed, as if the nature of the streamer to move to the T stage. In Shanghai Fashion Week, the group of admirers was amazed by a "dress in a bathing suit".   It is not thought that such bright colors and fluent versions are based on a new technology -3d printing. Yes, you are right, 3D printing can also make clothes, and can bring unexpected effects. "Based on new technology, swimwear decorative lace more delicate, can be arbitrary shape and keep soft, to maximize the restoration of the spirit of the designer ..."

Talking about the advantages and disadvantages of large data industry from "Dongguan Escape map"

The 1th page: Water gathers into the river-small data collects into the massive data before the Spring Festival, for big Data This "unknown" field, even when the industry talked about, also more is talking about the value of large data how! However, a Baidu migration map of the Spring Festival allows more people to begin to understand the big data. And Dongguan vigorous anti-Vice campaign caused by "Miss Johns Escape Map" is to let people realize that big data and everyone's closely related.   Then, the big data is so sudden but inevitable fire up. Water gathers into the river small data gathers into the massive data ...

From "Big Data" to "smart data"

Most experts believe that gems and gold can be found in huge amounts of data. Oxford University in the UK has conducted a survey of industry workers around the world, and 2/3 of respondents believe that using data and analytics software can keep them competitive. The question is, how are these "gold diggers" digging gold from such huge data mountains today? The "gold" to be excavated from 3V to 4V refers to the recording, storage and analysis of large amounts of data, as well as the appropriate ...

Start-up companies want to recruit? You can try big data.

You must have heard the word big data, and you may have used some tools to analyze the data. But whether you use it or not, large data can help you make more accurate analysis. Can it predict the likelihood of a startup's success? Or, more accurately, is it possible to predict whether a hired employee can contribute to the company's development? The answer is: yes.   Xerox has already used large data to save about half the cost of its staff and employs a number of talented people with cognitive and personality measurement tools. No matter what stage the start-up company is in, it can use big data to make predictions about all aspects of the company, like Xerox. The following ...

Build a national intelligence city Lanzhou to build large data project

Daily Gansu Network-Science and technology news as the creation of a national wisdom of the important part of the city, Lanzhou City, ">   The feasibility study report of the first phase project of large data project has been approved by the Municipal Development and Reform Commission. Lanzhou large Data Project Phase I project with external Internet data as the core to build Lanzhou city public opinion large data center, focus on the development of public opinion risk monitoring, analysis and judgment, network evaluation management and public opinion guide control, knowledge management and other basic applications, ...

Traditional media want to borrow large data against the wind again as the scientific application of prevention mistakes

For the traditional media, if we want to realize the digital transformation, we must establish the Intelligent Information Service platform based on the large data technology. So what is the big data? What are the limitations of traditional media entering big data? And what can be broken?   In this regard, the State Administration Institute of Social and Cultural Research Department of senior economist, management Doctor Guo Kanzhong did an analysis. 2013, is a big data year, big data is bringing revolutionary change to traditional media, although traditional media also take various ways to actively deal with the challenge of large data, but due to large data ...

Traditional stores add insult to the big data?

In recent years, ebay, Taobao, Beijing-east and other major electric power companies with new technology and the rise of different armies, double 11 and other large-scale promotional discounts, so that more and more DIY enthusiasts and digital enthusiasts began to accept and become accustomed to online shopping, traditional electronic stores are under great pressure. And with the advent of the big data age, the electric dealers make full use of large data mining value more customized to serve consumers, traditional stores look more "worse". However, as the "Old Zhongguancun" Dragon mansion in this battle of gunpowder, but clever use of intel Internet of Things and large data-related technology, knot ...

City Observatory, providing large data for 55 cities worldwide

Richard Saul Wurman, founder of the TED conference, "> officially released the City observatory at ESRI Global User Conference ( Hints Observatory) project.   The world's 55 largest cities share the city's data, which will be the first truly public observatory on the planet. This project is Ric by ...

Immersion Panorama seamless splicing of large data age

[Zhongguancun Projector Channel Original] March 13, 2014, from the Belgian Kotri professional visualization system experts can launch overview seamless stitching OSV Series display, bring a higher collaboration experience. This curved display screen is suitable for visualization of a wide range of applications, from emergency command centers, to war rooms or multiple-person discussion sessions, to more traditional control rooms for utilities, energy and processes. As part of a suite of solutions, OSV is also equipped with a set of innovative controller and collaboration management Systems--transform C ...

Hype Big Data: "Thunder, Rain"

May 29, Baidu Chairman and CEO Robin Li said at a summit of the Baidu Alliance, the Internet field has two things is bat (Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent abbreviation) do not do or do not do things: First, enterprise-class software; Two are big data.   Although the word "big data" has been hotly fired by people from all walks of life, there are few projects to really "cash in" the big data. Hype Big Data five years ago, a Google research team announced a remarkable achievement in the world's top science magazine Nature. The team can track the flu in the US ...

Super AI: The future of Big data?

In Baidu large data opening conference, engaged in computer academic theory of the bosom into Peng President's speech as a sap to all listeners, Huai Principal's academic speech to make everyone foggy, all the people dizzy, the scene can understand is absolutely a minority, may feel the headmaster a bit like an alien in that selfish speech. But as a person who once wanted to work on artificial intelligence but missed the chance to graduate from computer science, the more excited I was, the more likely I was to find the possibility that future AI would arrive, and I would now try to convert Professor Huai's speech to human

ibm:70% companies are applying large data analysis, cloud computing, mobile and social technologies

& ">nbsp;     In the report on the "increased competition IBM Business Technology Trends (PDF)", comparing 2012 years with current adoption and the comparison between the leader and the consumer, IBM assesses the current 4 key technologies, large data analysis, cloud computing, mobile and social technologies, and their application in the enterprise. Research ...

IBM set up large Data Intelligence Application Center

Recently, IBM (NYSE:IBM) held the IBM 2014 unstructured Data Management user conference in Xiamen with the theme "insight into business opportunities, one step ahead". At the meeting, IBM Enterprise Content Management (Enterprise content MANAGEMENT,ECM) addressed the challenges of unstructured data management in a large data environment, providing a complete solution for the core industry and sharing the customer experience of IBM ECM in the human, financial and other fields. At the meeting, IBM announced the partnership with the U.S.-Asia Cupressaceae Information Co., Ltd.

IBM Symphony combined with system X for large data

After the Bigdata, cloud computing, the Internet, and mobile internet, "Big data" has started to cause great concern in the industry.   There is no doubt that the data itself is an asset, but also the inherent soul of cloud computing and the inevitable escalation direction, the global IT giants are now aware of the "Big Data" era, the significance of data. As an IT technology provider with a century of technology precipitation, the IBM Technology Computing solution extends from a departmental cluster to a supercomputer, enabling organizations to achieve better results by delivering high-performance infrastructures for a wide range of business and business challenges.

Geo Deberi on large data Internet financial Marketing application

Sponsored by China Financial Certification Center (CFCA), "2014 China Electronic Banking promotion year launch ceremony and the second Financial brand Summit" was held in Beijing on April 2. The summit with "large data era of financial brand marketing" as the theme, invited well-known marketing experts at home and abroad in the scene to share the New York International Advertising Festival Financial Marketing award-winning works, while interpreting the domestic and foreign financial industry on brand promotion of hot cases. Mr. Deberi, chief marketing officer of the collection Austrian aggregation, was also invited to attend the keynote speech on the Internet financial Marketing application of large data.

Gartner warns large data items should not be implemented independently

Gartner reminds organizations not to think of large data as a separate category; If you ignore the difference between mobility and desktop computing, there is a good chance of risk; Referring to the BI analysis and master Data Management Summit in Spain next week, Gartner analyst Ted Friedman suggested that the organization: "Do not separate large data implementations into the overall strategy of BI." "At the press conference, Gartne ...

Big data investment will continue to grow, according to Gartner

According to a well-known research institute Gartner's for Big Data, "> surveys show that users ' investment in large data areas will continue to grow in 2013; 64% Companies are considering big data projects, which last year were 58%; social media, banking and service industries are now the leading sectors of big data investments, while sectors such as transportation, health care and insurance are actively preparing for big data investments. Below ...

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