Automatic system hand in hand Alibaba Cloud to develop Hong Kong and Macao cloud computing market

Huasheng Tiancheng Member Enterprise Automated Systems Group and Alibaba Group's cloud service provider Alibaba Cloud reached an important strategic cooperation agreement to promote the development of the cloud computing market in Hong Kong and Macau.

IDC: China's cloud computing market ranking Alibaba Cloud accounts for nearly half of the market

The authoritative research institute IDC released the results of the survey of China Public Cloud IaaS market share in the first half of 2017. The data shows that Alibaba Cloud's market share has increased by 7 percentage points from the end of 2016, and its market share has expanded to 47.6%.

Whether cloud-based software is suitable for different needs of enterprises?

If the enterprise uses a cloud computing service provided by a trusted mainstream service provider and pays attention to the security of all relevant data, there should be no problem. Data center outages should also be rare, but it's important to keep data backed up.

Data Center vs Cloud Computing: Data Security Protection

After the loose data security policy of social media giants allowed Cambridge analysts to access data of approximately 50 million people without the user's knowledge or disagreement, Facebook's reputation and business were greatly affected and affected. Apple CEO Tim Cook said the situation must change.

The four benefits of cloud computing

MCloud computing provides the most reliable and secure data storage center, so users no longer have to worry about data loss, virus intrusion and so on.

The challenges and development trends of cloud computing

With the development of cloud computing and the increasing power of Internet functions, cloud computing systems are facing many challenges.

How to run the insurance system in cloud computing mode

Zhongan Insurance is the first Internet insurance company and the first financial company to bring all its business systems to the cloud computing platform. Through the use of cloud computing technology, disaster recovery deployment of the two centers and three centers has been realized in only few months.

The future of cloud computing

In October 2016, Alibaba Cloud announced a comprehensive reduction in the price of cloud products in China, with a maximum drop of 50%. This is the 17th price cut by Alibaba Cloud in one year.

Alibaba, Shanghai strategic cooperation, cloud computing to help the fine governance of megacities

Alibaba will export its independent research and development capabilities in cloud computing and Internet of Things for Shanghai, and promote the development of new retail, smart logistics and environmental governance in the region, and help the development of the new economy in the Yangtze River Delta.

Cloud computing suppresses sales of traditional hardware and software

Enterprise spending on cloud computing is growing rapidly, even faster than overall IT spending, which undoubtedly poses challenges for traditional hardware and software vendors

Quantum computing opens the door to cloud computing to the new world

As the amount of data grows, so does the time it takes for machines to process data. Augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, robotics, real-time analytics, and machine learning algorithms all require cloud computing to provide unlimited fast and unlimited computing power and infinite storage space.

Cloud computing experience and lessons sharing

We should not complicate cloud computing. Instead, we should simplify it so that our company, we personally, can easily build a cloud computing center.

Top ten failures of cloud computing vendors

With the development of cloud computing, cloud computing technology and emergency response mechanisms are becoming more mature and perfect. In most cases, the cloud computing platform can continue to operate normally and steadily.

Cloud computing top ten questions and answers

The new term cloud computing has recently become very popular. Recently, many friends around me are talking about it. It is necessary to write a science about cloud computing.

Cloud computing doesn't necessarily save money

According to the "2009 IT Decision-makers Key Survey" report, cloud computing (CloudComputing) and derivative software-as-a-service (SaaS) help companies reduce the cost of information investment, with 10.13% of companies surveyed said they will introduce the project in 2009.

Cloud computing helps traditional enterprise information transformation

An article in the famous American financial magazine Barron Weekly pointed out that 2016 will be the year of cloud computing outbreak. 60% of the world's IT costs will be invested in cloud-related products and services, which will reach 100% by 2018.

There are still too many changes in the cloud computing market

In China, after several years of rapid development, cloud computing has completed its own transformation and entered its own rising period. At the same time, the prototype of the cloud computing market has begun to emerge. However, in the view of Gartner research director Zeng Yiqing, there are too many variables in the domestic cloud computing market in terms of technology development, user habits, and market structure.

Talking about the Application of Cloud Computing in the Research and Development of Large Enterprises

IT industry has different views on cloud computing, it is still one of the hottest IT vocabulary in recent years. What exactly is cloud computing, and how does it help us to focus on enterprise R&D informatization?

Alibaba cloud computing enters the cement industry MaxCompute helps companies "ET brain"

Yankuang Donghua Cement ET Brain Project is a new and old kinetic energy conversion benchmark project built by Yanhuan Donghua Cement and Alibaba Cloud. This is also the first landing project after the signing of the contract between Yankuang Group and Alibaba Cloud.

The evolution of cloud computing 2.0? Blockchain differentiation processing capability, global decentralization boom

As the 2.0 evolution version of cloud computing, the blockchain will be able to serve the vertical fields of the market. Provide solutions that greatly enhance system performance and security by decentralizing computing power on a global scale.

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