Overall improvement of downstream demand the return of the king of Nonferrous Metals

After nearly 3 months in the horizontal plate, the colored plate group soared last week, once the "King" returned. With the overall upturn in demand in the lower reaches of the economy, metal prices rebounded sharply, in the middle and long term, in the context of the rising domestic economic recovery is expected to continue to be the "King", in the short term, the dollar factor is equally noteworthy.  Investors are advised to pay attention to the investment opportunities of copper and aluminum in sub industries. Lower-colored downstream demand overall better 09 years ago, 5 months the main non-ferrous metal production has increased, but the chain data show that the domestic downstream industry demand continued to rebound, and some of the industry's year-on-year data better than 0 ...

Chuan Shandong heavy industry wants to buy medium-pass bus company denied rumors

Shanghai (SH) Rumors: Crown Hao High-tech (600433.  SH) invests in a new production line of dissolved wood pulp, which is expected to produce 120,000 tons.  Financial Weekly reporter Connection: Securities Department people respond to the company has the original paper production line, does not produce wooden oars.  Recent increase in cotton prices, viscose staple fiber (cotton substitutes) of raw materials dissolved wood pulp net profit of up to 5000 yuan/ton. Rumor: Minmetals Development (600058.  SH) signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Guangdong Heyuan Government for mineral exploration and development.  Financial Weekly reporter Connection: The securities department said there is no such agreement with Heyuan. March 3 ...

Double-tower food products proposed to increase the 30% gross margin is expected to improve

Twin Towers Food (002481) March 7 The midday release of the announcement that the company's research decision, the price of some products sold on the basis of the original price increase of 15%-30%, and before March 25, 2011 adjustment completed. After this price adjustment, the adjustment product gross profit margin will raise 5%-13%.

Tai Lung real Estate plans to raise additional funds 800 million

Big Dragon Real Estate (600159) 21st announced that the plan to 11.33 yuan per share of the price directed additional than 70 million shares, raise capital not more than 800 million yuan, of which, 650 million yuan for the "West Hall" project, the rest of the company to supplement the liquidity. According to the company's Non-public offering plan, the total investment of the "West Guild" project in Wangfujing is estimated at 113,975 200,000 yuan, and the plan covers an area of 10,640 62 square meters with a total construction area of 73,000 square meters. Project is located in Dongcheng District, Beijing Wangfujing Street Huang Tugang rebuild ...

The first half of the central enterprises to achieve profits 316.03 billion yuan down 26.2%

The first half of the central enterprises to achieve profit of 316.03 billion yuan.  Xinhua News agency Zhangqingmin Xinhua Beijing, July 21, the State Council 21st released data show that the first half of this year, the central enterprises to achieve a cumulative profit of 316.03 billion yuan, the year-on-year decline of 26.2%, a decline of 15.6% in the first quarter. According to data shows that the first half of this year, the central enterprise accumulated profits of 316.03 billion yuan, down 26.2%, down from the first quarter of 15.6% reduction, the cumulative income of 5,361,170,000,000 yuan, down 6.3%, lower than a ...

Pinglun: 30% in two years, the developer will survive.

More than 400 real estate owners from all over the country gathered in Changsha 21st to attend the "2010 Hunan Wealth Summit" organized by the Association of Industry and Commerce of the province. Green Low-carbon has become a common topic among the participants.  Made a special trip from Beijing to the scene of the Chinese Federation of Industrial Chambers of Commerce, Vice President Pinglun encourage peers to do Green Low-carbon forerunner, real Estate enterprises to wear "green hat". He said that companies have red hats, yellow hats and green caps, and in the face of real estate policy, real estate companies only wear "green hat" can achieve sustainable development. We must face the future and formulate green strategies ...

The car with the old for the new maximum subsidy of 6000 yuan

The State Council approved to encourage the "old for the new" implementation of the car appliance (reporter Mengwei) reporter learned from the National Development and Reform Commission yesterday, the State Council recently approved the "promotion of domestic demand, encourage cars, home appliances" to replace the old "Implementation Plan", put forward to encourage the car, home appliances "to replace the old" specific subsidy scope, standards and procedures. The basic idea of "implementation plan" is to adopt financial subsidy way, encourage automobile, home appliance "to replace new", establish effective incentive mechanism, further enlarge domestic demand, especially consumption demand, promote energy saving and emission reduction, develop recycle economy. Stick with "automobile rub ...

Period refers to repeatedly fall back to 18170 present report 18233

China Asset Management Co., Ltd. The rev of the wood is repeatedly down to 18170, now reported 18233, although yesterday's point has fallen first, this morning the beginning of the first paragraph will still be down, the current period refers to 18390 slightly higher, see 18445 after repeated down to 18170, completely back up 18248/18183 upward rift, That is, the city index is still in the adjustment, but has been low, such as early out of the test of nearly 18000 levels, see whether a strong narrowing decline.

Wang Dingmian, former executive director of the Dairy Association: I didn't take the initiative to leave.

Every reporter Lucho has always dared to speak, repeatedly exposed the industry insider Wang Dingmian recently left the executive director of China Milk Association, for leaving, Wang Dingmian said not personal will, "Not my initiative, is the adjustment of China's milk Association." "Whether the resignation is related to his repeated exposure to the industry," Wang Dingmian said, "It should be somewhat relevant."  "But the Chinese Dairy Association in charge of the secretariat in the media interview, said steel Pylon Cotton's appointment and dismissal is normal adjustment." It is understood that after the resignation of the executive director of China Dairy Association, steel Pylon Cotton is still the director of Guangzhou Milk Association and Guangzhou Milk Management office.

Shanghai and Guangzhou actively regulate the real estate market

Shanghai: Stop the developers cover the plate reluctant Guangzhou: Enlarge the supply scale of residential land this newspaper Shanghai, July 20, the second quarter of this year, Shanghai's housing market began to rebound, turnover and the sale price month by day, and commercial housing sales "a small number of batches", "cover plate reluctant" phenomenon has also risen.  In this regard, the Shanghai Municipal Housing Security and Housing Authority reiterated that the strict implementation of commercial housing sales to apply for pre-sale minimum area standards, to stop developers cover plate reluctant. In order to standardize the sales behavior of commercial housing, Shanghai Municipal Housing Bureau issued a "commercial house sales plan for the record management interim provisions", clear ...

HKEx is down 1.35%, ignoring the appointment of a new CEO

The Hong Kong Exchange (00388-HK) is now down 1.35% to HK $124.60 to deal with 2.4044 million shares, which is now largely synchronized with the news that the new CEO was not appointed Li, because the news was already in the market's expectation; the index fell 1.25%. HKEx said that Li, China's president of JPMorgan Chase, will succeed Mr Chow as chief executive of the Hong Kong stock exchange and take over from January 16, 2010. Li, a lawyer, had worked for Merrill before the firm. The board of HKEx said that by virtue of Lee's experience in the international Securities and investment markets, as well as China ...

The 7% lowest end price placing undertaking will not be strong

The cumulative increase of 1.6 times-fold during the year and the refresh of nearly a year-high to HK $14.7 of the Hong Kong-born exhibition group, which rebounded sharply after a fall of more than 10% per cent this morning, still spat 6.78% to 13.48 Hong Kong dollars and traded 8.94 million shares. or by the company's use of the market rally to follow the industry to launch a fund-raising package, because of its plan for a share of HK $13.3, placing 120 million new shares to raise about HK $1.6 billion. The selling price is a discount of HK $14.46 from the close of Wednesday to 8%, which is only slightly lower than the current market value of 1.33%;

June, the profit of central enterprises increased by 29.5%

BEIJING, July 21 (Xinhua) China's central business sector has been curbed by a downward trend in its business receipts, according to the latest figures released on 21st.  June, the central enterprise to achieve the month's operating income of 1,172,590,000,000 Yuan, the chain growth of 23.2%, the year-on-year increase of 2.4%.  January-June, the central enterprise accumulated operating income of 5,361,170,000,000 yuan, down 6.3%, decreased by 2.8% in the first quarter, in all the central enterprises, cumulative income growth of 74 enterprises, accounting for 54.8%. Economic benefits of central enterprises decrease ...

After the fuel tax reform still levy high price road and bridge fee Chongqing owner question

After the fuel tax reform still levy high prices road and bridge fees authorities said the incident sensitive refused to interview Chongqing car body stickers "The most expensive" query road and bridge fees-according to the Xinhua news agency, Chongqing, July 20 after the fuel tax reform, road tolls and part of the highway charges have been canceled, but Chongqing is still unified by the vehicle toll bridge, each car charge at least 2300 yuan per year. What is the cost of these charges?  In the case of a large increase in motor vehicle ownership, nearly 7 years of Chongqing Road and bridge fees have been levied, and recently increasingly questioned by the community. For nearly 7 years, Mr Lai recently bought a small car.

U.S. dollar landed in Hong Kong "bridge" capital net inflow surging hot money comeback

With more than 20 billion dollars to hedge hot money, the data from the Hong Kong Monetary Authority as at the end of May show an important fact: this is the largest hedge since 2004 to come to Hong Kong hot money.  Both the Hong Kong stock market and the housing market have both risen, making the Hang Seng Property index up 54% since the beginning of March. This trend has to be doubted: is hot money again landing in the mainland after the low tide last year? The signs of China's economic bottom are getting clearer, and the net inflow trend in China's foreign exchange capital account is becoming increasingly apparent. "We estimate the pressure of capital outflows and inflows since the first quarter of 2009 ...

China's GDP growth in two quarters is expected to be close to 8%

China's economy is showing a more obvious rebound the growth rate of GDP (source: National Bureau of Statistics website), Beijing, June 23 (reporter Zhu Jianhong) The National Bureau of Statistics published its signature article today, saying the bottom of the Chinese economy's growth should be in the four quarter last year.  According to the performance and trend analysis of the main economic indicators in 4 and 52 months, the two-quarter GDP (GDP) growth rate is expected to be close to 8%, showing a more obvious rebound. This round of the bottom of the economy should be in the last four quarters according to this article analysis, from the trend of GDP performance, ...

Gome half-A-half-day rise 3.79%

Gome early set back soft, a 2.03 Hong Kong dollar, a close up of 0.07 Hong Kong dollar, reported 1.96 Hong Kong dollar, or 3.7%. Turnover of 271 million, the transaction amount of HK $583 million.

Pantiasan: Short-term Wanji resistance in large cities

Pantiasan Securities Enterprises and retail director of the city in the short term still in the consolidation has not seen a rise in space, there is no good news to match, the material at 17,800 see Support, 19000 encounter resistance.  (00005) Although the fall in the financial market was stable yesterday, the downward trend was limited, with the expected support of $64, and the short-term health and stability of Hong Kong stocks. Individual sectors are still bullish on the internal housing Unit, the shares of the recommendation of Ka Wah International (00173), because of its fast sales, the mainland or Hong Kong projects sell ideal and high returns. The stock price is now low and investors can consider absorbing it.

China resources to spit 4% sales remain buoyant

Earlier, the price of HK $14.34 in the price range was priced at 300 million shares and a one-time refresh of China resources, which was a half-high to HK $18.24 In recent years, has dropped 4.26% To HK $15.74, trading 7.5676 million shares; it has been on the fourth trading day and has not been boosted by a buoyant property sales situation. The company released its latest sales figures, saying it had been freed from pent-up demand from end-users, and investors ' interest in real estate investment had rebounded, with a total of 8.68 billion yuan in 1-May contract sales (RMB, same below), compared with the previous year ...

The average price of its real estate prices 5% China resources Land 4.2 billion Hong Kong dollar smashed to the first-tier city

Just after the allocation of 4.24 billion Hong Kong dollars by the allocation of China Resources (01109.HK) is clearly not a shortage of money, its debt ratio has been reduced from the previous 46% to 29.7%, the hands of the cash increased to HK $9 billion.  June 3, Wang Yin, managing director of China Resources Land, said after the shareholder meeting that the HK $4.24 billion raised by the issue of new shares would be used to increase land reserves because of the relatively reasonable prices of the existing lands. However, Wang Yin has been reluctant to disclose this year's purchase of land reserves of specific plans, only said, "from the company's resource allocation, I hope more to the first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Canton ...

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