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Video conference Top ten open source project ranking

In the "> Video conferencing field, there are many open source projects that can be referenced, such as protocol stacks, encoders or transport protocols, Because the video conferencing system is a comprehensive application system, which contains more functions, such as the choice of these open source projects to join the development of our video conferencing, our development efficiency will be more efficient, the following we enumerate video conferencing related ...

The prospect of video service and cloud computing conspiracy cloud

From the rise of the video web site to cool six, cool listing, from analog video surveillance to network video monitoring transformation, from the video conferencing boom to today's billions of order of magnitude market scale, with the growth of domestic internet enterprises, video industry is also in the process of rapid development. According to Noda Consulting data, Video Conferencing 2011 Overall market size of 4.79 billion, the future development may have two points: first, video conferencing and video monitoring business integration, the second is the software video conferencing manufacturers began to become involved in the area of hardware video conferencing. 2011 China Network Video surveillance business market Size reached 8 ...

Eight features lighting cloud computing applications

Cloud computing in recent years ushered in the development of the peak, has been deep into various industries and fields, for our production and life has brought about changes. Cloud application is a subset of the concept of cloud computing, and is the embodiment of cloud computing technology in the application layer. The biggest difference between cloud applications and cloud computing is that cloud computing exists as a macro-technology development concept, and cloud applications are products that directly confront customers and help customers solve real problems. "Cloud Application" the main carrier for the internet technology, "cloud application" is the principle of the traditional software "local installation, local operations" to use the way to "take ..."

The eight applications of cloud computing landing: To solve the practical problems of life

Cloud application is a subset of the concept of cloud computing, and is the embodiment of cloud computing technology in the application layer. The biggest difference between cloud applications and cloud computing is that cloud computing exists as a concept of macro-technology development, and cloud applications are products that directly confront customers to solve real problems. The principle of "cloud application" is to make the traditional software "local installation, local operation" of the use of the "instant" service, through the Internet or LAN to connect and manipulate the remote server cluster, complete the business logic or operational tasks of a new application. "Cloud Application" of the main carrier for Internet technology to thin clients (...)

Excellent Project recommendation: The first half of 2013, domestic outstanding start-up Enterprise Summary

This article summed up the first half of 2013 years on the line or relatively high domestic outstanding start-up companies, content from the Tianya Sea Pavilion on the weekly Web2.0share weekly selection of domestic start-ups: Voice360 is through the phone horn to send audio signals (with 10K of silent Signal), And then use the microphone to receive decoding to achieve close range of data exchange of the Trans-era technology, voice360 SDK, can quickly integrate acoustic communication functions, to achieve close range of data exchange, authentication, file sharing. Link: htt ...

Recommend some excellent website projects

Building passenger network is a Shanghai building passenger Information Technology Co., Ltd. operation and management of the Office rental Services Network platform. And the site was established in Shanghai, is fully integrated the Office line, the line of professional services platform. At present, the site has Shanghai office Building, Creative Park, service-type office and other products, such as precision information database, the site itself is also committed to provide users with Office leasing, office Building Community, office space and other information interactive platform. At the same time, the building passenger network is also used for the office to provide a one-stop precision marketing solutions for the site, including the activities of cooperation, keyword push ...

The 15 "walk" in front of the cloud collaboration application software

Software developers have been saying for a long time that no one is isolated, and it has not been put into practice, and now it has finally begun to take action, with many developers, including established and emerging companies, investing in the collaborative marketplace. Now, companies are researching and buying tools that can help employees brainstorm, find each other, schedule meetings, and even communicate through social networks. Collaboration technology itself covers a wide variety of devices such as instant messaging, e-mail to mobile phones and video conferencing devices. In order to further enhance the life of the enterprise ...

Turn off XP Top ten hidden dangers improve system security

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnose Taobao guest Cloud host technology lobby improving system security involves many aspects, one of the important steps is to turn off unnecessary services. Although Microsoft Windows XP is not a network operating system, the default is that many of its services are open.   Shutting down unwanted services is an important aspect of security for a sober Microsoft user. Of course, each version of Windows offers a different service, so services that are disabled in one system for security purposes may apply only to ...

10 types of applications that can be migrated to the cloud

Some applications in our lives are ideal for migrating to the cloud, especially now that providers have made great strides in the security and reliability of cloud services. Although I have been trapped by the lack of organized suppliers or providers for many times in the near period. But in the past few years, there has been a new type of application vendor, and because of it, things have changed so differently. This new type of application vendor has achieved good results in terms of reliability, security, and transparency, and can also make certain ...

Facing up to it construction funds less than a CIO's free economics

Innovative ideas in a free age Web2.0 can be used to slash it investments?   "IT manager World" in "IT Manager World" in the "2008 CIO most concerned about what" questionnaire, Zhu Mingsheng solemnly wrote the "creative solution to the problem of it construction funds seriously inadequate." 4 years ago, Zhu Mingsheng as chief information Officer of Jinling Hotel Co., Ltd. Redo it planning, with a connected industrial chain upstream and downstream of the central reservation system to rebuild the hotel management group's core competitiveness. For managing output as the main business model ...

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