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Sharing (six principles of object-oriented design model) and six design models

Sharing (six principles of object-oriented design model) and six design models I recently read an article titled "Please call me your first brother" on the six principles of the design mode. It is simple, easy to understand and can't help but repost and share it with me !! Blog Preface

Design principles and models for. net enterprise-level application architecture design

module. In this case, low-level modules can be directly inserted into high-level modules. From principle to Mode From a high point of view, the industry generally recognizes two software models: Design Model and architecture model. We use the design pattern when designing and coding. In the general design of the plann

MongoDB Data Models Design

block of data that combines the stored files, The other metadata information that stores the file. When you query Gridfs stored files, the driver, or the client will reassemble the data blocks you need. You can perform multiple queries on files stored in Gridfs. You can also get information about a piece of the file, which allows you to jump to the middle of the video or audio. Gridfs is not only useful for storing files larger than 16M, it can be used to store any file you don't want to load t

Introduction to Java common design patterns and factory models

chain mode)Factory mode: Factory mode is a frequently used pattern, and classes implemented according to the factory pattern can generate an instance of a class in a set of classes based on the data provided, usually this group of classes have a common abstract parent class and implement the same method, but these methods have different operations for different data. First, you need to define a base class in which subclasses implement methods in the base class in different ways. Then you need t

Database Design-example of applying conceptual models to the first stage of Database Design in Power Designer (I)

have mastered the basic database design theory or have practical experience and intend to use power designer for aided design. If you are already a skilled user of Power Designer or want some database design theories, skip this article. If you still do not know the basic design theories of databases, such as relationa

DataUml Design tutorial 6-DataUml Design 1.1 (support for PD data models)

It has been two months since the official release of DataUML Design. Due to the recent busy schedule, Version 1.1 has been released only now. In the future, I will continue to improve the DataUML Design software, and hope that the majority of programmers will support it a lot.   I. content added and improved in version 1.1 is as follows:      Ii. Document generation 1. Open the model file, for example,

Design Patterns factory models, design patterns Factory

Design Patterns factory models, design patterns Factory If you have a lot of money, your lifestyle is like this before you use the factory model: If you want to go out, you must first find your own t-shirt, pants, and shoes. This is definitely troublesome, And everything needs to be done by yourself. If you use the simple factory model, you will find a manager

(Excerpt) _ Database Design entry classic: Building a quickly executed database model _ 8.1 requirements for different database models

Tip: Although a person is very smart, only correct operations on the database can make it run normally. Many of the content in this chapter is often mentioned and discussed and even analyzed in the previous chapters of this book. This chapter will take advantage of all the content (all theories) that has been introduced before and practice it. Various factors affecting database performance in different database models are described. If some content

Design of several business models for performance testing

kind of resources reached the limit. As the pressure increases, the system performance decreases sharply.4, Performance Testing system Capability verification: (a) is a basic requirement of system stability, usually shows that the system under the average concurrent user requirements of the server CPU average usage is not higher than 75%, the memory utilization rate is not higher than 75%. (b) The average CPU usage of the server is no higher than 95% and the memory usage is no higher than 90% w

Design Model Learning (1) --- Three factory models

boss needs to pay more labor fees for this, which is just a few dollars. OK. It takes a while. Time flies and time flies. With the product iterations of major mobile phone manufacturers, Nima iPhone has reached 6. It's even more crazy for the boss to collect all models of all brands. The secretary is busy again, because the secretary wants to figure out which brands have been made to several generations. Of course, this is not too difficult. Baidu, O

Design physical models in powerdesigner

The following methods are used to create a physical model in PD: Directly create a physical model. Design the conceptual model, and then generate the physical model from the conceptual model. Design the logical model, and then generate the physical model from the logical model. Use reverse engineering to connect to an existing database and generate a physical model from the database. The physical mode

Example of applying conceptual models to the first-stage database design in Power Designer (I)

Who should read this article This article is suitable for readers who have mastered the basic database design theory or have practical experience and intend to use power designer for aided design. If you are already a skilled user of Power Designer or want some database design theories, skip this article. If you still do not know the basic

A summary of the design experience of thinkphp model models

with the order in which we normally spell SQL;SELECTU.id,s.*FromBjy_student as SJOIN bjy_users as u on s.uid = U.idWHERES. STATUS = 1ORDER byDateLIMIT 10;The 4:join of the table; the first letter of the table, if the first letter of the two tables is the same, then the top two letters;After this specification, it will greatly improve the efficiency of checking reading code;This article for Bai Jun Remote original article, reprinted without contact with me, but please specify from Bai Jun remote

[LINK] What is Web 2.0-Design and business models for next-generation Software

Http://spaces.msn.com/seesunshine/blog/cns! C65f11a9442f377f! 686. Entry What isWeb 2.0-- Design and business models of next-generation Software (Full Text Translation-1Blog Version) 【Author】 Tim Ole (Tim O 'Reilly), Ole Li media company (O 'Reilly Media Inc .)Chairman andCEO Translate:Seesunshine This articleArticleIsO 'ReillyCompanyTim O 'ReillyMr. Zhang authorized to translate and publish

Design Patterns (iii) AbstractFactory patterns-creation Models

Design Patterns (iii) AbstractFactory patterns-creation Models Abstract Factory mode is the most abstract and general factory mode in all forms. Abstract Factory mode refers to a factory mode used when multiple abstract roles exist. Abstract Factory mode provides an interface to the client to create product objects in multiple product families without specifying the specific product. According to the LSP pr

Java multithreaded design pattern (2) producer and consumer models

() + "puts" +cake); while (count>=cakes.length) {System.out.println (Thread.CurrentThread (). GetName () + "Begin wait ..."); Wait (); System.out.println (Thread.CurrentThread (). GetName () + "End wait ..."); } Cakes[tail]=cake; Tail= (tail+1)%cakes.length; count++; Notifyall (); }//Fetch cake public synchronized String takes () throws Interruptedexception {while (CO untTest class: PackageWhut.producer; Public classMaintest { Public Static v

"Essentials and models of Software Design" (1)

I recently bought several design books on the design model. I have been reading the essentials and patterns of software design over the past two days. this book is a series of blog Park developers and is written by Zhang Yi. Chapter 1: Design. 1.1 plan design and evolution

The things that analyze models: job-driven design

Before we talk about why we use analytic models, we now look at the basic principles of the design analysis model. Assign responsibilities and responsibilities to drive design When we begin to analyze the model, we must first understand a very important principle, that is, the responsibility of the center. One of the core principles of OO analysis

Design and analysis of U-boot Driver model domain models

Demand analysisPrior to 2014, Uboot did not have a device-driven model similar to the Linux kernel, which has been plagued by the following issues as the uboot supports more and more devices: The device initialization process is implemented independently, and the core common code (such as init_sequence) needs to be modified for integration into the system Many subsystems allow only one driver, such as the inability to support both USB2.0 and USB3.0 The interaction between subsys

One of the design patterns: simple factory models

One of the design patterns: simple factory models In the past few days, I have prepared to take a good look at the design model. As a result, I have taken some notes and read some of the design patterns separately. I have also used or met some design patterns during project

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