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Phpinfo () 's Little Secret (a fat man with two cigarettes in his mouth!):-) ) _php

Access by browser Http:// You will see! A fat man with two cigarettes in his mouth!:-) The secret is the image data defined in the Logos.h with an array. unsigned char php_egg_logo[] =

Phpinfo () The Little Secret (of a fat man with two cigarettes in his mouth!):-) )

Access by browser Http:// You will see! A fat man with two cigarettes in his mouth!:-) Secret in logos.h the image data defined in the array. unsigned char php_egg_logo[] = { 71, 73, 70

Imread---The difference between MATLAB and OPENCVF return values

matlab img = Imread ('.//img01.jpg '); Disp (IMG); Results disp (IMG (:,:, 1)) Columns 1 through 30 189 59 1 0 52 51 40 32 0 4 115 202 215 205 206 207 222 211 197 0 31 165 162 163 165 165 166 166 161 169 192 95 1 0 53 49 43 41 0 3 99 203 221 20

Network Configuration of Linux servers

Linux server network configuration details 1. use the basic commands for Linux network configuration (1) use the ifconfia command to configure and view the network connection n. on the Linux console, enter/bin/ifconfig. the displayed price

IP segment table

IP segment table   Total IP addresses Subnet Mask C segment count /30 4 1/64 /29 8 1/32 /28 16 20171000000000000240 1/16 /27 32 255

Namespace. js Javascript namespace Library

Github: https://github.com/hirokidaichi/namespace-jsDefine the Namespace object:Var NamespaceNow let's take a look at the definition of the Namespace object. It is a NamespaceDefinition object. This Object is a function Object (the constructor of

Namespace. jsJavascript namespace library _ javascript skills

The benefits of namespaces are well known, but the original namespaces are not supported in JS. This Library provides the namespace function for js. Github: https://github.com/hirokidaichi/namespace-js Define the Namespace object: Var Namespace Now

Image filter Art--Snow filter

Today to introduce a snow filter, you can make your summer photos instantly turned into a snowy scene Oh! First look at the following:The above three images are (a) the original image, (b) PS, (c) C # codeThis snow filter is also relatively simple,

Image Filter Art---(Instagram) 1977 filters

Image effects---(Instagram) 1977 Filter This article describes the 1977 implementation of this filter, which was originally used in Instagram, because the Instagram filter is popular, so it is also used in the American graphics show, but the name is

Security threats pervasive: viruses based on Linux systems (RPM)

Although there is not much virus spread in Linux, there are some. I from someSafetyThe website collects some information.   1. Virus Name:   Linux.Slapper.Worm   Category: Worms   Virus data: Infection system: Linux   Non-affected

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