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Why is the bisizeimage of a 24-bit bitmap (true color) not equal to (biwidth*bibitcount+31)/32*4*biheight?

Specifies that the pixel data of a BMP file is stored on a row, and that the number of bytes per line must be a multiple of 4, if the actual pixel data is not a multiple of 4? This requires byte alignment, which is a multiple of 4 bytes to be added

16-bit, 32-bit, 64-bit code segment

For ix86 programming, sometimes it is necessary to change from the real mode to the protection mode (for example, to access extended memory in the DOS era, or to write pilot code, of course, if you program in a 32-bit operating system, you won't be

"The 1th issue of the rich Rai Tutorial" STM32-based hardware RGB888 interface for Emwin fast refresh scenarios, 32-bit color or 24

Description:1. First of all thanks to St finally launched the ARGB format of the Emwin library, it is awaited to start out, using STM32 hardware RGB888 interface to refresh the picture slow problem finally get resolved. 2. This is a long-standing

Nehe OpenGL tutorial (24)

Lesson 1Expansion, cropping, and loading of TGA image files: In this lesson, you will learn how to read OpenGL extensions supported by your graphics card and display them in your specified cropping area.This tutorial is difficult, but it will help

Precautions for porting 32-bit code to a 64-bit Platform

Reading Tips: with the advent of a low-cost 64-bit platform, coupled with the falling price of memory and hard disk, it is undoubtedly a great effort for 32-bit programs to port 64-bit hardware, those scientific operations, databases, and programs

A machine is 32-bit long and its storage capacity is 64 mb. If it is encoded by byte, what is its addressing range?

Problem: 1. A computer is 32 characters long and its storage capacity is 16 Mb.Double-CharacterAddressing, what is its addressing range? 2. A host has 32 characters and the storage capacity is 64 MB.BytesAddressing. What is its addressing range?

SQL Server 64 bit linked server error with SQL Server 32 bit

If you establish a connection server with a 32-bit database server on a 64-bit computer and use the connection server for Distributed queries on 64-bit computers, the following error message is returned: Server: Message 7399 , Level 16 ,

C # What is the difference between a 32-bit program and a 64-bit program reading/writing a registry?

It is easy to use C # To implement the reading and writing of the Registry. I will not explain it in detail here. Using C # To operate the registry, the two main functions are as follows:ProgramNote: To introduce the Microsoft. Win32 namespace ):

ORA-12170 caused by IP conflict

ORA-12170 caused by IP conflictThe Development reports that the application cannot connect to the database, and the Application Log reports an error:09:56:03, 095 [WARN] === http-bio-8010-exec-3: org. hibernate. util. JDBCExceptionReporter.

32-byte limit-Oracle histogram Optimization

The restrictions on Oracle histograms often lead to headaches for many beginners-not displaying more than 32 bytes, and generating the same errors as the first 32 bytes. Since the number of DISTINCT values in the OBJECT_TYPE column is less than 254,

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