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400 Bad Request The plain HTTP request was sent to HTT in Nginx

400 Bad Request The plain HTTP request was sent to HTTPS port in Nginx upstream payment443 {server 443 backup; server 443 weight = 1;} www.2cto.com Location ~ /Payment/{ssi on; proxy_pass http: // payment443; include/opt/apps/

nginx:400 Bad requestthe plain HTTP request

nginx:400 Bad Request | The plain HTTP request is sent to HTTPS portNginx version nginx/1.12.2Problem 400 error using SSL link in Nginx envi

Causes and Solutions for nginx 400 Bad request errors

Fortunately, there is a way to solve this problem in nginx:In nginx. conf, increase the values of client_header_buffer_size and large_client_header_buffers to alleviate this problem.Client_header_buffer_size: The default value is 1 k. Therefore, if the header is smaller than 1 k, no problem will occur.Large_client_header_buffers: this command is used to set the size of the Header buffer for client requests. The default value is 4 kB. The client

The nginx concat module configuration page returns the 400 bad request, nginxconcat

The nginx concat module configuration page returns the 400 bad request, nginxconcat This problem was not found in nginx of version 1.4.x, but encountered this problem in version 1.5.x. In the new version, Nginx uses the standard

Remember the murder of a 400 error (escape of special symbol in URL/400 Bad request error)

The DJANGO+NGINX+UWSGI deployed site visited a URL with a bad request error, and did not experience this problem when using a Django-brought version of the Web server. The initial judgment is Nginx or UWSGI configuration problem.Online is because the request header is too la

Urllib2. Httperror:http Error 400:bad Request

: - Fp.write (Res.read ()) -With open ("./savepath.txt","a") as FH: inFh.write (file_name+"\ n")When grabbing a picture with urllib2, part of the request reports HTTP Error 400:bad requestReference: Https://stackoverflow.com/questions/8840303/urllib2-http-error-400-bad-

PHP Apache configuration After access appears bad Request (400)

Httpd.conf to DocumentRoot, too. LoadModule Php5_module AddType application/x-httpd-php. php Phpinidir and so on, but do not know why access to PHP files or a bad Request (400) , is there anyone who can answer what this is for? Reply to discussion (solution) If the configuration file is not a problem, it will be the browser cache problemor somethi

Springmvc File Upload HTTP Status 400bad Request

Possible cause: Multipartresolver Not configured correctlySee the solution:file Upload ID must be multipartresolver, or error http Status 400bad Request - BeanID= "Multipartresolver"class= "Org.springframework.web.multipart.commons.CommonsMultipartResolver"> Propertyname= "Defaultencoding"value= "UTF-8"/> 5M - Propertyname= "Maxuploadsi

Solution to HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request returned by nc packet sending

Html> http://qiuren.blogbus.com/logs/37117725.html Most of the time, you need to customize the release package when debugging the program. The Firefox plug-in can be used in normal post submission, such as Tamper Data. However, this tool does not support uploading images or files. At this time, it is more common to use winsock expert to capture packets, save the packet as txt, modify the txt file, and then submit the file with nc. Before the article, I often encounter this echo when sendin

Jersey HTTP Status 400-bad Request

The reason is that jersey built-in converters can only do simple type conversions such as:The client must first submit a string;String----> String/long/boolean These basic can be converted, but if you write as follows:String---->date type, then jersey internal error, reported the illegal request message, can not be debugged (took 2 days to understand, do not repeat again)Can be modified to a string, and then below if the use of the place under convers

In WCF, The remote server returned an unexpected response: (400) Bad Request is displayed.

Server Configuration BypassProxyOnLocal = "true" usedefawebwebproxy = "false" maxBufferPoolSize = "4000000" maxcompute edmessagesize = "4000000">MaxBytesPerRead = "8192" maxNameTableCharCount = "16384"/> Client Configuration: OpenTimeout = "00:01:00" receiveTimeout = "00:10:00" sendTimeout = "00:01:00"AllowCookies = "false" bypassProxyOnLocal = "true" usedefawebwebproxy = "false" hostNameComparisonMode = "StrongWildcard"MaxBufferSize = "171072" maxBufferPoolSize = "1524288" maxcompute edmessa

The remote server returns an unexpected 400 Bad Request.

This article from: http://bbs.51aspx.com/showtopic-42348.html The remote server returns an unexpected 400 Bad Request. The reason is: the amount of data transmitted is too large.Solution:First, in the client configuration file:1. Modify the maximum data transfer quota on the node OpenTimeout = "00:03:00" receiveTimeout = "00:10:00" sendTimeout = "00:0

Sharepoint client Object Model "(400) Bad request" error

When you are usingMicrosoft. Sharepoint. Client. filecollection. AddMethod orMicrosoft. Sharepoint. Client. file. savebinaryWhen creating or modifying a file in the SharePoint library, you may encounter the error "the remote server returned an error: (400) Bad request. To solve this problem, you need to modify the default maximum Message Size of SharePoint. Open

Linux Server Nginx Access log has a large number of HTTP 400 error request analysis _linux

because the connection is turned off, the error message is not sent to the client, which results in an error recorded in the log file, and nothing is seen in the grab packet analysis. Testto verify the results of the above analysis is very simple, open the command line Cmd.exe, in which the input Telnet ServerIP 80, waiting for the connection to be successful after the direct switch off cmd, then to view the Nginx log file in a more than a

Nginx Bad Request errors

Today found logs mass 400 error The http1.1 standard specifies that the request must contain header information, and if the request header is empty then Web server returns 400 in detail and can see RFC 2316, section 14.23 In addition to the above-mentioned Telnet method may cause the empty

Nginx concat Module Configuration page return to Bad Request

The 1.4.x version of Nginx did not find this problem, but in the 1.5.x version encountered this problemBecause Nginx is in the new version, the standard mime-type:application/javascript is used. In the current version of the code in the Nginx_concat_module module, the type of Application/x-javascript is written.Found in Nginx-http-concat-master, line 14.Static ng

IOS request appears "request Failed:bad request (400)"

The following errors occur mainly:request failed -error domain=com.alamofire.error.serialization.response code=-1011 "request Failed:bad Request" userinfo={com.alamofire.serialization.response.error.response="Cache-control" = "No-cache";Date = "Sat, 01:07:18 GMT";Expires = "Thu, 1970 00:00:00 GMT";Pragma = "No-cache";Server = "nginx/1.6.1";"Api-server-ip" = "10.7

Nginx page is not loaded or prompt 502bad Gateway,nginx reverse proxy port number lost bad gateway what does it mean le 502 bad gateway DNF 502 Bad Gateway

In the Nginx reverse proxy mode, the page loading is incomplete or the 502 bad gateway appears directly. There are many cases of 502 bad Gateway, most of which are related to the setting of the Nginx timeout problem. The following is a discussion of a situation that is relatively rare but has to be noted. Presence

Nginx configuration reverse proxy or redirection 400 problem handling records, nginx400

Nginx configuration reverse proxy or redirection 400 problem handling records, nginx400 After lunch break, my colleague said that the 400 Bad Request Header Or Cookie Too Large prompt appeared on the test site access interface. I thought it was a problem with the test server

Nginx configuration reverse proxy or jump 400 issue processing record

know how much of the backend Mount service needs to use what the corresponding domain name access. Access to other sites on this server can be accessed normally, and the HTML page of the problem site will open normally ... In the testing process found that each access to the problem interface, access to the log increased by more than 30 m, brushed several times, nginx log size straight up ...Because the log is larger, you can only use Tail-n Xxx_acce

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