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Write a function func () to display the input parameters (int) of this function in reverse order, such as 54321–> 12345, which requires recursion, and the function body code does not exceed 8 lines

Public classtest{Intermediate VariablesPrivateString res = "0";Method Public intFuncinti) { if(i>0){ inttemp = i%10; Res= res+string.valueof (temp); Func (i/10); } returninteger.valueof (RES); } Public Static voidMain (string[] args) {Test T=NewTest (); intA = T.func (987); System.out.println (The inverse number is: "+a); }}This function is done using recursive thinking.The main idea is to get the last one by dividing by 10, using recursion and so on.The Writes a functi

On the integration of Rule engine and Blaze rule Library three--blaze rule engine and Srl

development of blaze, it is simple to introduce the grammar of the rule language. The rule language, the name SRL (full name of standard Rule Language), is claimed to be an English language, which is a language that allows business people to understand. Let's look at an example: Theaccount's balance is between $00.00 and $500.00. The representation in Java is th

Extract non-Basic authentication to rule file: a2d Rule Engine

the responsibility of the change to others, such as Project manager, project implementation personnel Code does not require recompilation to implement changes to business rules Let's solve this variable problem by assuming there are 2 companies: A and B. A company validation rules: Basic validation (that is, the hard code of the validation rules for the Order Class) Custom validation rule: The following URL for the current order must come from t

Rule editor and Business Rule Editor

Rule editor and Business Rule Editor The origin of the Business Rule EditorThe so-called business rule editor is to write the rules above the business in a simple language, the written rules should be relatively simple and easy to understand, it is best to be like the oral instructions, the process of writing should al

Rule Engine (1): inference engine and Rule Engine

ArticleDirectory Question proposal Inference Engine and Rule Engine Question proposal Assume that: A company produces two models of devices, m {M1, M2}. Both models support four features: f {F1, F2, F3, F4 }, however, what functions are available depends on the factory settings. Before leaving the factory, you need to perform various tests on the device. Currently, five tests are defined: t {T1, T2, T3, T4, and T5}. Which tests depe

Non-zero round robin rules and odd-even rules (non-zero winding number rule & odd-even rule)

Reference [1] http://www.cs.rit.edu /~ Icss571/filling/alt_parity.html [2] http://cs.hust.edu.cn/webroot/courses/csgraphics/jiaocai.php? Bookpage = 5_c_c [3] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nonzero-rule In Graphics, you can determine whether a point is within a polygon. If the polygon is not self-Intersecting, you can simply determine whether the point is inside or outside the polygon. If the polygon is self-Intersecting, therefore, it must be determine

Asp.net interface-oriented extensible framework-Business Rule Engine extension module and Business Rule extension module

Asp.net interface-oriented extensible framework-Business Rule Engine extension module and Business Rule extension module As the interface-oriented extensible framework continues to be developed, some function development has encountered a "bottleneck", and there are too many things to be written to death. However, the scalability of the Code to be written is very poor, and you are confused to find the code.

Norm rule in machine learning (II.) kernel norm and rule item parameter selection very good, must see

Norm rule in machine learning (II.) kernel norm and rule item parameter selection[Email protected]Http://blog.csdn.net/zouxy09In the previous blog post, we talked about the l0,l1 and L2 norm, which we ramble about in terms of nuclear norm and rule parameter selection. Knowledge is limited, the following are some of my superficial views, if the understanding of th

RULE-based optimizer (learning notes) and rule learning notes

RULE-based optimizer (learning notes) and rule learning notesCui Hua's Oracle-based SQL optimization learning notes1.1 RULE-based Optimizer (1) CBO (2) RBO Compared with CBO, RBO has obvious permissions. When RBO is used, once a problem occurs in the execution plan, it is difficult to adjust it. In addition, if RBO is used, the writing of the target SQL statement

Use of JUnit's Rule, and use of JUnit's Rule

Use of JUnit's Rule, and use of JUnit's Rule Brief Introduction to the simple usage of JUnit Rule. Prepare for source code analysis on JUnit. Rule is a annotation used to test a unit class. For example, if MyTest defines a field, the field must be public, not static, and a subtypeOrg. junit. rules. MethodRule. package

Using LIBXML2 to implement ossim XML rule (rule) construction

At present, in the study of Ossim, there is an XML rule file on which the alarm is generated. These files are XML-tree-structured, and the following issues are encountered when investigating how to generate such XML rules using the LIBXML2 API:1. LIBXML2 API which is the interface for constructing XML?1) Use xmlNewNode to create a new node with the node pointer xmlnodeptr.2) Add new properties to the node using Xmlnewprop3) Note that the XML attribute

Rule of type conversion (NET1.1 +), Rule net1.1

Rule of type conversion (NET1.1 +), Rule net1.1 [Question] In the conversion of C # and Visual Basic, what are the usage and differences of the following conversions? [C #] long num = 12;int n = (int)num;int m = Convert.ToInt32(num); [VB. NET] Dim num As Long = 12Dim n As Integer = numn = CInt(num)n= CType(num,Integer)n = Convert.ToInt32(num) [Incorrect answer] There is no difference, because it can be conv

Rule mode of the JavaScript version and rule of the javascript version

Rule mode of the JavaScript version and rule of the javascript version As the saying goes, all roads go to Rome. In the American drama jailbreak, Michael Scofield, the main character, designed two escape paths. Both roads can reach the infirmary near the outer wall of the prison. Similarly, in reality, there are many ways to reach the same destination. For example, if we want to travel somewhere, we can se

How to move a rule to the top position at rule list?

Yes. If enterprise policy rule is before special rule called "array Placeholder ", It will appear in "before" group. Otherwise it will appear in "after" group. --Vladimir lifliand This posting is provided "as is" with no warranties, and confers no rights.Or if you wish to include a script sample in your post please add "UseIncluded script samples are subject to the terms specifiedHttp://www.microsoft.

PHP array using rule parsing, php array rule _php Tutorial

PHP arrays using rule parsing, PHP array rules This paper analyzes the rules of using arrays in PHP. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific analysis is as follows: The array is in the gray-most important position in PHP. strings, pictures, digital, video equivalents exist in the form of arrays, so it is necessary to understand the various rules of the array. 1, key, value. The basic form of an array: Array ([Key =>]value , ...) Key=>val

Yii2model verification rule rules: one rule fails to be verified. immediate return does not continue to verify other fields

Yii2model verification rule rules: a rule verification failure immediately returns not to continue to verify other fields Mode: rules (); {code ...} if username is null, an error is returned immediately. password and age are not verified. Similarly, if age is empty, other fields will not be verified. if yii2 is not known, this... yii2 model verification rule rule

Codeforces: Diverse Permutation (find rule), find rule

Codeforces: Diverse Permutation (find rule), find rule **** *************************** Original works, from the "Xiaofeng residual month xj" blog, welcome to reprint, reprint please be sure to indicate the source (http://blog.csdn.net/xiaofengcanyuexj ). For various reasons, there may be many shortcomings. Thank you! **************************************** ***************************Time limit per test1 s

Decision tree and rule engine, decision tree Rule Engine

Decision tree and rule engine, decision tree Rule Engine Use of Decision TreesDecision Trees are often used in data mining and are one of the most basic algorithms. Almost everyone who has learned Data Mining knows decision trees. However, the original use of the restored decision tree is more practical and intuitive when used for decision making or decision-making. Its tree structure guides people to focus

YII2 Model Validation Rule rules a rule validation failure immediately returns do not continue validating other fields

YII2 Model Validation Rule rules a rule validation failure immediately returns do not continue validating other fields Mode::rules (); Public Function Rules () {[ ' username ', ' password '], ' required '], [' age ', ' required '], //...} Username returns error immediately, without verifying password and age. The same age if it's empty, it's not going to validate the other fields. Do not know y

Footprint: record a rebuild to separate rule production from rule consumption (Execution delegate)

Before reconstruction: Cache. add (dxcachekey. a, register (dxcachekey. a, dxcachekeytype. a, Dal. getitema, Dal. getitemabyid); cache. add (dxcachekey. b, register (dxcachekey. b, dxcachekeytype. b, Dal. getitemb, Dal. getitembbyid ));...... The goal of this refactoring is to separate the establishment and use of rules (idxcacheitemwrapper). The by-product is to encapsulate a certain form of rules (dxcacheitemwrapper ). Advantages of separation: First, enhancedCodeReadability. Because t

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