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Acer Aspire P3 variants This evaluation

, using white and gray collocation, only in front of the printed P3 of the appearance of a large-scale style. Although the box volume first, but the overall weight is full, after all, it contains a super-and related power supplies, cables and so on. The Acer Aspire P3 's box is partitioned inside, separating the ultra-polar mainframe from the power, cable, and o

Wireless NIC Driver Installed in acer (acer) Aspire E1-472G ubuntu-12.04, ubuntu12.04

Wireless NIC Driver Installed in acer (acer) Aspire E1-472G ubuntu-12.04, ubuntu12.04 I bought a relatively affordable notebook acer (acer) Aspire E1-472G, built-in linux operating system, because of work needs to replace the oper

Acer (ACER) Aspire e1-472g ubuntu-12.04 install wireless card driver

I bought a more affordable laptop in the previous phase Acer (ACER) Aspire e1-472g, with the Linux operating system, due to work needs to replace the operating system ubuntu12.04, but has been plagued by no wireless network card driver. This problem has finally been solved today, the method is as follows:1. Check the wireless adapter model:~$ LSPCI-VNN | grep Wir

Acer Aspire V11 Non-fan touch-screen notebook demo

Acer recently unveiled a range of affordable, Low-power processor-powered Windows notebooks designed to balance performance and battery life. Among them, the Aspire V11 built-in 11.6 inch screen, the fuselage adopts the fan-less design, the fuselage weight is about 1.36 kilograms, can achieve the longer endurance ability. So, is this 350 dollars (about 2173 yuan)

Haswell New Acer Aspire V7 Assessment

, you can choose a non touch version, which is lighter than the touch screen version of 2.0kg weight of 1.85kg. A single hand for a while will feel heavy, but if you put it in your backpack, you won't feel particularly heavy. Acer Aspire V7 Laptop optional Intel Core I3/i5/i7 processor, the highest support 12GB memory, with nvidia GeForce GT 750M hig

Acer Aspire 4830TG

Http:// Aspire 4830 TGAuthor (s) Mark BaasIntroduction This laptop is a fine laptop for Linux, it needs some tweaks though. Optimus support by the Ironhide project is still unstable, however I'm still working on it. The results are based on an installation of Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric.Specifications Name

Cross-platform Gui-QT Acer Aspire on Linux development environment installation configuration (QT + GCC) (original)

Install the QT Development Environment on an Acer ebook today. This is a small-capacity, lite version of Linux, Aspire One Linux, the most encountered problems during the installation process, First of all, this system does not have a GCC environment. You must install the GCC environment. Otherwise, problems such as "sol_socket undeclare" will be reported during installation, There are many ways to inst

Acer Aspire R3-131T Deformation evaluation

11, Hewlett-Packard X360 series are such variants of the Representative model, and Acer R3-131T The biggest feature is the ability to flip the horizon, at the same time the price into a 3000-yuan prices within, Combined with the new Windows 10 system of the blessing, the most recent value of the deformation of the book. Advantages: Excellent performance Disadvantage: screen is not IPs, press the top cover will appear water ripple phenomenon 2899 Y

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