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ActiveX (1) The first simple Demo and activex the first demo

ActiveX (1) The first simple Demo and activex the first demo Speaking of ActiveX, my first instinct is Flash. With ActiveX, we can create rich and interactive applications. At the same time, using ActiveX features, we can achieve seamless connection between Js and

Use JavaScript to determine whether the browser has installed ActiveX controls and whether ActiveX controls are prohibited)

After Microsoft assigned SP2 to IE, when ie opened some web pages containing ActiveX controls, a prompt box is displayed, asking the user to choose whether to install the control; by default, common users do not know what is going on. The company's products also encountered such problems. The only way is to make the control into an EXE file for users to download and manually install and register. In this way, a test is required, if the user does not i

Fixed the issue that ACTIVEX Control Test Container cannot be called when VC6.0 Activex runs directly.

People who have compiled mfc activex may have encountered the problem that Activex Control Test Container cannot be called after Rebuild all, although this is a small problem but when debugging a large project will encounter trouble that can not DEBUG-F5, the solution is as follows: Alt + F7 click Executable for DEBUG session on the debug properties page to change the actual path of

Interaction between ActiveX controls and Javascript in Web pages. js calls ActiveX functions.

Javascript calls functions in ActiveX Controls The key to this interaction is to add external methods to the interface class. The procedure is as follows: 1. Create an MFC ActiveX project in. net 2. in the class view, you can see a "project name + lib" item at the bottom. The icon is different from the class icon above. expand it and you can see three items, the following is how to add an external functi

COM Component Development Practices (VII)---multithreaded ActiveX controls and AutoFit ActiveX control size (top)

Disclaimer: This code is based on CodeProject's article, "A Complete ActiveX Web control Tutorial," and therefore also follows code Project Open License (Cpol). Recently encountered two requirements: 1 use worker threads in an ActiveX control to complete the underlying hardware Device scan task, and to callback the JavaScript function of the external Web page in the worker thread based on the result of the

[ATL/ActiveX] Full Screen Display ActiveX Control

Currently, many video sharing websites, such as Tudou, use the flash control as the player interface. However, it is very simple to use flash to implement full screen. You only need to set the fullscreen attribute to true, other players, such as mediaplayer, have properties similar to full screen effects. But how can this effect be achieved in custom ActiveX controls? The basic implementation is actually relatively simple. There are also many examples

The call interface in the Class ActiveX control error resolving the ActiveX control cannot be instantiated because the current thread is not in a single-threaded apartment

The workaround is to define a static ActiveX object in the form class that assigns the ActiveX object on the interface to the newly defined object in the Formload class, which is accessible to the static object.public static Axclientdriver_ntlib.axclientdriverctrl com = new Axclientdriver_ntlib.axclientdriverctrl ();private void Form1_Load (object sender, EventArgs e){com = THIS.AXCLIENTDRIVERCTRL1;IsRunnin

Use ActiveX controls for Internet assumer11 browsing

Solution:ActiveX controlActiveX controls are small applications that can be used by websites to provide videos, games, and other content. When browsing the Web, you can also use these small applications to interact with the toolbar, stock quotes, and other content. However, these applications may sometimes have problems or provide you with unwanted content. In some cases, these applications can be used to collect information from your computer, damage information on your computer, install softwa

COM Component Development Practices (eight)---multithreaded ActiveX controls and automatic resizing of ActiveX controls (bottom)

Disclaimer: This code is based on CodeProject's article, "A Complete ActiveX Web control Tutorial," and therefore also follows code Project Open License (Cpol). In the previous article, COM Component Development Practice (VII)---Multithreaded ActiveX controls and automatic resizing of ActiveX controls (top) describes the basic requirements for using multithreadi

How to disable ActiveX plug-ins from webpage loading in ie9

Recently, I have never been able to open the ActiveX control page in ie9, but the sogou browser does not. I don't know what the problem is. Today I accidentally saw a 'activex filtering' setting under the Tools menu of ie9. Why is it ?? So I tried to remove the option and refresh the page ~ It's really amazing that ActiveX

Activex control programming in Qt environment ------- 1, activex ------- 1

Activex control programming in Qt environment ------- 1, activex ------- 1 I first came into contact with this activeX control. After referring to a lot of tutorials on the internet, I finally took more than three hours to get a preliminary understanding and compile a small demo. Now I want to share it with you, so I hope you can avoid detours. The procedure is

How ActiveX calls a JavaScript function in a Web page that references that ActiveX

active|activex|javascript| Function | Web page Objective Many netizens ask, in HTML page place a COM object, this object how to call the page script function problem, I recently also because the work needs to realize such function, after the internet search, got a lot of help, but did not find a complete implementation. This article describes several key points in the implementation process and provides a download of an example project. 1--To add a me

WPF calls ActiveX (Windows Forms ActiveX Control Importer)

Reference:Code:var registerhost = new WindowsFormsHost ();Xxxxclient Client = new xxxxclient();Client . BeginInit ();Registerhost.child = axatclient;HOSTPANEL.CHILDREN.ADD (Registerhost);Client . EndInit ();Msdn: Developer Command prompt:Command:aximp [Options]{file.dll | file.ocx}Generates two DLLs after executing a command.Issue: DLL Error {"No registration Class (Exception from hresult:0x80040154 (Regdb_e_classnotreg)"} in WPF program wi

C # interaction between ActiveX and JS: only describes how JavaScript calls ActiveX.

For more information about how to write ActiveX programs, see my Blog C # compile ActiveX Control Step 1: Add a method and an attribute to the control class Public String shownow (){Return datetime. Now. tostring ();} Private string _ STR;Public String Str{// Get and set must be completely written, not just get or setGet {return _ STR ;}Set {_ STR = va

C # Develop ActiveX for accessing SQL data, moving mouse events, drawing, and Javascript operations ActiveX

out "[assembly: Guid (" 8a4af041-84fd-4d8c-aed2-3916f6135bf4. Every time a project is regenerated, The classid changes and the classid referenced on the webpage is not fixed. Therefore, this line of code is useless (this is proved by practice and the reason is unknown ). 4. Find the project code file "WEB. cs ". Adds the Guid attribute. You can select "tool"> "create GUID" in the development environment to create a unique GUID.(1) Add a reference to the namespace "using System. Runtime. Interop

jquery Selector Learning Finishing (basic selector, hierarchy selector, pseudo-class selector, attribute filtering, content filtering, visibility filtering, range selector, exclusion selector)

connected. Class1 sibling element, equivalent to using next.D, brother selector: $ (". Contain ~ div")--match all the sibling div elements after the. contain element, note that the sibling elements before the contain element are not counted.Second, through the pseudo-class to filter the selection(1), specific position selector: first--matches the 1th element found, for example: $ (' Li:first '): last--matches the last element found, for example:$(‘li:last‘): eq--matches an element of a given in

Delphi Writing ActiveX control (OCX Control) knowledge and examples (with detailed steps)

I. Introduction to the Application of ActiveX:ActiveX controls, which are commonly called OCX controls, are part of ActiveX technology. ActiveX is a Component Object model COM-based technology introduced by Microsoft, including a series of extensions and enhancements to the Windows 32-bit Application programming interface (Win32 API) and Component Object model, with the goal of integrating the computer desk

ActiveX components and their registration

I. Overview In the following section, we will briefly introduce the concept and classification of ActiveX components, so that readers can have a conceptual grasp of ActiveX components. The following describes how to register ActiveX components. The registration methods of ActiveX controls,

How to disable ActiveX plug-ins from webpage loading in IE

Now, IE9 provides a new built-in function-ActiveX filtering! ActiveX filtering allows you to browse any web page without running any ActiveX plug-in. For a trusted website that users want to run ActiveX plug-ins, users only need t

Rapid development of ActiveX controls using Delphi

You can use Delphi to quickly develop ActiveX controls to add ActiveX controls to favorites, which are commonly referred to as OCX controls. It is part of ActiveX technology. ActiveX is a technology launched by Microsoft Based on the component object model com, including a series of extensions and enhancements to the W

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