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Chrome plugin Development (i)--Create the first chrome plugin

Recently in the development of a chrome plug-in, found some articles on the internet, although according to the article can write the corresponding example, but to carry out the actual development, found that there are many articles do not have pits. I will add some of these pits in conjunction with several aspects that I have encountered during the development process.If you have experience with front-end development, then you will be able to start y

centos6.5 install Google Chrome + Google Chrome Flash plugin installation + Google Chrome PDF reader installation

the plugin. 4. Install pepper Flash Plugin:4.1. Download HUGHESJR Auxiliary installation script:cd/tmpwget Set as executable:chmod +x chrome_pepperflash_copy.sh4.3, execute the script to install (you can look at the script content to understand what happened):./chrome_pepperflash_copy.shafte

Google Chrome Frame Custom Rendering method, call ActiveX

address requires IE browser");}} Else{//The current browser is IE and chrome frame is not available, page A is IE renderedopen (URL, name, options);}Mode 4: Page A (Chrome Frame) uses ActiveXProblem descriptionHow to use ActiveX in a page rendered by chrome frame.WorkaroundUsing A

Chrome plugin Development (ii)--Communication Acquisition page writing chrome plugin-specific libraries

the callback    2. Read the JS content of the script tag package of the pageIn general, the browser is in a security limit and only the global variables in the JS file can be obtained in content script. However, for variables in the script tag, it is not directly accessible through content script, it is possible to prevent content script from getting the background template to spit on the page user information. But looking at the documentation, we can see that the

How do I install the CRX format? Chrome plugin offline installation, CRX format installation method Json-handle Chrome plugin Download

At present, the Chrome official has banned the application of the non-Chrome store installed, so the application of the site through the foreign server from the Google official application market download down, provided to the vast number of users in the country, the following we will Check my cookies plug-in as an example, Please tell me how to install the plugin

Chrome supports ActiveX for train tickets purchased

[Buy a train ticket]BenProgramSolved problems:In view of the website login difficult problem, close up the small plug-in, only need to enter a user name, password, verification code, you can perform multiple attempts to log on, until the login is successful.Instructions for use:In Chrome, open the address for plug-in ins

An offline chrome plugin that installs the. crx extension in Google Chrome.

I. Local drag-and-drop installation1. Download the extension/script to the local computer;2. Drag it directly to the browser's extensions (chrome://chrome/extensions/) page.Second, the solution "can only install the program through the Chrome Web Store"For some special reasons, chrome plug-in uses the installation meth

12 Very good chrome cookie management plugin, Developer's Essential cookie Plugin

Cookies are the most commonly used feature of developers, and this article describes some of the cookie chrome plugins that are commonly used in the chrome store, with a total of 12 chrome cookie plugins that make a collection for developers to reference, This site collects all the world's Cookie developer plug-ins, Chinese translation is done by Google translati

Flash Activex NPAPI PPAPI various Web plugin Full installation package download address

Flash Player for Windows 8.1 x86 debugger Download the Flash Player for Windows 8.1 x64 debugger Download the Flash Player for Windows 8.1 RT Debugger Note:release builds of Flash Player for Windows 8 is a part of the Windows 8 update Uninstalling the Windows 8/8.1 ActiveX debuger:please Note the KB number in the installer filename after downloading the Installer file. To uninstall the debugger, go to Control Panel > Programs > Programs

How to make Dot poly weboffice online edit ActiveX plugin compatible with Firefox, Google, ie all kinds of browser

The use of Weboffice ActiveX plug-ins in point-of-poly is only required to install the corresponding Weboffice.ocx plugin in IE to enable online document editing. For non-ie such as Google, Firefox browser is somewhat different, if you want to be compatible with Google and Firefox need to adopt standard NPAPI development plug-in, the specific need to do the following steps:1, please install the following li

chrome--My Chrome Plugin

this morning, I watched a geek headline article about the Chrome plugin: Feel a lot of useful web developers often plugins are not inside. So I posted their own chrome plugin, for everyone to see. PS: In order to get more extensions in chrome

How to debug an ActiveX plugin under a multi-process browser

Overview: Now the mainstream browser is a multi-process browser, which has caused the debugging of ActiveX Plug-ins a great inconvenience! Recently, the use of VS2010 to develop ActiveX Plug-ins, due to the real browser environment to debug, Find it troublesome to find a real hosting process when attaching to a process! When you think of a tool "process Explorer", it's easy to find a real hosting proces

What is the difference between a chrome plugin and a chrome extension?

  Differences in the context of English: The plugin corresponds to "Plugin", the extension corresponds to "Extension", so there are actually two different words behind them.   At the functional level difference: Plug-ins do not increase the functionality of the browser itself, can invoke the operating system's APIs, and different operating system plug-ins are generally not mixed. We often encounter Plug-

Introducing a Chrom Browser plugin DHC is a Google Chrome plugin that sends test data to the server using the Chromium simulation rest client

Let's make a small ad, huh?Company recruit Java architect, monthly salary of more than 25K, responsible for e-commerce platform architecture work, work location in Beijing line Line 1 Yongan station near, if there is intention please send my CV email [email protected]Can be recommended in-house.DHC is a Google browser plugin that uses the Chrome simulation rest client to send test data to the server.DHC's d

Use VLC ActiveX plugin to do Web version video player

A small example of online search, including the duration of the play time and so on.MRL can set up local files so that you can only play local files after publishing a Web site.If the video files are all on the server, other computers want to see, you can publish a video file server on IIS, similar to so that you can access the video files, This HTTP path can then be set to MRLBut in this case the test supported by a few formats, FLV is possibleTest can be us

Gwt-dev-plugin (i.e. Google Web Toolkit developer Plugin) for Chrome installation method

If you want to do GWT debugging in Chrome, you'll need to install "GWT Developer plugin for Chrome", but in normal installation mode, you'll be prompted:This application isn't supported on this computer. Installation has been disabled. The following problems is DETECTED:NPAPI plugin was required by this appThe main ide

Sync Google drives to the Dropbox plugin, sync Google Drive? With Dropbox Chrome Plugin

Sync and directly from the Google Drive ™ page of the Chrome pluginWith this browser extension, you can sync, backup and manage all the files in the cloud, and integrate things in your Dropbox, Sharepoint™, Google gmail™, Evernote, Box, onedrive™, egnyte™, or base camp account with Google Drive ™ 。 and settings can be done directly from the Google Drive ™ interface.Some use cases:* You can back up your Google Drive ™ to Dropbox's* Consolidate and back

Chrome plugin (Extensions) Development strategy

Directory Why do I need Why Chrome? What to prepare How to get Started Page Action Chrome plugin Structure Learning materials My example Debugging Debug Content Scripts Debug background Debug Popup Some questions Summarize Why do I needSimply put, the browser

Make the first chrome plugin

The chrome plugin is surprisingly simple once you understand how it works and how it is implemented. It is composed of a part of HTML, part JS, and then a mix of a JSON file called Manifest.json. This means that you can use the JS framework you are best at to implement it.If you're still a new chrome plugin and want to

XPath helper:chrome Crawler web analytics tools Chrome plugin graphics and text tutorial

recently learning to use the Scrapy framework to develop a Python crawler, use XPath to get the URL path. Because there are too many tags in html, it is always hard to find an XPath path, and sometimes error-prone, resulting in wasted time and energy. Looking at an article today, I accidentally saw a spider web analytics tool in chrome that used a sense of feeling, so hopefully it will help more Python crawler enthusiasts and developers. XPath Helpe

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