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How do I make the Linux user-defined command alias permanently effective? __linux

How to make the user-defined command alias for Linux permanently effective. The alias (Chinese called "Alias") allows you to redefine the Shell command in Linux with a shorter name, simplifying the command line input. If you often deal with the

Windows Powershell alias _powershell

Brief descriptionIn Windows PowerShell, aliases are alternative names for cmdlets or other commands. Detailed descriptionAliases are cmdlet or commands (for example: functions, scripts, files, executables.) Alternative name, or a nickname. You can

How do i make Linux user-defined command alias permanent?

alias(Chinese is called"aliases"allows a shorter name to be used to redefineLinuxin theShellcommand, which simplifies the input of the command line. If often withCLIdeal with, then usealiasnot only will save time, but also can improve efficiency,

On the setting of alias of Linux Alias

AliasCommand: AliasFeature Description: Set the alias of the commandSyntax: alias [command]= ' other commands 'Cases:[[email protected] data]# aliasAlias cp= ' Cp-i 'Alias l.= ' ls-d. *--color=auto 'Alias ll= ' Ls-l--color=auto 'Alias ls= '

Command alias in Linux

The command alias function of a Linux system the command alias function will use a large number of commands during the management and maintenance of the Linux system, and some long commands or usage are often used, repeated and frequent input of a

Set command alias in Linux

Recently, a Django site needs to frequently access the varwwwsitemycitsm Directory. every time you have to repeat the input string, you have recently created a Django site, the/var/www/site/mycitsm/directory needs to be accessed frequently. it is

MyBatis series (four)---configuration detailed typealiases alias (MyBatis source)

In the article "MyBatis Series (three)---configuration detailed properties and environments (MyBatis source article)" introduced the properties and environments, This article continues with one of the remaining configuration nodes: Typealiases.

Go language | Go 1.9 New features Type alias detailed

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. This article for the original article, reprint annotated source, welcome to sweep the code to pay attention flysnow_org to the public number or website

Powershell _ basic self-study course _ 4_powershell alias function, error management function, and system resource area navigation

In a previous article, we mentioned that there can be a very convenient alias mechanism in PS, which is helpful for people familiar with other console shells to use ps. However, some of these problems are only So far, let's talk about this topic in

FileZilla Server FTP server to set up virtual directories (multiple partitions) _FTP servers under an alias alias

Recently checked the server when found that there is not enough disk space, just have two hard drives, a hard disk is still empty, just through the FTP server alias function to add space, so no need to rebuild the machine DescriptionThe virtual

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