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Ubuntu all PHP extensions php-7.0 Extensions List

sudo apt-get install Php7.0-bcmathsudo apt-get install php7.0-bz2sudo apt-get install Php7.0-calendarsudo apt-get install Php7.0-ctypesudo apt-get install Php7.0-curlsudo apt-get install Php7.0-domsudo apt-get install php7.0-enchantsudo apt-get

[Translate].net shell Extensions-shell context Menus---. NET Shell Extension right-click menu

My own preface explains:The original author is Dave Kerr, the original link to the. NET Shell Extensions-shell Context Menus, I was in order to complete the latest needs of the time when the query information found, because too long have not read

Getting Started with chrome Extensions 2. How do I use the chrome Extensions API?

Getting Started with chrome Extensions 2. How to use the Chrome Extensions API. Google's Chrome Extensions API is one of the most authoritative materials for developing chrome extensions, detailing the features that Chrome extensions can achieve

Browser extensions how to back up a restore

Backup restore of chrome extensions Google Browser as a very common now a browser, in its application store has a large number of feature extensions to choose from, so first we have to see how it is extended backup and restore. Start running the

Reactive extensions (RX) entry (2) -- install reactive extensions

Original article: Author: Hehe Yiwen Installation Method For RX installation, you can directly download and install through the reactive extensions (RX) Home Page, of course,

"Go" Linux tips: Bash parameters and Parameter extensions

Focus on Listing 7Now, many Linux® and UNIX® systems have bash shells, which are the common default shells on Linux. In this article, you'll learn how to handle parameters and options in a bash script, and how to use the shell's parameter extensions

Share Extension and appextensionshare in App Extensions

Share Extension and appextensionshare in App Extensions Reprinted please indicate the source: Preface Here are some introductions to App Extension and details about Share Extension. Other Extension

(go) shell variables and extensions

1. Shell variablesThe shell variable assignment statement is "Name=[value", there can be no space on either side of the equal sign, you could append the contents "Name+=value" to the shell variable, cancel the shell variable's setting using "unset

12 The best experience you can get from Web browsing Chrome extensions

Original address: article tags: Chrome extended web browsing experience engine Word translation tool Chrome browserI believe many friends and I, every install new operating system, will use safari/ie download

Chrome extensions porting to edge Browser tutorial

Microsoft introduced the ability to use Extensions (extension) as an important feature at the beginning of the launch of the Edge browser. In the WIN10 first anniversary Update (1607), this feature was formally introduced to the majority of users

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