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Android action broadcast type Message Type

String battery_changed_action broadcast: the charging status, or the battery power changes. "android. Intent. Action. battery_changed" String boot_completed_action broadcast: After the system is started, this action is broadcast once (only once)

Android Application Basics

  Android applications are written in Java programming language. Android devices use this file to install applications.   Every android application installed on the device lives in its own security sandbox: 1. The Android operating system is a multi-

Android configuration file (2) and android configuration file

Android configuration file (2) and android configuration file We know that each module of the Android system provides very powerful functions (such as phones, power supplies, and settings). By using these functions, applications can be more powerful

Handle mail at any time. Android Tablet with WPS Mobile version perfect combination

For the busy business people, often outside, frequent business with customers, every day at home, companies, customers shuttle between the life, it is impossible to carry a notebook at any time, more likely to stay in front of the computer, but many

Android-mail API usage

This is the most complex and applicable example officially provided, demonstrating the implementation of the mail function. This is the last entry-level learning note for ophone. All examples are from the official sample file. After the end of this

Android permission list

Public static final string broadcast_package_removed Allows an application to send a notification that the application is deleted. Constant Value: "android. Permission. broadcast_package_removed" Public static final string call_phone Allow an

Permission list for Android

Public static final String BROADCAST_PACKAGE_REMOVED Allows an application to send a notification that the application is deleted. Constant Value: "android. permission. BROADCAST_PACKAGE_REMOVED" Public static final String CALL_PHONEAllow an

Android Background Send mail sample (collect application exception information +demo code)

Today we introduce a simpler method, we collect the exception information, through the background to send the mail method, the relevant exception information sent to our designated mailbox inside The last time I said how to collect the error

The most popular Android components encyclopedia

Directory[−] Tools and Tutorials UI components Class Library Game engine Android HTML5 App Android is currently the most popular mobile operating system (plus one?). )。 With the release of the new version, Android has

Android nearly hundred source project "turn"

Http:// Development will also bring a new wave of excitement, many developers have invested in this tide, and created a lot of very good applications. There are also many developers who offer

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