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Android voice recognition (offline) considerations

Speech recognition:Precautions to use: Mainfest.xml must remember permission to write in21001: My case is not written Speechapp class, and need to register in application;20005: No matching results23300: Local engine error, my problem is the syntax error, missing a semicolon,,,, and debugging for a long time to find, and there will be no hint.The cause of the engine error in general:1, Java code Check your grammar file path, syntax ID and other related configuration;2, grammar file syntax is cor

Android ApiDemos example resolution (46): App-& gt; Voice Recognition

In this example, you need to install an application that supports RecognizerIntent. ACTION_RECOGNIZE_SPEECH In the Android system, such as Google's Voice Search application. The simulator is not installed by default. For details, see how to install APK on Android emulator to install a Voice Search on the simulator.

Android Apidemos Sample resolution: App->voice Recognition

This example requires Android to install applications that support Recognizerintent.action_recognize_speech, such as Google's Voice Search app. The default is not installed on the emulator, you can see how to install APK on the Android emulator to install a voice Search o

Android calls the system interface using voice recognition dialog boxes such as Google Voice, Baidu Voice, and voice flight

Recognizerintent.action_web_ Search, about recognizerintent You can view the previous articles in this blog, and then call an action with a return resultThen: The result of carrying string recognizerintent.extra_results is taken out in the return result, the Android speech recognition service unifies the result in the form of arraylist@Override protected void onactivityresult (int requestcode, int resul

Android voice broadcast, background broadcast, voice recognition

Android voice broadcast, background broadcast, voice recognitionThis paper introduces the function of voice broadcast and speech recognition using the voice flight speech.Flying Open Platform:

Speech recognition Complete verse query function, IOS avspeechsynthesis Voice output result of the poetry app

ObjectiveThe current application of the query is to use manual input, not only inefficient, and query the limit of the statement is relatively large, can not be easily extended. If you can easily expand the query statement, then the use of the app will have a lot of flexibility. can design a variety of questions and statements, you can easily interact with the user. The speech platform interface provided by the Olami platform is used here, which makes

Android speech recognition based on _android Voice SDK

First, preparatory work 1, you need Android phone application development Basics 2, hkust voice Recognition SDK Android version 3, HKUST voice recognition development API document 4, Andro

Baidu Speech Recognition (Voice) Android Studio version of the detailed _android

Baidu Speech Recognition (Voice) Android Studio version Synchronized update to personal blog: Recently in a practicing small project to use speech recognition, search for a bit, more easily integrated even if the Baidu

Android offline speech recognition (Pocketsphinx)

Recently done projects, using offline speech recognition, the whole long time, check a lot of methods, and finally completed, the online information a bit chaotic, and most of those people wrote, a group of people turn! Below I summarize, also for later people to do a convenient.about the environment configuration I will not say, I just follow this tutorial step by step, is absolutely feasible. http://gaeb

Understanding Android's gesture recognition improves app's user experience _android

For the touch screen, its original message is nothing more than press, lift, move these several, we only need to simply overload Ontouch or set the touch listener Setontouchlistener can be processed. However, in order to improve the user experience of our app, sometimes we need to identify the user's gestures, and Android gives us the gesture recognition tool ges

Google will launch the android voice app

According to foreign media reports, Google will launch the Google Voice app for mobile phones on Wednesday, us time.Program. Google Voice Senior Product Manager and grandcentral co-founder VincentPaquet) indicates that Google Voice is used for AndroidAnd Blackberry users can use this service on their phones from Wedne

"Android Translation article" the most convenient way to build voice search and your app

Reprint Please specify source: you want your users to say "Ok,google" and then search for something in your app, how many lines of code do you need? In fact, it doesn't take a few lines of code.From now on, you just need to be in yourAndroidManifest.xml文件里面添加一点点代码,你就可以让你的搜索界面连接到Google上Once you have done this, your application will receive a Search_action request intent that contains the Searchmanager.query para

Understanding Android Gesture Recognition to improve APP user experience

Recognition in Activity:Copy codeThe Code is as follows: package;Import android. app. Activity;Import android. OS. Bundle;Import android. view. GestureDetector;Import android. view. MotionEvent;Public class

Deep Learning Application Series (iii) | Build your own image recognition app using Tflite Android

third step. Android Tflite 1. Download Android Studio This step is not the focus of this article, please download and install the latest SDK and NDK on your own 2. Introduction of Engineering Introducing Tensorflow-for-poets-2/android/tflite code from Android Studio, there are

Android Learning Series (19)-Offline app download

is optional.(2 ). the offlineservice process is separated from the application, for example, the application process is "CN. cnblogs. tianxia. download, the offline download service process is set to "CN. cnblogs. tianxia. download. offline ", the relationship between the Process and the application. Of course, this will bring about a new problem: inter-process communication, of course, because

Advanced Android App Development-scene text recognition

As the graduate program needs to complete a mobile terminal-based scene character recognition system, although the graduation is still early, but for the sake of interest, the recent time to complete the system. The basic architecture is as follows:Client: Android application to capture the scene picture, roughly underline the area of interest text, through the socket communications upload server-side

Android App Development Basics-----Gesturedetector (gesture recognition)

//Show Next viewMviewflipper.shownext ();return true;74}All else if ((E2.getx ()-e1.getx ()) >distance)76 {77//Show Previous viewMviewflipper.showprevious ();return true;80}Bayi return false;82}83@Overrideonlongpress void (motionevent e)86 {/TODO auto-generated Method stub8889}90@OverrideOnscroll Public Boolean (Motionevent E1, motionevent E2,Distancex float, float distancey)94 {Up//TODO auto-generated method stub--return false;97}98@Overridepublic void Onshowpress (Motionevent e)101 {102//TODO

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