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How to run MB Star xentry DAS on Macbook Air

turned off to betoo slowFor my taste but it's probably a reasonable option for a more powerful Mcbook Pro. Someone in the forum have a similar thing with Xentry/das 11/2012 it on Win XP thru Parallels desktop on my Macbook Pro an D had same error Hhtwin.ini but carried on.Then successfully installing WIS 11/2012 and EPCs 8/2012 without any problems. And it ' s said that he DAS worked well with Mercedes w202 cdi220 by SD connect C4 (LAN connection). S

Using MacBook Air 11.6 first

tangled up for a long time to buy my favorite Apple laptop, from the previous entanglement between the MacBook Pro and air to the later Air11 and Air13 between the tangle, finally to yesterday I made a final determination to buy a 2015-style MacBook Air 11. At that time in b

Install Windows 8 with boot camp on MacBook Air

The Windows 8 consumer preview version is released, combining PC and mobile OS into one. As a public beta version of Win8, it focuses on the features of tablet Operation Experience, built-in app stores, cloud services, and social sharing. We plan to use the MacBook Air to experience Windows 8 and try the new version of Windows. MacBook

How does a Macbook air install a dual system

MacBook Air installs dual system method. 1, first in the Mac system "utility" to find the "Boot Camp Assistant" program icon, open and follow the prompts, in the original Mac partition a space to create a Windows partition, partitioned out of the partition can only be used to install the system, That is, Windows has only one C partition after installation. The size of the partition depends on your n

How do you choose a 13-inch Apple MacBook?

If you are considering buying a 13-inch laptop, the Apple MacBook product line is no doubt a product that cannot be overlooked. Apple has a total of three 13-inch MacBook products, including MacBook Air,

Ten questions about the new 12-inch MacBook Apple Computer

yuan. The change is radical, but it's not the first time Apple has done this, and they've been complaining for a long time that they've discarded the optical drive on a generation of MacBook Air and have only one USB port. Now it's just history repeating itself. But because it is usb-c charging, Apple notebook on th

Apple notebooks How to install Win7 and MacBook Pro

reserved partition, do not care about it. Fourth step: Check out the boot camp partition directly formatted, do not delete. Choose NTFS format for better compatibility. Install directly after formatting is completed. Fifth step: After fully installed Windows, after entering the desktop do not plug any USB devices, including the mouse, keyboard and other peripherals will Mac OS System Recovery CD into the CD drive, installed from the dis

How to reload a Macbook air system

The MacBook air reload method. First, the lion system is not damaged, the system into the case of the installation method. 1. Restore through the network (WiFi conditions, no need for the most convenient equipment, idiot installation method, but time consuming at least 5 hours, no external device people preferred) 2. The use of the system with disk tools to make USB drive disk to install (sec

Apple spring conference video live new MacBook 1299 USD

The biggest Easter egg comes from the Apple Spring conference, which is the brand-new MacBook Air. The new golden version of the MacBook Air, 1299 U.S. dollars on sale, and on April 10, the global listing, very surprising. The new MacBo

9288 Bucks How about a MacBook in Apple?

How about the 12-inch state of the Apple MacBook, at today's Apple conference, the appearance of the MacBook did bring a lot of stunning. such as ultra-thin fuselage, butterfly-type structure keyboard, but it has some unpredictable defects. Let's look at the explanation for the new

is the Apple 12-inch new MacBook worth buying?

On the one hand, as the ultimate portable notebook, Apple's 12-inch new MacBook is an excellent choice for frequent business travelers. But at the same time, because the 12-inch new MacBook's minimalist design has only one interface, the use of the Environment (wireless network environment) has a high demand, otherwise not in the wireless life advocated by Apple to do a good job. But precisely, the business

Apple's new MacBook Pro battery lasts 8 hours

need to replace the battery for 5 years. And Apple will also offer a paid replacement battery service. Apple first used this new concept of battery design in the MacBook Air, which began to be used early this year in 17-inch MacBook Pro. This time, it was popularized to

Apple Computer installed Windows7 driver Daquan, MacBook computer win7 driver installation

Whether you're a MacBook Air or a MacBook Pro, or an imac-all-in-one series, with an Apple computer for a Windows-series system such as Windows7, the download-driven Apple driver Pack can solve all the drive problems with a single click. CC Not much said, with the driving l

12-inch Apple Computer macbook parameter configuration

Apple today released a new MacBook notebook, the national line version of 9288 Yuan for sale, the high match will need 11288 yuan. The price is not cheap, then, such a high price of Apple notebook's its configuration, the following small series for everyone to enumerate the detailed new MacBook parameter specifications

Mac tips for using Apple MacBook laptop Touchpad tips

Many from windows to the Apple MacBook users will have a bit of a little adaptation, because the MacBook Touchpad does not have the same touch function as the notebook of the win system, the buttons below the touchpad are not double bonds, naturally there is no double bond function, but in fact after a simple setup, Apple

[Apple press conference] Conclusion: iMac is opening a new horizon. Can iPad Air 2 be thinner?

% pixels more than 4 K, and the thickness of the fuselage edge is only 5mm. The screen material is Oxide TFT, reducing energy consumption by 30%. The 3.5 GHz intel i5 processor can be upgraded to a 4 GHz intel i7 processor. AMD Radeon R9 display chip. 1 TB Fusion Drive. For prices, the iMac version 3.5 With a 27 inch GHz intel i5 processor costs $2499. The last is the unupdated Mac mini. The starting price of the new Mac mini version is $499. The following are related parameters: 4th-g

Apple releases 12 "lightest MacBook with Retina screen

At a conference just finished early this morning, Apple unveiled a new MacBook with a 12 "Retina screen, weighing only 900g and thickest 13.1mm, the most lightweight MacBook product in Apple's history." The lightweight fuselage does not constrain its performance. One of the lower version built 8GB memory and 256GB SSD, with the Intel 1.1GHz Core-m Ultra-low Po

Apple Air Computer installation Windows7 graphics and text tutorial

Three 4. Before the Windows7 operating system is installed on the Apple air, we need to download the Win7 driver in advance. Click Continue in the Boot Camp assistant that pops up, select "Download Windows support software for this Mac" and click Continue to the next step. Figure Four After the driver has been downloaded, the Boot Camp assistant prompts you to burn

Apple's new MacBook Pro Touch Bar Hands-on experience

Apple today officially released a new generation of 13, 15-inch MacBook Pro, and the most eye-catching change is naturally the use of an OLED screen to replace the previous F1-F12 function keys. Apple calls it touch Bar, which automatically switches to its corresponding accelerator panel for changes in application, with more flexibility. However, the use of OLE

The comparison between the Millet notebook and the Apple Air notebook hardware

The comparison between the Millet notebook and the Apple Air notebook hardware The comparison between the Millet notebook and the Apple Air notebook hardware How about a millet notebook? To do high-performance lightweight notebook. The millet notebook contrasts with the

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