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10 reasons to choose an apple 12-inch MacBook

a partial and blunt division. Finally, I assume that the tangle of you are not bad money, otherwise we will not have to read this article, directly to buy a MacBook Air is good, after all, it is still the cheapest Apple notebook computer. In any of these two products between the tangle of people, it must be in the mind long grass want to spend some money to exp

New MacBook Air Detailed test

New Apple MacBook Air evaluation Apple has officially released the new MacBook Air in its recent WWDC 2013, although it has almost no change in appearance compared to the old model, but the intrinsic improvement is not small. The

Mac notebook which is good

Mac notebook, which one? In the previous period, Apple has updated its 15-inch MacBook Pro, which means that the product line of the Apple notebook will not be much changed for a long time, so the friends who want to start the Apple computer can consider starting now. MacBook

2015 new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro detailed evaluation

reason.   MacBook Air 11 inches and 13 inches Since Apple began to promote the MacBook Air on many television commercials, iphone users have turned their eyes to the MacBook Air when

4 basic tips for using MacBook Air

MacBook Air can be said to be a leader in laptops: excellent performance, long battery life while maintaining a light body, slim shape, which almost satisfies all the requirements of notebooks. If you are also a MacBook Air user, you may want to make your MacBook

Why does MacBook install Windows so hot?

Air is only a small Guo's first Mac, but he started quickly, and he felt that compared to the previous use of the Windows system, although the MAC system is not comprehensive, but also has its unique, especially the Apple trackpad multi-gesture operation, with a bit less than the mouse control experience poor.The design department of the small fan is a feature-m

Start of new MacBook full evaluation

MacBook feels lighter, with a weight of 1.37 kg, close to the 1.35 kg 13-inch MacBook Air. With deep air ash and metallic silver, this black and white ratio of 12-inch MacBook rose gold and champagne gold, seems to herald its positioning: a professional use of professional

New MacBook Air Issues summary

Apple unveiled its new MacBook Air at the WWDC conference in June. However, after the listing, users found that the new MacBook Air in the screen, network connectivity and other aspects of the problems, and the normal use of a certain degree of impact. 1. Intermittent splas

Sony Haswell Ultra-Polar Pro Reviews

Would you like to buy a laptop? then MacBook Air. Many people would advise people to buy Apple's MacBook Air. Because it is Apple's cheapest and thinnest laptop, and fast enough, there is a comfortable keyboard and responsive touchpad, plus battery life is more durable. These advantages are enough to make

What's good about the MacBook series?

, the machine is very portable. And the machine is equipped with the retina display, and the battery lasts for 10 hours, and the use of very low power core M processor, is ideal for frequent business trip to the performance requirements of friends to use. At present, the new MacBook 256GB capacity version of the Apple website quotes 9288 Yuan, 512GB version of 11288 Yuan, while in the Amazon Chinese prices

Apple is creative! Apple air: 6 unusual uses

When I was eating at noon, I saw the TV advertisement of the MacBook. I searched it back and found this post. It was funny .. // Although I have read such posts before, for example, using a notebook to shovel dirt, and using it as a chopping board and an umbrella .... Apple is creative! Apple air: 6 unusual uses When

Buy 2016 MacBook Pro considerations

The 2016 MacBook Pro has been released, the most significant update of the MacBook Pro series in four years. Cancel the "a" backlight apple logo; only the Thunderbolt 3 and 3.5mm connectors are retained; The 13-inch machine weighs only 1370g and weighs just 13 inches of air 200g; support for dci-p3 gamut and so on we h

Mac computer external monitor full introduction

Apple now sells more notebooks than desktops, so many people now use a Mac screen that is only 15 inches or less. When people try to add a monitor to a Mac notebook, those professional words are dazzling: Display type, connection mode, screen size, and so on. If you are worrying about how to choose the right monitor, our presentation today will help you. Benefits of using an external monitor If you're using a Mac to browse the Web, the size of the s

Apple 12-inch MacBook Accessories buy the most money strategy

when Apple will only attach a usb-c power cord and power adapter, below we list a few scenarios to help you choose the appropriate accessories. 1, not external perimeter, but to use a MacBook to help the iphone charge This type of user may often move, like a freelance worker, who will not be able to connect to the mouse keyboard, or use HDMI or VGA, and occasi

The difference between a new MacBook and air

, while the MacBook Air is more powerful, with a lower screen resolution and less burden on integrated graphics, which allows for smoother running of some graphics software.   Ease of Use The most controversial part of the MacBook design is that the fuselage is equipped with only one USB-C interface, and don't underestimate this part, it will have a great

Solutions to 17 common problems of Apple Mac computer

Users/library/preferences folder. For example, software like Photoshop, you can press Command+option+shift to restore the default settings when the software is started. Damaged fonts can also make your software run wrong. You can look at question 14 how to solve them. Finally, is there something wrong with your memory? If your software crashes without any warning, your memory may be in trouble. Then you check the memory, out of the air the other is

How to install Windows 8 system on Apple Mac

support for Windows 7 dragged on for about 3 months, and now something similar happened to win 8. Technology media expressed strong dissatisfaction with this: Go to his official support! We're just going to install win 8 on the 2011 imac and 2010 MacBook Air to see what's going on! Here are our installation records, which may help those who don't like to wait for Apple's update drive. ins

17 ways to solve Mac common problems

can also make your software run wrong. You can look at question 14 how to solve them. Finally, is there something wrong with your memory? If your software crashes without any warning, your memory may be in trouble. Then you check the memory, out of the air the other is very easy to find, swap memory slots to try.   Question 7: My mac scratches the bird ~ ~ ~ Survival tips: The metal surface is easily scratched, the fact is so cruel. The first scra

Two-generation Apple imac keyboard/mouse detailed comparison

change. As with the previous generation of mice, the new mouse is also a multi-touch surface with no rollers or buttons. Navigation is mainly by a variety of gestures and light point, single finger slide over the mouse surface can scroll up and down, two finger swipe can switch between Spaces, two fingers double-click to open Mission Control. You can also set the mous

How do you choose a 13-inch Apple MacBook?

If you are considering buying a 13-inch laptop, the Apple MacBook product line is no doubt a product that cannot be overlooked. Apple has a total of three 13-inch MacBook products, including MacBook Air,

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