apple messages not sending

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XMPP finishing notes: Sending picture messages and voice messages

The basic idea of sending pictures and audio files is:First convert the picture into a binary file, then encode the binary file base64 and encode it into a string. A child node is added within the message to be sent, and the node's stringvalue (the

KeyRaider: the largest number of Apple account leaks so far

KeyRaider: the largest number of Apple account leaks so far   From: KeyRaider: iOS Malware Steals Over 225,000 Apple Accounts to Create Free App UtopiaSummary Recently, WeipTech analyzed some suspicious iOS apps reported by users and found that

How to Implement iMessage Group Sending

How to Implement iMessage Group Sending Apple has two built-in FaceTime and iMessage applications on Mac OS and iOS operating systems. It perfectly replaces the operator's text message and phone number. In addition, the FaceTime and iMessage

The non-"smart watch" selling point of Apple watch

another 3 days is the day that Apple Watch opens online bookings. In order for more consumers to understand and buyApple Watch, the company is also a lot of spelling. 1 , Apple Watch can be purchased at half priceaccording The Verge reports that

How to write an apple push Notification Server

A new feature introduced to iPhone OS 3.0 is push notifications, which allows you to install applicationsProgramDevices directly send messages. Apple has shown this feature in news or IM applications, and it is perfect for our server monitoring

How to build an apple push notification provider server (Tutorial)

July 10, 2009 By David mytton See also:HowTo renew your apple push notification push SSL Certificate One of the widely anticipated features of the new iPhone OS 3.0Is pushCommunicationsWhich allow messages to be sent directly toIndividual

Tutorial on setting up text messages for Mac and iPad

IMessage is essentially different from normal text messages in the sending process. iMessage uses mobile phone traffic or Wi-Fi to encrypt transmission information, images, or voice, the common text message is transmitted through the cellular mobile

What can Google's glasses do to Apple Watch?

Now, it's hard to hear the news from Apple Watch. When the smart watch was released in early March, its news coverage was overwhelming. Reporters reported on their blogs about each stage of the launch, and Apple fans discussed the smart watch

apns-http2-php, Apple push upgrade to HTTP2

Recent company push push upgrade, with Apple HTTP2 Push, HTTP2 the benefits of not say, these online can be found, but really in the project, with PHP written or very little, so write to share with you, nonsense don't say, directly on the

Detailed APNS apple message push notification

What does the Apple message tell you?As shownIt is the service technology of the app that notifies the user of the app when the user does not open the app process.Related conceptsProvider: A third-party service system that provides pushDevice: Apple

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