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The non-"smart watch" selling point of Apple watch

wait and see. for industry people, buying Apple Watch is not about owning, it's about experiencing and studying. As Apple's new category for many years,Apple Watch is hosting Apple's expectations of the future consumer electronics market and the current popular wearable products. By buying and using

Making apps for watch? 5 Apple Watch design patterns that should be skipped

First pit: Design with Apple Watch as center Is it wrong to make a design with a watch as its core? I know it sounds strange, but in fact, the best Apple Watch apps we've ever seen are not based on the functionality of the table, but on those who use the table as an assisti

-apple watch getting closer to our hearts?

Original title: Is Apple Watch Getting Closer to our Hearts?Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, showed off their newest device, the Apple Watch. Mr Cook said it is the ' most personal ' device Apple has ever created.Apple's CEO Tim Cook s

Game&watch, 30 years ago, is more innovative than Apple's watch (People's post, "Happy Travels," 53)

"Can electronic calculators only count?" What if you let the numbers become the little guys that can jump and jump? "The first thing that was born to fragment time was born more than 30 years ago.650) this.width=650; "Src=" 2400_480_272.jpeg "width=" 480 "height=" 272 "alt=" 4eedebfdf0eb0525506c03d330ff628f_b800_24 "/>Wen/Zhang ShulePublished in the "People's Post and telecommunications" application version of th

The UI design basics of the APPLE watch human-Computer Interaction Guide

Long-awaited started out! As the days of Apple Watch are on the way, we are finally waiting for the official document of Apple Watch (HIG)! At the press conference, many users were skeptical about the design of the fruit God-taught smart watch. The answer is hidden in the of

Karnaugh Map's first intimate contact with Apple Watch

Editor's note: This article is from the NIR blog, the Chinese version by Heaven Zhuhai Branch Rudder compiled. This paper introduces the way of Karnaugh map model, and analyzes the three types of functions of Apple Watch, and also explains to entrepreneurs how to do a good product ... If you're one of the 1.9 million people that

Apple Watch knows more about women's hearts

The Apple Watch finally released!!My attitude? Zinzainzenzinzheizan! Mememe!What does it look like? Cool, not cool? Handsome, not handsome? Isn't it beautiful? Want to see the picture? Find out for yourself. Aren't you looking at some of its basic information right now? To learn more about the Apple Watch feature, cont

5 Apple Watch design patterns that should be skipped

transmit the latest tweets, but the wait is so long that users don't want to see Twitter with their watches. On the other hand, receiving tweets on a watch is a passive behavior rather than an active operation. Twitter will take the initiative to send an apple-glance notification to your watch, rather than to refresh

Jimmy Kimmel Comedy show-What do you think of Apple's new "Itime smart watch"?

, but nobody knows what it's gonna call, Or what the its gonna does, again this was a product that doesn ' t exist yet, so we fell we ' d had some fun with it, we went up to Hollywood Boulevard today, we showed people a device that we claimed thats a new Apple Watch, which really are, is a caiso Watch that it cost 20$ and we stuck a

What is the difference between the Apple watch standard version and the sports version? which is better for you?

sapphire, with IPhone6 mobile phone home Key's Touch ID protects the glass material. Sapphire is considered to be the hardest transparent material besides diamonds, and it is very good to prevent and scratch.   Sports version Sport   The Movement version Sport uses the anodized aluminum shell, this material is bigger than the standard alloy hardness 60%, It is also the Apple three intelligent watch

What can Google's glasses do to Apple Watch?

Now, it's hard to hear the news from Apple Watch. When the smart watch was released in early March, its news coverage was overwhelming. Reporters reported on their blogs about each stage of the launch, and Apple fans discussed the smart watch through blogs, tweets and YouTub

How does Apple watch uninstall?

How to shut down Apple Watch? Many users who upgrade the latest version of iOS will find an extra Apple Watch software that looks annoying and unable to uninstall, and is there a way to uninstall it or shut it down? The following lattice small series tells you the answer.

APPLE Watch uncovered four different experiences of interactive design

design paradigms and how to address new UX design challenges.   Navigation Currently, Apple Watch offers only two navigation modes: hierarchical and Page-style. Hierarchical navigation is suitable for products with more complex functions and data. If you need to access certain features or content in a progressive way, this navigation pattern is obviously more appropriate. Page-style navigation is more s

Apple Watch Usage Experience--2

Before we start today's talk, let's just throw up a slot. In the previous blog said the Milan nice strap to the hair, when the first time because of the experience of the clip, did not take a real picture, after writing the blog post and then folder, this time can not let go. Let's start with a fur map.Set diagram is finished, in order to give you crossing demo this demo, the author instantly killed 6 hairs, uprooted. This is not what, the day with the left hand stroked the beloved son of the he

Features of the Apple Watch API

present methods, watch Kit extension uses these APIs to deliver messages to the Watch OS, and the real UI load rendering is performed on the watch side(b) Poptoroot is the controller that jumps to the main Entry point in storyboard(c) Presentcontrollerwithnames we can present a group of controllers that will be displayed as page control(d) Becomecurrentpage The

How to unlock mac with Apple Watch?

How to unlock mac with Apple Watch? MacOS Sierra First, the MAC needs to be upgraded to the latest MacOS Sierra Beta2 version. MacOS Sierra Second, it is necessary to upgrade Apple Watch to WatchOS3 Beta2, so it is only possible for the iphone t

Apple Watch PSD source file [free material download ],

Apple Watch PSD source file [free material download ], Apple Watch is a smart Watch launched by Apple in September 2014. It can be divided into three categories: sports model, general

Apple's latest file storage system in the eyes of a ZFS developer APFS

Objective:This article is translated from a blog post that was involved in ZFS file system development, now Delphix company CTO, Adam Levinso (Adam Leventhal): Apfs detailed (Apfs in Detail).The Apfs file system is the latest file system that Apple is preparing to launch in 2017, following hfs+, which, according to existing public information, has many of the advanced features of contemporary other file man

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