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Write your own site search

A friend made a website using Dreamweaver. There was no dynamic content, but some personal favorites.Article, Personal introduction, etc. Now there is a lot of content. I want to help him build a search engine. To be honest, this is not difficult,

Php array declaration, traversal, array global variable _ PHP Tutorial

Php array declaration, traversal, array global variables. Php Tutorial array declaration, traversal, array global variable [php]? ** 1. Array Overview * 1. the essence of arrays: managing and operating a group of variables, batch processing * 2.

PHP via API interface to connect 12,306 ticket query

PHPHeader("content-type:text/html;charset= ' Utf-8 '");//Set EncodingEcho" '; //get the information from the API Querydate time from_station departure number To_station arrival Station number$url=

Returns the array dimension (number of layers)-PHP source code.

Returns an array dimension (number of layers) call. $arr = array(array(1,2=>array(1,2,3)),2=>array(1=>array(array(array())),2),3);echo GetArrLv($arr); For example, if implode is a multi-dimensional array, an error is returned. of course, we can use

Php shares an object (stdclass) to an Array Function

An excuse is often called and the returned content is a json string. The data type obtained after parsing the json string using the php function json_decode () is object (stdclass). This is an object, you can also obtain the content of the object,

Are PHP native functions fixed?

This article introduces a native function of php and its optimized function execution efficiency comparison. it is concluded that the native function of php is not necessarily the most suitable. Today, when I read the Arr class in the kohana source

PHP Array usage tips and operations summary

arrays, which can be said to be a more important way of data application in PHP. PHP array functions are numerous, below is a few summary, take this to remember, easy to later. 1. Array definitionsThe definition of an array is defined using the

Array-based small functions frequently used by PHP

$ Str array 1, array 2, array 3, array 4; $ arrayexplode (, $ str); save regular strings to the array $ arrayarray_diff ($ array, array (array 2); delete the array item $ strimplode (, $ array) of the specified value; save the array as a regular

Build a self-site search engine

Make a self-site search engine ccterran (original) Author: iwind A friend used dreamweaver to build a website with no dynamic content. it was just a collection of articles, personal introductions, and so on. Now there is a lot of content. I want to

PHP uses a summary of Stdclass objects to array arrays

PHP and JS Communication usually use JSON, but the array passed in JSON is not a standard array, but a stdClass type. Then we can refer to the following several methods for conversion. Method One: PHP StdClass object to array function Object_array

PHP Merge Array function array_merge ()

The Array_merge () function is a combination of arrays in PHP that can be used to synthesize an array and not change the value of the original array, but today I have a few small details when I use Array_merge to merge arrays, so let me give you

Analysis of ThinkPHP template output function _ PHP Tutorial

Analyze the template output function of ThinkPHP. Every xxxAction in ThinkPHP. class. the PHP file represents an application module. each function in this Action represents an operation, which can be divided into every xxxAction that has been output

Several methods of transferring Stdclass object to array in PHP

Method One: PHP StdClass object to array function Object_array ($array) { if (Is_object ($array)) { $array = (array) $ Array; } if (Is_array ($array)) { foreach ($array as $key = = $value) { $array [$key]

An example summary of array processing functions in PHP

#改变数组键的大小写 $arr 1=array ("a" = "Lamp", "db" = "database", "LANGUAGE" and "PHP"); Print_r (Array_change_key_case ($arr 1,case_upper)); echo ""; Print_r (Array_change_key_case ($arr 1,case_lower)); echo "";

Php essence php design model

Php essence php design model 1. select the most appropriate design modeNothing is perfect, and no one has ever said that the design model is a perfect solution. Therefore, you can change these patterns to make them more suitable for your

Phpserialize and unserialize functions

: This article mainly introduces phpserialize and unserialize functions. if you are interested in the PHP Tutorial, refer to it. Serialize () converts an array to an object Unserialize () restores the converted array $ Array = array (); $ array [

An array of PHP

This article introduces the contents of the PHP array, has a certain reference value, now share to everyone, the need for friends can refer to ArrayDeclaration and use of arraysContrastScalar: A standard quantity that only one value is stored

Php method for random replacement of elements in a logarithm Group

This article mainly introduces the php method for random replacement of elements in the logarithm group. the Function of random replacement of elements in the logarithm group is implemented through a user-defined function, which involves related

Several methods for converting stdClassObject to array (object to array) in PHP

Several methods in PHP to convert stdClassObject to array (object to array). when we frequently use the API to obtain data and return json values, generally, the value obtained by parsing the json_decode method is not an array, but an object string

PHP foreach Loop using detailed and instance code _php tutorial

The foreach basic syntax is as follows: FOREACH ($array _variable as $value) { [Code to execute] } Or FOREACH ($array _variable as $key = $value) { [Code to execute] } In both cases, multiple [code execution] will be executed to be equal to the

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