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PHP unset free Memory Use example test

First look at the unset function syntax unset Deletes a variable. Syntax: int unset (mixed Var); return value: Integer Function type: PHP system function Content Description This function deletes the variable and returns a true value for

PHP uses unset () to delete a cell (key) in an array, unset an array _php tutorial

PHP uses unset () to delete a cell (key) in an array, unset array This example describes how PHP uses unset () to delete a cell (key) in an array. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific analysis is as follows: Unset can either delete a

Php variable destruction unset usage _ PHP Tutorial-php Tutorial

Php variable destruction unset usage. Php Tutorial variable destruction unset usage unset -- release the given variable description voidunset (mixedvar [, mixedvar [,...]) unset () destroy the specified variable. Note: in PHP3, unset (php Tutorial

Differences between unset and array_splice in PHP to delete elements in an array. unsetarray_splice_PHP tutorial

In PHP, unset and array_splice are used to delete the elements in the array. The difference is unsetarray_splice. In PHP, unset and array_splice are used to delete elements in an array. if unsetarray_splice is used to delete an element in an array,

Php uses unset () to delete a cell (key) in an array _ PHP Tutorial

Php uses unset () to delete a cell (key) in an array. Php uses unset () to delete a cell (key) in an array. This article mainly introduces how php uses unset () to delete a cell (key) in an array, this example analyzes how the unset function deletes

In-depth analysis of the use of php unset global variables

In actual use, PHP unset global variables can only destroy local variables and cannot implement global variables. Next we will solve this problem in detail. Hope to help you. Some functions in PHP are literally hard to understand for beginners. You

PHP unset () Destroy single or multiple variables _php tutorial

The unset function is a function of PHP's own destruction variables, we introduced the use of unset to destroy the static variables and global variables, and can destroy the array variable Oh, let's look at the example below. Example 1. Unset ()

Re-indexing after unset elements in the PHP Array

After unset is used in php to delete an element, the array index is not re-created because the index is not re-created. If you continue to use the index after unset, an error is returned. In this case, you can use array_values to re-create the array

PHP variable destruction unset usage _php Tutorial

PHP Tutorial Variable Destruction unset usage Unset--releasing the given variableDescribevoid unset (mixed var [, mixed Var [, ...]]) Unset () destroys the specified variable. Note in PHP 3, unset () returns True (actually an integer value of 1),

PHP unset,array_splice Remove the difference between elements in an array _php tutorial

Unset,array_splice in PHP removes the difference between elements in an array It is very simple to delete an array element in PHP, but sometimes deleting an array requires some ordering of the index and we will use the relevant function, here we

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