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How to limit the ListView column width [WPF troubleshooter]

Original: [WPF Troubleshooter] How to limit the width of a listview columnHow to limit the ListView column width [WPF troubleshooter]Zhou BanhuiOne of the defect that is encountered today is to limit the column width in the list view to prevent the column from dropping by dragging the column width to 0 . The WPF list view does not have this mechanism built in, but we can monitor the user drag and drop to tr

Use the Compatibility Troubleshooter to troubleshoot Windows 10 compatibility issues

Right-click on the software main program with compatibility problems, or right-click on the program shortcut icon on the desktop, and select "Compatibility Troubleshooter" in the menu that pops up. The Program Compatibility Troubleshooter window opens, displays "detecting problems", displays the "Select Troubleshooting Options" window when it is detected, and selects "Try recommended settings.

Win7 flagship system use Windows Troubleshooter to troubleshoot network hints limited or no connection

1, first on the keyboard press "WIN+R" key combination of "run" window, and in the window input "msconfig", and then enter; 2, in the pop-up window to switch to the "Tools" menu, select "Windows Troubleshooter" and start; 3, then select the "Network and internet" option; 4, continue to choose "Network adapter"; 5, and click Next button; 6, in the pop-up network adapter troubleshooting me

Android Troubleshooter Get ListView Item value above component

In fact, the idea is to re-findbyid once to get the value of the build, such as the application scenario is long press the Click event to get the folder name @Override public boolean Onitemlongclick ( adapterview adapterview view view int i long l) { textview Viewbyid = ( textview View Findviewbyid directory_item_name string S = viewbyid Gettext () + } Copyright NOTICE: This article for Bo Master original article, without Bo Master permission not reproduced

IOS Troubleshooter (what Ghost Series)-an issue that cannot be modified from the code after the ADD Size Class customization in Storyboard

ObjectiveThe company's products at the same time to adapt to the IPhone and IPad, and insisted on using Storyboard to do the adaptation, today stepped on a pit (previously encountered) also thought is XCode's ghost problem.StatementWelcome reprint, but please keep the original source of the article:)Blog Park: http://www.cnblogs.comFarmer Uncle: Http://over140.cnblogs.comBodyI. Purpose/REQUIREMENTSIn the iphone 4, iphone 6, IPad text with different font size, picture width is also differentSecon

"Android Troubleshooter" GridView dynamic setting item's wide height causes the first item to not respond or show an unhealthy problem

, always show half, the other item no problem, such as how to set up is useless1.2.2 The Click event set in the first item does not work, but a gentle scrolling of the Click event immediately takes effect.Ii. Solutions@Override PublicView GetView (intPosition, View Convertview, ViewGroup parent) {if(Convertview = =NULL){Convertview = Layoutinflater.from (Getactivity ()). Inflate (R.layout.fragment_feed_grid_item, parent,false);Convertview.setlayoutparams (Newgridview.layoutparams (MWINDOWWIDTH/

VC problem IntelliSense: "No additional information available", [see the "C + + Project IntelliSense Troubleshooter" for further assistance]

Installing on XPfound after VS2010IntelliSense is not available, but it is possible to use this function normally on Windows7 .,about theIntelliSense cannot be usedthe question has been raised by netizens becauseKB2876217 This patch caused, uninstall the patch can be, but this is an OLE vulnerability related patches, uninstall the risk, when ready to uninstall the official documentation of the patch, found that you can install another patch to solve the problem:AboutKB2876217Known Issues with se

Problems with the "Android Troubleshooter" Scrollto and Scrollby

); } if (Drawleft) {Matrix.setscale (1, fadeheight * leftfadestrength); Matrix.postrotate (-90); Matrix.posttranslate (left, top); Fade.setlocalmatrix (matrix); Canvas.drawrect (left, top, left + length, bottom, p); } if (drawright) {Matrix.setscale (1, fadeheight * rightfadestrength); Matrix.postrotate (90); Matrix.posttranslate (right, top); Fade.setlocalmatrix (matrix); Canvas.drawrect (Right-length, top

Python troubleshooter----Resolution Unicodedecodeerror: ' ASCII ' codec can ' t decode byte 0xe6 in position 0

The python version of my linux server is 2.*, which appears unicodedecodeerror when Chinese encode (UTF-8): ' ASCII ' codec can ' t decode byte 0xe6 in position 0: Ordinal the problem of not in range (128). And there is no problem in 3.*.Workaround: Join in front of the codeImport sysreload (SYS) sys.setdefaultencoding (' UTF8 ')Python 2.x, the character encoding aspect, the design is not good. The string contains two----->STR strings (the encoding type of the string, which corresponds to what e

MySQL Troubleshooter Introduction

query timeline to 2s set global long_query_time=2; View InnoDB cache show variables like ' innodb_buffer_pool_size '; View the usage status of the INNODB cache show status like ' Innodb_bufferpool% '; Cache Hit Ratio = (1-innodb_buffer_pool_reads/innodb_buffer_pool_read_requests) 100%; Cache rate = (innodb_buffer_pool_pages_data /innodb_buffer_pool_pages_total)100% SHOW PROFILES; This command can trace the consumption of resources throughout the execution (session level)

"MySQL troubleshooter" How to store a tree structure in a database (scenario one, adjacency list)

is complete.Obviously, so. It is troublesome to get all the parent nodes of a child node.4. Check all the employees that Lao Wang manages.The idea is as follows: First get all the parents of the old king ID of the employee ID, and then add the employee name to the results list, in the call of a magical search function, can be a magical search:CREATE definer= ' root ' @ ' localhost ' FUNCTION ' getsubordinate ' (' uid ' int) RETURNS varchar ($) CHARSET gb2312BEGINDECLARE str varchar (1000);DECLA

"MySQL troubleshooter" How to store a tree structure in a database (scenario three Closure Table)

: adjacency List Advantages: Only the ancestor ID is stored, the storage data is small, and the structure is similar to the single linked list, which is convenient when querying the neighboring nodes. Adding a Delete node is simple. Cons: When querying multi-level structures, it seems to be inadequate. Application situation: It is applicable to the scene with little demand for multilevel query. Scenario Two: Path Enumeration Advantages: It is convenient to query multi-level structure. It is also

MySQL troubleshooter Got error from storage Engie

Tags: using Java on file as size SQL program MySQL1, first look at the disk usage, it is clear that the disk/dev/sda2 is taking up a slow usage rate 100%[email protected] embarrassed/]# df-hFilesystem Size used Avail use% mounted on/dev/sda2 20G 19G 0 100%/Tmpfs 1.9G 0 1.9G 0%/dev/shm/DEV/SDA1 194M 66M 118M 36%/boot/dev/mapper/data-data This time we see/mount on the/dev/sda22, Find/root-size +100m This time we found the root directory of more than 100M files 3. Determine if the files are movable

SQL Troubleshooter "3" linked server Prompt "could not start distributed things"

Label:Today received user feedback, application system anomalies, can not be used, so with profiler tracking a statement, found that the execution of the stored procedure called the linked server, do a number of cross-server operation data action, just this link server error, error is as follows:The strange thing is that the linked server itself can be connected normally, as shown in:The main checks are as follows:1.RPC service is turned on.Result: it is already open2. Test whether the SQL state

Use the Windows Troubleshooter tool to troubleshoot network prompts with restricted or connectionless issues

1, in the Windows desktop Press "Win+r" key combination of "run" window, and in the window input "msconfig" and enter; 2, in the Tools menu, choose Windows Troubleshooter and start; 3, select the "Network and Internet" option, the different versions of Windows Troubleshooter may have a slightly different interface, the following figure is in Windows 7 for example; 4, s

Python troubleshooter----"No encoding declared error" Workaround

The following error occurred while compiling with Python:Syntaxerror:non-ascii character ' \xe5 ' in the file on line 8, but no encoding declared; See for detailsWorkaround: Python's default encoding file is the ASCII code used to save the file as a UTF-8, and the compilation can be passed. Or join at the beginning of the Py file#coding =utf-8If there is any doubt welcome to my public number to discuss with me ~Python

How to remove Win7 the Compatibility Troubleshooter option in the right-click menu

1, first in the blank space of the computer desktop to select the "New---text document" option; 2, and then copy and paste the following code in, Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [-hkey_classes_rootlnkfileshellexcontextmenuhandlerscompatibility] [-hkey_classes_rootexefileshellexcontextmenuhandlerscompatibility] [Hkey_classes_rootbatfileshellexcontextmenuhandlerscompatibility] 3, then save the file as a. reg format, and then double-click the Import registry to be effective, and q

"MySQL troubleshooter" How to store a tree structure in a database (scenario two Path enumeration)

, '/% '); Look, it's easy to find out.    Instead of writing a large stored procedure like before, it's simply rude. Summary, the way to store the path in the multi-level query is very convenient, and in the query directly subordinate to a slightly more complex point. There is also a clear drawback, that is, the size of the path is specified, so theoretically it is not possible to carry out an infinite level of storage, the larger the path value is set, the more wasted space. At this point, this

SQL Troubleshooter "4" to avoid subqueries when querying large amounts of data

Label:The previous few days found that the system became very slow, in the profiler found some SQL executed for a few 10 seconds to return the results, then the SQL is as follows:As you can see, the subquery is used in 652 rows, and the number of records in the target table (QS_WIP) is 100000000 +, which can be obtained by the following SQL:SELECT ROWS from sysindexes WHERE id=object_id (' Qs_wip ') and indid A large number of data results in a very slow sub-query, the application system once pr

Audio Processing (I) audio files, audio processing audio files

Audio Processing (I) audio files, audio processing audio files Audio files Audio files are data files stored after digital conversion of sounds. To understand audio data, you must first

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