avaya sip phone configuration

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The SIP Protocol became the focus of the VoiceCon IP Phone Exhibition

users.Another vendor that publishes a SIP-based solution is Avaya. Avaya has expanded its SIP functionality in some products. Avaya's IP Phone and messaging software have now improved, such as expanding compatibility among multiple vendors, including fully supporting Cisco

Asterisk Configure PSTN analog card to make the SIP soft phone call out outside by PSTN fixed telephone

============================================== View hardware configuration # Dahdi_hardware==============================================View Dahdi Service ConfigurationMore/etc/dahdi/system.confShow the following content, obviously less my PSTN card configuration# Global DataLoadzone = usDefaultzone = usRebuilding the Dahdi service configuration#dahdi_genconfVie

Rtp sip configuration details

= yet; Establish a logic and DNS address method. You can achieve this address and obtain Many DNS benefits. [10000] Username = 10000; User Name Type = friend; user \ peer \ friend can be defined) Secret = 123456; Authentication Password Record_out = Always Record_in = Never; call recording Callgroup; call group. The default value is "1" Pickupgroup; Generation Group Disallow; encoding not allowed Allow; encoding allowed Port = 5060; port number Qualify = yes; monitor the

Asterisk SIP MySQL Configuration

Label:Recently studied asterisk configuration, before the SIP account is configured in the sip.conf file, manual writing dead, the current demand, is the dynamic new SIP account, saved in the database.After adding data to the database, use the command SIP show users to not load the

Freeswitch phone Softswitch configuration note

I recently bought a new office building and the telephone system of the new Office, including Softswitch, digital relay gateway, E1 and VoIP, which should be configured by me. Multi-function programmer :) The following are some records during freeswitch configuration. I will share them with you here. For more details, see the official FS and Chinese official website. 1. freeswitch SRC contains a Perl script. add_user adds users in batches. 2. view Use

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