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How to run the cab installer through AP and sample code

1. Part 1: Sample Code This part is transferred from:   Recently, many people have been asked about this item, which may be used for dynamic software upgrades. Here we will record it. There

Cab file introduction and Production Method

From: 1. What is a cab file? Cab is a type of compressed file on a computer. It is a Microsoft product. It can be decompressed with WinRAR and some cab compressed files can be seen in the DOS boot disk. In

The ActiveX control is packaged as a cab to be automatically downloaded and installed in the Web page (GO)

[background] friends who have done ActiveX control know that to put their own ActiveX control functions on their own web pages, then the user must register locally on the client, that is to say, the user has to first put the ActiveX control

"X. inf contains dirids, which are not supported" during packaging. Cab"

When mobile is packaged as a cab, the following error occurs: File c: \ docume ~ 1 \ ghqian \ locals ~ 1 \ temp \ wiz196.inf contains dirids, which are not supported   BelowArticleFrom: B

[C #]-Develop ActiveX controls and create cab packages

Source: Id = 1113 & t = CT   ActiveX controls are used in a project. by referring to the numerous examples on the internet, ActiveX controls are easily implemented;Then I made a [installation project], which

Compile the INF file when the ActiveX control is packaging the cab

Although Microsoft does not trust ActiveX more and more, many people prefer this technology. The editor of this blog seems to have used ActiveX. After the OCX control is compiled, it can only be released after it is packaged into a cab file and

File replacement in the MSI Installer

※Description:There are a lot of software that can be used for MSI editing at present, but some software will write some of its own tables or content into the MSI file during storage, and some will embed another cab file, increase the number of MSI

[Switch] replacing files in the MSI Installer

Link: Preface Recently, a Chinese friend asked me how to replace the files in the MSI installation program without making the MSI file again. To this end, I will summarize my practical experience

Release OCX as a summary of cab problems

Version] Signature = "$ Chicago $" advancedinf = 2.0 [add. code] test. OCX = test. OCX [getfilefromserver. OCX] file-win32-x86 = thiscabclsid = {5fb89c00-d175-45a7-9efc-15915dd5ad87} registerserver = yesdestdir = 11 fileversion =

Directory Archive management under Linux (CentOS) and archive file System package compression

I. Management of Catalogue Archives 1. Common commands for operating directories:(1) Absolute path and relative path:Absolute paths start with the root directory:/usr/local/java ("/" is the root directory, and the directory's entry)The relative path

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