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Peel the original View Code 05: How to get the chunk data from the original node?

Author: freewind Compared to the original project warehouse: GitHub Address: Https:// Gitee Address: Https:// ... In the previous article, we already know how to connect to a peer port on the original node

Lucene LZ4 will store the doc in a chunk for Lz4 compression es _source so

By default, Elasticsearch uses a JSON string to indicate that the body of the document is saved in a _source field. Like other saved fields, fields are _source compressed before they are written to the hard disk. The _source is stored as a binary

A detailed description of the Linux heap management strategy

Recently read the Linux heap management article, this blog post is to refine and summarize the article.Getting started binary is hard!Linux Heap management strategy1. General statementWhen malloc is called in the main thread, it is discovered that

Blockchain development topics (real blockchain definition)

' Blockchain enthusiasts (qq:53016353) A real blockchain is a data structure that is logically linked from the back to the block that contains the transaction information. It can be stored as flat file, which contains files with no relative

In-depth analysis of Linux heap memory management (I) and in-depth analysis of Memory Management

In-depth analysis of Linux heap memory management (I) and in-depth analysis of Memory Management LinuxIn-depth heap memory management analysis(Upper Half) Author: Location @ Alibaba Cloud universal security   0 Preface In recent years, vulnerability

Calculation of the offset (offsize) when Informix deletes chunk

A little bit of a problem has recently been encountered when using onspaces-d to remove chunk.The following database storage space is displayed after a host executes onstat-dDbspacesAddress number flags Fchunk Nchunks pgsize flags owner name700000030

Mongodb sharding principle learning and trial (6) chunk manual Cutting

1. Manual chunk cutting mainly involves two functions: splitAt (fullname, middle) and splitFind (fullname, find). fullname, which specifies the set of databases. Both middle and find are conditions, which indicates the chunk you want to manually cut.

GFS Architecture in Google cloud computing (collation analysis)

Google has developed cloud computing technologies for many of its businesses, which have a huge amount of data. Google's file system in Google's cloud computing architecture is one of three key technologies in cloud computing. This article mainly

Simultaneous installation of Ethereum wallet and mist shared chunk data and transfer of Ethereum Geth from C-drive to other disks

Citation Link: 1): Ethereum wallet and mist download link: 2): Extract two files to your

RTMP Official Agreement detailed

Standard Specification Learning: RTMP message structure, including several parts: timestamp: 4 byte, in milliseconds. is flipped when the maximum value is exceeded. Length: The length of the message payload. Type Id:type ID part of the ID

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