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Cisco (Cisco) switches? C3750-e? 6. Upgrading the ISO

"Introduction" Cisco switch Catalyst 3750-e Series production in 2007, the original system is very old, in order to let it out of the spring, we can upgrade its system. Pre-upgrade preparationFirst we need a new version of the Catalyst 3750-e Series Cisco switch ISO file, online searchable to many, here we recommend a 2015-year version of the download link is:Cisco switch Catalyst 3750-E Series ISO (2015)Th

Common commands for Cisco routers (recommended for favorites) and Common commands for Cisco Routers

Common commands for Cisco routers (recommended for favorites) and Common commands for Cisco RoutersCommon commands vro commands 1. vro password settings: Router> enable enter privileged mode router # config terminal enter global configuration mode router (config) # hostname Set the vswitch host name router (config) # enable secret xxx set the privileged encryption password router (config) # enable pass

Configure a cisco Route and a cisco route through a fixed IP address or dial-up

Configure a cisco Route and a cisco route through a fixed IP address or dial-up First, we will introduce the fixed IP address Internet access configuration: Existing customers need to use cisco's 2811 router to access the Internet. The user is 10 m optical fiber and has applied for 16 fixed IP addresses, The IP address is The default gateway is Intranet IP segment 1

Cisco (Cisco) Switch VLAN settings

Cisco (Cisco) Switch VLAN settingsCreate, delete, set port properties, configure the trunk port, add a port to a VLAN, configure VTP: switch # vlan database; enter the vlan settings switch (VLAN) # vlan 2; Create VLAN 2 switch (vlan) # vlan 3 name vlan3; Create VLAN 3 and name it vlan3switch (vlan) # no vlan 2; Delete vlan 2 switch (config) # int f0/1; enter port 1 switch (config) # speed? View the speed co

Cisco L3 vlan and route configuration, cisco L3 vlan

Cisco L3 vlan and route configuration, cisco L3 vlan Cisco layer-3 vlan and route configuration. Requires that the entire network can access the Internet and use NAT Translation 1. Use an Internet router to simulate a public route. The configuration is as follows: Router> enable Router # config t Enter configurationcommands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z. Router

Configure Cisco ios easy vpn Server and Cisco VPN Client graphic analysis

Two physical hosts are used to simulate the company and home network respectively. Both physical hosts are connected to a TP-link home Broadband Router to simulate the Internet environment. Two virtual NICs are bound to one vmwarevm respectively. The purpose is to achieve access between two vmwarevms through VPN. Company-side network topology company-side router configuration: Building configuration... Current configuration: 1716 bytes! Version 12.3 service timestamps debug datetime msecservice

Cisco Cisco Summary

Trunk Link Trunk: Same inter-VLAN communication on different switchesHow to play tag tag encapsulationPackage Type: IEEE 802.1q/cisco ISLIEEE 802.1q:4 Bytes, internal encapsulation, publicCisco isl:30 bytes External encapsulation, privateSwitch port configuration mode: Trunk/acces (OFF)/Dynamic desirable/dynamic AutoTwo auto NO mode of operation generally either trunk or accessEthernet Channel: Multiple physical ports to form a logical port for greate

Cisco (Cisco) switches? C3750-e? 4. Partitioning VLANs

"Introduction" Within a switched network, it is possible to segment and organize flexibly through VLANs. VLANs can group devices in a LAN. A group of devices in a VLAN communicates as if it were connected to the same line. VLANs are based on logical connections, not physical connections. Types of VLANsThere are many different types of VLANs used in modern networks. Some VLAN types are defined by traffic category. Some other VLAN types are defined by specific features.Data VLAN: used to deliver u

Cisco Cisco IOS Profile automatic backup and fallback

Automatic backup and fallback of Cisco iOS profiles requires the use of the Archive Archive configuration mode feature of iOS. In general, only the version number of iOS has the Archive configuration mode feature in 12.3 (4) Cisco iOS profile automatic backup All commands are as follows: router> Router>enable Router#configure Terminal Router (config) #archive Router (config-archive) #write-memory

Cisco (Cisco) iOS Basic Operations Command (II)

One, Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP)The Cisco Discovery Protocol (Cdp,cisco Discovery Protocol) enables the collection of hardware and protocol information for adjacent devices for troubleshooting and network judgment.1. Get CDP timer and hold time informationR0#show CDP #查看整个路由器的CDP信息R0#sh CDP Interface #查看每个接口的路由信息2. Set CDP timeR0 #cdp Time 60R0#CDP Holdtime 18

"Cisco" Cisco 6500 Series Switch Log NRGYZ:ERROR:Database uninitialized solution

CISCO 6500 Series SwitchesiOS version: Version 12.2 (SXJ)Exception logs for Cisco 6500 series switches: NRGYZ:ERROR:Database uninitialized, in addition to watching device performance, when viewing the history of device CPU usage, will find that the CPU is a lot of time to go to 100%!!!650) this.width=650; "title=" CPU Usage History "src=" Wkiom1j4l-3qhojfaac5vgpx85s981

Poj 2948 Martian mining DP

Question: a row * Col matrix. Each grid has two kinds of mines, yeyenum and bloggium, and knows the number of them in each grid ., The collection site with bloggium in the Northern Region and yeyenum in the western region. Now you need to install a

Cisco and Linux nat-Linux implements Cisco-style Nat

Now that Cisco Nat is flexible, Can Linux implement it? The answer is yes! Linux netfilter is super flexible, and Linux Nat is not flexible because the iptables program is not flexible. xtables-Addons rawnat has taken an important step towards static Nat, iptables restricts the development of static Nat in Linux! So I put aside iptables, first implemented the kernel module based on Netfilter, and then used procfs as the user interface to see how to im

Cisco CCNA Chapter 2 answers for the third semester, Cisco ccna for the third semester

Cisco CCNA Chapter 2 answers for the third semester, Cisco ccna for the third semester 1. Which command line interface (CLI) mode allows users to configure switch parameters such as host name and password? User Execution Mode Privileged Execution Mode Global Configuration Mode Interface Configuration Mode 2.

Configuration example of cisco router and layer-3 Switch environment, cisco layer-3 Switch

Configuration example of cisco router and layer-3 Switch environment, cisco layer-3 SwitchSimple environment configuration instance for cisco router layer-3 Switch I. network topology: Ii. configuration command: 1. vro Configuration: Interface FastEthernet0/0 Ip address Ip nat outside Duplex auto Speed auto Interface FastEthernet0/1 I

Cisco Cisco software software IOS download

Asa802-k8.binAsa803-k8.binAsa804-k8.binAsa805-k8.binAsa822-k8.binAsa823-k8.binAsa824-k8.binAsa831-k8.binAsa832-k8.binAsa841-k8.binAsa842-k8.binAsa843-k8.binAsa844-1-k8.binAsa845-k8.binAsa846-k8.binAsa847-k8.binAsa901-k8.binAsa902-k8.binAsa903-k8.binAsa903-smp-k8.binAsa904-k8.binAsa904-smp-k8.binAsa911-k8.binAsa911-smp-k8.binAsa912-k8.binAsa912-smp-k8.binAsa913-k8.binAsa914-k8.binAsa915-k8.binAsa915-smp-k8.binAsa916-k8.binAsa944-2-smp-k8.binTake out your phone and scan the QR code below.650) this

Configure Cisco ios easy vpn Server and Cisco VPN Client

cisco address! Crypto isakmp client configuration group vpn-client-user key cisco pool VPNDHCP !! Crypto ipsec transform-set benet ah-md5-hmac esp-aescrypto ipsec transform-set R1 esp-3des esp-sha-hmac! Crypto dynamic-map dyvpn 10 set transform-set R1 reverse-route !! Crypto map map1 1 ipsec-isakmp set peer set transform-set benet match address 101! Crypto map dyvpn isakmp authori

[Cisco Firewall] Cisco ASA firewall Enterprise Network instance

Premise: With the development of the network, network security has become an important topic at present. More and more companies will choose to use the firewall as the company's egress device. Compared with the router, the firewall not only has the forwarding routing function, it can also filter internal and external traffic to further enhance the security of the company's network. Tutorial topology: 650) This. width = 650; "Title =" 1.png" src = "

PACKET Tracer Learning Network through Cisco simulator Cisco 3--Initial understanding of VLANs

Tags: cal enhancement packet share image share access Cisco virtual SRCVLAN, the virtual LAN (Virtul local area network), the VLAN divides the physical connected LAN logic into different virtual networks, its existence can reduce the broadcast domain, enhance the network security and convenient and flexible networking, adding PCs and switchesBy configuring VLANs, you can implement PC1 and PC2 that are connected to the same switch and cannot communicat

Learning Network by using the Cisco simulator Cisco PACKET Tracer to get started simulator

ObjectiveLearning Network knowledge of the students have heard or used the network device Simulator, network equipment simulator known to have Huawei's ENSP, Third HCl and Cisco PACKET TRACER, Cisco's simulator with a simple operation interface, Easy to install and use and a variety of easy to work can win a lot of network engineers and students praise. Because I am short-sighted, I will be the most basic level of operation, the shortcomings are also

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