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Cisco (Cisco) switches? C3750-e? 1. Configure line Connection and login

command keyword that can be used in this mode. The command can be executed in ① user mode.After you enter the command enable , you can see that the prompt has become a pound sign (#) from the greater than sign, so that the system enters privileged mode.The command can be executed in ② privileged mode.Enter the command in privileged mode Configure Terminal , you can see that the prompt has changed from the pound sign to "(config) #" so that the system enters the "global configuration Mode".The c

Cisco (Cisco) switches? C3750-e? 6. Upgrading the ISO

upload a new iOS file.① also usesCopycommand, copy the TFTP server contents into FLASH, enter the TFTP address, the file name to be copied, enter the confirmation, and the copy process will be prompted.② through the dir command can the new IOS have been uploaded successfully. Modify the boot IOS fileAfter uploading the new IOS file, you will need to modify the startup file name.① Enter global configuration mode, use the boot System command to set the boot file to the new iOS file name under FLA

Cisco (Cisco) switches? C3750-e? 2. Common commands

configuration and still use it after the next reboot, use the command copy running-config startup-configin privileged mode and press ENTER when you are prompted for confirmation. Restore the original configurationWhen you need to restore the original configuration, only need to delete the boot configuration file (startup-config), restart the switch, in privileged mode using the command erase Startup-config, prompted to confirm the press ENTER. RestartWhen you need to restart the switch, you ca

Cisco (Cisco) switches? C3750-e? 4. Partitioning VLANs

command again to see the VLAN condition, you can see that the VLAN100 is gone, and there are several interfaces under VLAN 100, and there is no return to the default VLAN 1.Alternatively, you can delete the entire Vlan.dat file by using the delete flash:vlan.dat privileged EXEC command. Once this command is executed and the switch is reloaded, the previously configured VLAN is no longer displayed. This method can effectively restore the VLAN configuration of the switch to the factory default st

C-F6. Multi-VLAN configuration DHCP? C3750-E? CISCO switches, c-f6c3750-e

C-F6. Multi-VLAN configuration DHCP? C3750-E? CISCO switches, c-f6c3750-e C-F6. Multi-VLAN configuration DHCP? C3750-E? CISCO switches. After VLAN and interface are allocated according to our plan, we need to consider which VLANs need to be configured with the DHCP service. There may be multiple VLANs that need to be c

Cisco Network device Naming conventions

, 7200 of the business module can be used on 75, need a piece ofVIP card support.On top of that is the 12000 series: 12008,12016 These are currently the highest end. It is also necessarySupport for engine and business modules.Swap: The name of the switch is usually the WS beginning this is fixed, and then the next letter has two kinds of oneIs the C one is x,c represents the curing switch or chassis, X represents the module. Like seeing ws-.When we c3750

Cisco product and hardware, Cisco Device Management

Tags: Cisco products and hardware, Cisco Device ManagementCisco product and hardware, Cisco Device ManagementOne, Cisco products and hardware1. Cisco Product System(1) Cisco Routing product SystemBranch company levelUsually refers

Network devices-Cisco-Switches (example 3750) stack end configuration Chapter

:%stackmgr-5-master_ready:master Switch 2 is ready*mar 1 00:01:35.395:%sys-5-restart:system restarted--Cisco IOS Software, C3750 Software (c3750-advipservicesk9-m), Version 12.2 () SE, RELEASE Software (FC2)Copyright (c) 1986-2008 by Cisco Systems, Inc.Compiled Thu 21-aug-08 15:43 by Nachen*mar 1 00:01:35.420:%ssh-5-en

Five acquisitions Cisco intensive integration for self-redemption (innovation comes from small and beautiful companies, Cisco does not want to stifle this innovation)

Half a year five acquisitions Cisco intensive integration for self-redemptionWu MicroCisco, a "takeover guru", recently announced a new deal.The acquisition was Cloudlock, a cloud security company, with a total transaction price of $293 million. This is the fifth takeover deal that Cisco has launched this year.As the world's largest network equipment manufacturer, Cisco

Cisco uc-feature -01-phone-unplug the-cisco IP phone

From today onwards, let's show a few of the basic features of Cisco UC, one of the first basic features: Cisco IP Phone.The word Cisco CUCM is bull x!Knowing that the CUCM is a ippbx in a cow's lecture, it provides the phone function of the IP phone to replace the traditional analog phone.In fact, know this is a broken cow, but also in the study of Microsoft's UC

Cutting-Edge Education: Cisco (Cisco) certificates are gold-content, but are you right?

With the advent of the Internet era, more and more work and information technology-related, in the requirements of the times, each person's development and employment needs to have the knowledge and quality of the Internet, then in this do not test the certificate of the age, Cisco gold content such a high certificate in the end there is no use? The leading-edge education small compilation uses the data to explain the question.Because our large depart

Cisco switch iOS Upgrade

Upgrade object: WS-C3750-24TS-E Ingredients: Cisco TFTP server, one cable (connecting hosts and switches), my ThinkPad Local Area Connection: 3750-vlan 1: Telnet to the switch for configuration 1. Setting up a TFTP server Close other network connections on the host to ensure that the TFTP server address is a locally attached IP ( Copy the new iOS to the TFTP server root directory.

Cisco IOS: Cisco Network Operating System

Internet Operating System (IOS) is Cisco's private core software package, which is mainly implemented on Cisco routers and switches. Cisco IOS software uses a set of value-added technologies and features to provide Internet intelligence.Cisco IOS includes a group of superb network technologies, mainly composed of internet devices such as a single router, it is used to provide shared media hub vro modules, v

Basic knowledge about cisco router switch names

, indicating electrical PortTC: Applicable to switch 2918,2928 and 2960, indicating electrical port + SFP dual-media portLT: includes two kinds of hybrid electrical ports: common electrical ports and POE electrical portsLC: Includes POE electrical port + common electrical port + 2SFP dual-media port and two hybrid electrical portsTS: Applicable to, indicating electrical port + SFPPS: Applicable to 3560,3750, indicating POE + SPFTD: Applicable to 3750, indicating electrical port + 10GBECommon Mod

Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Modular with Cisco IOS software (1)

Overview This product announcement focuses on Cisco®Catalyst®Cisco IOS on 6500 series switches®See Figure 1 ). The Cisco Catalyst 6500 series, modular with Cisco IOS software, improves operational efficiency and minimizes downtime through continuous evolution of software infrastructure. By running the modular

WIN8 Cisco VPN 442 Error solution/Error Code 442 Cisco VPN Clinet wit

WIN8 Cisco VPN 442 Error solution/Error Code 442 Cisco VPN Clinet with Windows 8 when you start using win8, because of work needs to use Cisco VPN Client, however, in win8, the Cisco VPN Client reports a 442 Error and cannot be used. The following Error message is displayed: Error Code 442 while connect to VPN server b

An unsuccessful iOS upgrade for the Cisco 2960S switch

Company a device, Ws-c2960s-24ts-l, is the Cisco 24 Port 1000M Two layer Exchange Yang, the use of iOS version of 12.2 (UNIVERSALK9-M) iOS software, the company recently installed some digital cameras, The monitoring host and a billiard-type monitoring to the machine, the interface of the transmission rate is much larger than the rate of ordinary office, the following is the rate of the two interfaces I copied.G1/0/3 (Monitoring host interface)5 minut

(Cisco) 12000 Cisco router series trust Analysis

12000 the Cisco router series is very suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. Here we mainly analyze the performance characteristics of the Cisco router series. In today's information age, enterprise mail has become an essential tool for business communication and communication. With the new routing technology, enterprise mail also has more and more innovative features. However, compared with diver

Cisco class: teaches you how to set up a Cisco Wireless Router

After the popularization of broadband, Cisco wireless router settings are frequently faced. So today, I am going to introduce you to the configuration skills of Cisco Wireless routers. I hope this article will teach you more things and bring convenience to your life. After broadband popularization, many friends who have multiple computers or laptops want to install wireless hotspots at home. Because they se

Cisco switch Naming conventions

switch is a gigabit switch (all interfaces are gigabit)TT: Indicates that the gigabit on-connection port of the switch is base-t (i.e.: RJ45 interface)TC: Indicates that the switch gigabit on the port is dual-use, directly with the BASE-T, you can add modules on it.TS: Indicates that the 37 switch also has a gigabit expansion slot.T: Indicates that the 37 switch does not have a gigabit expansion slot.E: Indicates that the switch is an enhanced three layer; S: Indicates that it is a standard thr

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