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Latest Programmer Salary Survey report

By the Programmer Inn United Rare Earth Nuggets through the Beijing, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shanghai and other 28 provinces, municipalities and the Special Administrative Region of the 10w+ outstanding developers to conduct a survey. The survey report provides a statistical analysis of the age composition, gender ratio, computer language, working hours, and salary

A programmer with a monthly salary of 10 thousand gave me a shocking lesson.

This is called making money: A programmer with a monthly salary of 10000 gave me a shocking lesson. I am afraid this programmer can do the same for CSI. This street-standing programmer is so powerful that he has to take a good look at his business... I suddenly thought I was looking for a

The same level of iOS programmers, why do I have a higher salary than my vegetable programmer?

even call the interface, pointing out the problem with XXX data and asking when it will be repaired.The leader asked, from a mouth can only get not his pot, and B can clearly reply, the cause of the problem, who is responsible for the problem and when to repair. Although this matter is not directly related to B, the practice of B is "reliable" and gives a good impression. Someone summed up the people are all things have an account, pieces of the landing, everything has an echo. The premise of b

How does a programmer make a yearly salary of 500,000? --Know the arrangement

Programmers are very sincere, pay is not up to expectations, will reflect on whether their skills are not enough Technical competence is not the only factor determining compensation, and the relationship between supply and demand has a great impact on pay Most of the time, two programmers with the same abilities have big differences in pay. Do not encourage easy job-hopping, but it is necessary to understand the market To achieve more than 500,000 annual sal

A senior programmer with a monthly salary of 30k crawls millions of users with Python! and data Analysis!

specific rankings are:The answer to the question of the most 10-bit large v from large to small in order: Vczh, Li Dong, Zhao Gang, another sock, a universal, M3 small mushrooms, Kun yu, White cat turn wind, Yskin, anus pulled out a chainsaw. Microsoft's job seems to be very busy, see wheel Brother (Vczh) all day brush know ...Let's add the number of likes that these users have to know, and see if there's any connection between the number of questions answered and the number of likes received:L

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