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PHP developers should be aware of the 24 cool PHP libraries (micro-framework)

PHP developers should be aware of the 24 cool PHP libraries (micro-framework) As a PHP developer, now is an exciting time. Many useful libraries are distributed every day, and these libraries are easy to discover and use on GitHub. Here are some of

What is Python to do, but PHP can't do?

What is Python to do, but PHP can't do? Reply content: See that the "Ling Jian" python programmer is nonsense, not only in the answer, the comment is also holding their own outdated junior PHP qualifications in that mouth, also come out to give it a

Is PHP studious?

PHP is quite simple. I think it's so difficult. Maybe it's my first time to study programming in depth. PHP is quite simple. I think it's so difficult. Maybe it's my first time to study programming in depth. Reply content: before the opening, ask:

[PHP] how can such intermediate PHP programmers make breakthroughs and avoid detours?

[PHP] This level of junior and intermediate PHP programmers have been working as PHP programmers since year 56, but they have only recently mastered MVC, it was originally Native PHP, and there were many detours along the way. What I learned now

Ten advanced PHP skills

Administrators of more than 3 million Internet websites around the world are using PHP, making it one of the most popular server-side scripting languages. It features fast running, stable and reliable, cross-platform, and open source software.

Share with you the PHP learning skills _ PHP Tutorial-php Tutorial

Share your PHP learning skills with you. As we know, I will summarize the process of learning PHP by myself: (1) I am familiar with basic elements of HTMLCSSJS and other web pages. at the completion stage, I can create a complete web page by myself,

10 things you may not know in PHP _ PHP Tutorial

You may not know about 10 things in PHP. On the other hand, you can use a simple line of code to solve a problem. The following are some cool features that you probably haven't noticed: using ip2long () and long2ip () functions, on the other hand,

[Listen to the master talk 4] PHP founder RasmusLerdorf interview 2

ChrisDiBona: What does PHP name represent? RasmusLerdorf: PHP yes, well. HypertextPreprocessor, the name is stupid, that is, PHP. Zeev and Andi were added in years. They used phpfi and encountered some problems in deep nesting. They were

How to Become a PHP master? Learn to "lazy" programming

PHP is an efficient network programming language, because it has the advantages of flexible writing, fast running and so on, quickly become the preferred language of web programmers. A recent authoritative survey showed that 31.6% of websites now

php What is pear? _php Foundation

PHP enthusiasts will like pear, our goal is to introduce pear to PHP programmer developers, I personally think that referencing the library program development has gradually become a trend, in addition to PHP, JSP, like Perl, C + + also has a

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