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[Cordova Inappbrowser Open browser within app]

);  ... function loadstopcallback () {if (inappbrowserref! = undefined) { (); } } ...  Scenario 2:Using the Cordova plugin Cordova-plugin-safariviewcontroller  1. Add Plugins$ ionic Cordova Plugin Add cordova-plugin-safariviewcontroller$ npm install--save @ionic-native/safari-view-controller2. Invoc

Create the configuration of the first app and Cordova build environment using Cordova

IntroductionThrough the previous article we have a certain understanding of the Hybrid App, and according to the actual business situation to choose Cordova to develop our App, if you do not know the words please review the previous article, then we will start the Cordova tour!Installing the

Cordova-developing iOS apps with Cordova 1 (configure, develop first app)

Cordova-developing iOS apps with Cordova 1 (configuring, developing the first app) is now more popular to useHTML5 development of mobile applications, after all, just write a set of HTML pages can be adapted to a variety of mobile devices, greatly saving the development time of cross-platform applications. And not as before Android to write a set of programs,IOS

Cordova development environment to build and create the first app

$ Cordova Platform Add Firefoxos List the current Cordova running platforms:$ Cordova Platforms LSTo delete the current running platform:$ Cordova Platform Remove blackberry10$ Cordova Platform RM Android   4. Run the app on a spe

[Cordova/phonegap] Cordova IOS App When a third-party input Method keyboard popup (click the input box), the page does not move up, resulting in the input box keyboard occlusion solution

=!! Navigator.userAgent.match (/\ (i[^;]+;(U;)?Cpu.+mac OS x/); //judgment is iOS if (Isios) { function Keyboardshowhandler (e) { If (window.scrolly //keyboard height is generally greater than 100, if scrolly is less than 100, you can think that the interface is not up, you need to manually move up Window.scrollto (0, e.keyboardheight); } function Keyboardhidehandler (e) { if (window.scrolly! = 0) Window.scrollto (0, 0); } Window.addeventlistener (' native.keyboardshow ', k

Create a cross-platform mobile app using Cordova+visual Studio

with native hardware (cameras, GPS positioning, barcode scanning, etc.) APIs that are different from the experience in a browser, and you will create a local app for each platform that you can download in the App Store.1.3 Developing 1.3.1 Writing codesuch as IntelliSense, syntax highlighting, these features can be experienced at the time of encoding.1.3.2 Commi

Cordova Packaged Vue2 App

use Cordova pack vue2 (webpack) app for Android iOS 1. Vue ProjectBuild a project with VUE-CLI scaffolding, use Webpack for packaging, and below is a set of commands. #npm version is best up-to-date, the upgrade Npm,node version also requires NPM i-g npm # Installation Scaffold npm install-g vue-cli #初始化新建项目 vue Init Webpack Vue-app # Install Dependencies #

WIN10 UWP Development Series: Developing the first Cordova App with VS2015 Update2+ionic

The process of installing VS2015 Update2 is very tortuous. Fortunately, after unremitting efforts, finally toss the success.If the development of Cordova Project, we recommend you use ionic this framework, the effect is good. For the relationship between Cordova, PhoneGap, Ionic, angularjs these frameworks or libraries, I personally understand that PhoneGap is a business project that implements HTML5-style

Use Cordova to package H5 pages for app development

All along, app development is divided into Android version and iOS version, the same app needs to write two versions, the version is different, the cost is added. Cordova's emergence is a stream of clear, it can be H5 page packaged into Android or iOS version, the implementation of Android, iOS, PC-side page unification. The content is written in H5, and the difference and cost are reduced. It supports a va

Create the Cordova Camera HTML5 app on the Ubuntu platform

In this article, we'll explain in detail how to use the Cordova Camera HTML5 app. For more information on Cordova development guidelines, developers can refer to the article "The Cordova Guide". With this routine, we can learn how to use the Cordova API on the Ubuntu platfor

[Ionic2] Device Interaction in a Ionic App with Cordova Plugins

In this lesson, we is going to learn what to interact and native components through Cordova plugins. We'll walk through how to add a Cordova plugin to our application and use it for interact with our native device. In this case, we is going to install a plugin that would allow us to open URLs in a mobile browser from within our Ionic a Pp.When your use of a link

Ionic2 + Cordova + Angular2 pack Android app environment build

First, prefaceSome time ago, the company has an app project needs to support different platforms, so the use of Ionic2 + Cordova + ANGULAR2, in the process of building the environment encountered a lot of problems, just recently have time to sort out.Second, the development environment constructionRefer to this site steps to build:Https:// Nodejs to install 6.0 +lts

Package Vue projects as an app with Cordova

Preparation: Before you need to configure the VUE-CLI foot architecture, install the Cordova environment. The Vue.js project is now packaged and packaged in an Android environment.1. Add Cordova Project$ Cordova Create MyApp1 org.apache.cordova.myApp myApp2which Myapp1:cordova Directory Name ORG.APACHE.COR

Create a cross-platform mobile app using Cordova+visual Studio (3)

DevelopmentAppBuilder uses html,css,javascript to develop the code, you build an application through the template and debug the program in the built-in emulator.1.3 CommissioningAppBuilder After downloading the installation, connect the hardware device to the computer and you can synchronize the application for testing . 1.4 DepartmentAppBuilder helps you build your app in the cloud, so you can save money on your Mac and, of course, you can use Apach

Use the Cordova framework to encapsulate WebApp into hybrid app practice--android

The company does not have iOS and no Android developers, Front end is need to play their own days before the technical manager said there is a need to webapp package into the hybrid App, is now complete. Document the problems encountered and the configuration of the development environment you need to usePackage WebApp into the hybrid app with the following steps1. Download the JDK to install 1.8, and confi

Create a cross-platform mobile app using Cordova+visual Studio (2)

mobile operating systems: IOS, Android,ubuntu phone OS, Blackberry, Windows phone, Palm WebOS, Bada and Symbian.1.1 References Apache Cordova Apache Cordova for Visual Studio Extension Http:// Telerik AppBuilder for Visual Studio Extension Http://

Visual Studio creates a cross-platform mobile app _01.cordova&xamarin

There are three modes for developing mobile applications:Native,hybird,Web, to develop cross-platform mobile applications, and want to interact with the local API , then hybird is a great choice. As a . Net Programmer, you can use the familiar IDE,Visual Studio , to develop mobile apps, There is now a Visual Studio -based extension to help us develop quickly: Cordova (Html/javacript) Xamarin (. Net Framework) please refer to the fo

Cordova+ionic Development Hybird APP---development environment building

environmentand methods to do some things. For example, the purpose of JS running in a browser is to manipulate the DOM, and the browser provides built-in objects such as document. And the use of JS running in Nodejs is to operate the magneticDisk file or build an HTTP server, NODEJS provides built-in objects such as FS, HTTP, and so on.Ionic:ionic is currently the most promising HTML5 mobile application de

The first Cordova Android app under Linux

The previous blog wrote the Linux under the Cordova + Ionic environment of the building, today to do the first simple app to explain itThe app was created yesterday by the command line. After a good time today, the study found using the Ionic command to createApp is different from the app package created with the

VS2015 Apache Cordova First Android and iOS app

ObjectiveMy personal blog original link address is This is the last weekend at home to study how to install the VS2015.Seeing this picture represents my VS2015 cross-platform Moblie development tool was installed successfully.After the installation was successful last week, I wanted to see the fun of cross-platform development, but I couldn't find the right entrance. This week again, adjusting supervised a little

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