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Cordova using WEBRTC and web-side and mobile video, voice chat

Recently doing a mobile end with mobile, web-side text, video, voice chat features. Text chat using WebSocket, a lot of information on the Internet, there is no difficulty. But in the video, voice chat encountered a small difficulty. have been looking for some of the SDK to quickly develop, such as Opentok, cloud communications, etc., but the project is used in the intranet, these SDKs must be used in an external network, you need to obtain signaling on their servers. Later, I will try to use

Create the configuration of the first app and Cordova build environment using Cordova

IntroductionThrough the previous article we have a certain understanding of the Hybrid App, and according to the actual business situation to choose Cordova to develop our App, if you do not know the words please review the previous article, then we will start the Cordova tour!Installing the Cordova CLISince the Cordova

"Getting Started with WebRTC" The first chapter WebRTC introduction

"Getting Started with WebRTC" The first chapter WebRTC introduction?This chapter is a conceptual introduction to WEBRTC.after reading this chapter. You will have a clear understanding of the following: . What is WEBRTC . How to use it . which browsers support1.1. WEBRTC IntroductionWorld Wide Web (WWW) is the early day

Uncover the mystery of WEBRTC Media server--WEBRTC Media Server & Open Source project Introduction

Uncover the mystery of WEBRTC Media server--WEBRTC Media Server Open Source project IntroductionThe WEBRTC ecosystem is very large. When I first tried to understand WEBRTC, the number of network resources was unbelievable. This article provides some introduction to WEBRTC m

Visual Studio 2015 and Apache Cordova cross-platform development (I), 2015 cordova

Visual Studio 2015 and Apache Cordova cross-platform development (I), 2015 cordova Windows 10-Based Visual Studio 2015 cross-platform application development is mainly divided into cross-Android, iOS, and Windows Application Development Based on Visual Studio Xamarin extension, the Visual Studio Tool Based on Apache Cordova develops applications across Windows, A

Cordova-developing iOS apps with Cordova 1 (configure, develop first app)

Cordova-developing iOS apps with Cordova 1 (configuring, developing the first app) is now more popular to useHTML5 development of mobile applications, after all, just write a set of HTML pages can be adapted to a variety of mobile devices, greatly saving the development time of cross-platform applications. And not as before Android to write a set of programs,IOS to write a set, even the Windows Phone to wri

The first knowledge WEBRTC of WEBRTC's introductory study

Introduction:First declare I was just a small intern, if there is not correct, I hope you help correct me.First, WEBRTC basic structureFigure A WEBRTC overall structure, from Baidu EncyclopediaFirst of all, WEBRTC the general realization of the idea: we create a web app, and then call in the app's JS Api,js API will invoke the C + + layer API in the browser, the

Android IOS WebRTC Audio Video Development Summary (86)--analysis of implementation of RTP/RTCP protocol in WebRTC

This paper mainly introduces the RTP/RTCP protocol in WEBRTC, Weizhenwei, the earliest published articles in the Wind network, ID:BEFOIOSupport original, reprint must indicate the source, welcome attention to my public number blacker (Id:blackerteam or WEBRTCORGCN).a prefaceThe RTP/RTCP protocol is the cornerstone of streaming media communications. The RTP protocol defines the packet format for streaming media data over the Internet, while the RTCP pr

WebRTC Advanced-Overview-one: WebRTC The comparison and analysis of networking technology of conference

first, the network topology structureWEBRTC can also be used as multiparty calls, such as video conferencing, in addition to peer-to-peer communication. When it comes to multi-party calls, we need to select a schema for our application. This is a very important decision, because how to organize users is related to the scale of the conference system. Corresponding to WEBRTC, there are two common network topologies: Mesh networks and star-shaped netwo

Android IOS WebRTC Audio and Video Development Summary (87)--analysis of the implementation of packet loss retransmission Nack in WebRTC

this This paper mainly introduces the realization of WEBRTC in Nack, Weizhenwei, the article was first published in the Wind network , Id:befoioSupport original, reprint must indicate the source, welcome attention to my public number blacker (Id:blackerteam or WEBRTCORGCN).In WEBRTC, forward error correction (FEC) and packet loss retransmission (NACK) are important methods to resist network errors. FEC adds

Android IOS WebRTC Audio Video Development Summary (83)--using WebRTC broadcast webcam video (top)

This article mainly introduces WEBRTC (we translate and collation, translator: Weizhenwei, check: Blacker), the earliest published in the "Weaving wind net"Support original, reprint must indicate the source, welcome attention to my public number blacker (Id:blackerteam or WEBRTCORGCN).Technically speaking, using a webcam for online broadcasting does not require WEBRTC. The camera itself is a server that can

New to Cordova, cordova

New to Cordova, cordova Apache cordova has many explanations on Baidu. I will not go into details here. The recommended Installation Method on the official website is through npm of nodejs, $ Sudo npm install-g cordova C: \> npm install-g cordova After installing

Cordova+vue Cordova Environment Building (Android), Real machine test

I. Installing node. JSGo to official website to download node. JS (official address:, installed by default path. After installation, enter $ NPM at the command line//(Test node. JS is installed successfully)second, global installation Cordova CLI$ NPM Install CORDOVA-G $ cordova//test whether the installation was successfulIii. deployment of t

Cordova message push, farewell, message push server, and Apple push certificate, cordova Certificate

Cordova message push, farewell, message push server, and Apple push certificate, cordova Certificate Cordova plugin add org. apache. cordova. vibration Cordova plugin add

Cordova custom plug-in, cordova custom

Cordova custom plug-in, cordova customCordova/phonegap custom plug-in While using cordova, many open-source plug-ins are provided officially. However, sometimes you need to write your own plug-ins to meet certain requirements. In the past, the cordova plug-in was always configured manually. For details, refer to phoneg

[Cordova/phonegap] Cordova IOS App When a third-party input Method keyboard popup (click the input box), the page does not move up, resulting in the input box keyboard occlusion solution

=!! Navigator.userAgent.match (/\ (i[^;]+;(U;)?Cpu.+mac OS x/); //judgment is iOS if (Isios) { function Keyboardshowhandler (e) { If (window.scrolly //keyboard height is generally greater than 100, if scrolly is less than 100, you can think that the interface is not up, you need to manually move up Window.scrollto (0, e.keyboardheight); } function Keyboardhidehandler (e) { if (window.scrolly! = 0) Window.scrollto (0, 0); } Window.addeventlistener (' native.keyboardshow ', k

WEBRTC interface invocation process for video calls based on WEBRTC

Scene:1, A call B2, B answer3, A connected with BCommon steps:Both A and B need to initialize the WEBRTC module to create the PeerconnectionfactoryStatus of a in step 11. Create Peerconnection instances through Peerconnectionfactory2. Call Peerconnection.createoffer3, PeerConnection.Observer.onCreateSuccess (final sessiondescription ORIGSDP)4. Send SDP to B5, the following is the collection of Icecandidate, send the mobile phone icecandidate informati

Cordova Plugin New Window instance open connection: Cordova-plugin-inappbrowser

1. Add Plugin: Cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-inappbrowser;2. Inappbrowser can use the new window instance to open the connection, provide the display of the address bar hidden, some window operation.3. How to use:Open a new window: (' ', ' _blank ', ' location=yes '); Hide the Address bar: (' ', ' _blank

Apple finally got in. WebRTC, what other pits are on the way to the next generation of mobile WEB applications? (6/11)

On the WWDC17, Apple has brought us a big surprise-its browser kernel WebKit will formally support WEBRTC, and future Apple browsers based on the WebKit kernel, such as the MacOS high Sierra, Safari in IOS 11 Browser and Safari Technology Preview version 32, will be used to WEBRTC technology. The news has attracted countless webrtc developers, even more so that

Cordova Learning One: basic Operation __cordova

Official website document: Chinese Document: The function support of each system to the plug-in: Http:// Cross-platform (CLI) workflow CLI (described in the command-line Interface) first, the basic Operation Install Cordova:

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