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Understanding Linux CPU Stats

different ways to see the various CPU statistics. The most common is probably using the top command.To start the top command, just type at the top command line:The output from top was divided into and sections. The first few lines give a summary of the system resources including a breakdown of the number of tasks, the CPU statistic s, and the current memory usage. Beneath these

Linux system memory information retrieval

0 Pgsteal_dma32 256875 Pgsteal_normal 4129645 Pgsteal_high 0 Pgscan_kswapd_dma 0 Pgscan_kswapd_dma32 343521 Pgscan_kswapd_normal 4447936 Pgscan_kswapd_high 0 Pgscan_direct_dma 0 Pgscan_direct_dma32 0 Pgscan_direct_normal 0 Pgscan_direct_high 0 Pginodesteal 0 Slabs_scanned 4000512 Kswapd_steal 4386520 Kswapd_inodesteal 2810883 Pageoutrun 37456 Allocstall 0 Pgrotated 337233. 5. memory usage in each zone:/proc/zoneinfo $ Cat/proc/zoneinfo Node 0, zone DMA32 Pages free 668878 Min 615 Low 1, 768 H

Oracle Performance Diagnostics-Learning Statspack Notes (ii) [Overview]

Oracle| Notes | performance Oracle Performance Diagnostics-Learning Statspack Notes (ii) [Overview] Author: Liu Yingbo Time: 2004-3-3 Mail:liuyingbo@126.com, please correct me. Reprint please indicate the source and the author Oracle Performance Diagnostics involves objects A. Servers, networks, and disks (external environment) b. Example (SGA, background process) C. Objects (table, index, paragraph ...). ) D. SQL E. Design (refers to the design of the application, which is gen

Use Dstat for Linux Comprehensive Performance Diagnosis

parameters. [Root @ xxx-MIGPC-DB uploads] # dstat -- help Usage: dstat [-afv] [options ..] [delay [count] Versatile tool for generating system resource statistics Dstat options: -C, -- cpu enable cpu stats -C 0, 3, total include cpu0, cpu3 and total -D, -- disk enable disk stats -D total, hda include hda and total -G,

Dstat of Linux terminal monitoring tools

monitoring, the report output is 3 seconds apart, and the report outputs 10 results, you can run the following command:There are many parameters available in the Dstat command, which you can view with the Man Dstat command, and most of the commonly used parameters are:Versatile tool for generating system resource Statisticsdstat options:-C,--cpu enable CPU stats

Problems and Solutions for FFMPEG + x264 porting to S3C2410

* ******* Environment: Ubuntu 8.04 ****************** ******* Cross-compiler: 2.95.3 ****************** ******* FFMPEG and x264 ************************ downloaded by SVN *****************1. Cross-compile x264# Cc = arm-Linux-GCC./configure -- prefix =/usr/local -- Host = arm-LinuxThen make, the following problem occurs:Common/CPU. C: In function 'x264 _ cpu_num_processors ':Common/CPU. C: 212: '

The tip of the iceberg in the Linux Kernel proc file system-questions about the NIC parameters in the/proc/NET/dev File

proc_interrupts_operations = {. Open = interrupts_open,...}; Static int interrupts_open (struct inode * inode, struct file * filp){Return seq_open (filp, int_seq_ops );} Static const struct seq_operations int_seq_ops = {.... Show = show_interrupts}; Linux-2.6.28/ARCH/ARM/kernel/IRQ. cShow_interrupts (){...For_each_present_cpu (CPU ){Sprintf (cpuname, "CPU % d", CPU

Linux System performance Detection tools

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Dstat--help Help DescriptionVersatile tool for generating system resource statisticsDstat options:-C,--cpu enable CPU stats-c 0,3,total include Cpu0, CPU3 and Total-D,--disk enable disk stats-D Total,hda include HDA and total-G,--page e

Backup Recovery Import and Export of statistics

Question: I want to understand when to export and import by dbms_stats statistics and learn when it is a good idea to export and import statistics. Answer: importing and exporting statistics for the CBO and the systems stats (external system statistics for CPU, I/O. etc) and useful in a variety of areas: Export production into test to make test systems "look like" large systems for execution plan generati

Performance Testing Tool Dstat

The DSTAT command collects system information such as CPU, disk, NET, system, memory, process and so on, the function is stronger than Vmstat, one command can integrate uptime, Vmstat, top and other related information;Install dstat command: Yum install-y dstatExecute the dstat command to collect data from-cpu-、-disk-、-net-,-paging-、-system-by default, once a second. The default input dstat equals input dst

Obtains the index information of all tables in the database.

'? ', 'Clustered '"-- Insert primary key index informationSp_msforeachtable "insert into # Table exec sp_nchelpindex '? ', '', 'Pkonly '" Query data: Select * from # indexinfo Published in http://www.sqlservercentral.com/scripts/contributions/1082.aspVivianfdlpw 2005.10.24 reference please keep this information*/As Set nocount on Declare @ objid int, -- the Object ID of the table@ Indid smallint, -- the index ID of an index@ Groupid smallint, -- the filegroup ID of an index@ Indname sysname,@ G

Use of Dstat

,--cpu enable CPU stats -c 0,3,total include Cpu0, CPU3 and Total -D,--disk enable disk stats -D Total,hda include HDA and total -G,--page enable page stats -I,--int enable interrupt stats -I 5,eth2 include int5 and interrupt used

Python scripts monitor docker containers and pythondocker containers

Python scripts monitor docker containers and pythondocker containers This article provides an example of how to monitor docker containers using python scripts for your reference. The details are as follows: Script Function: 1. Monitor CPU usage 2. Monitor memory usage 3. Monitor network traffic Code: #! /Usr/bin/env python # -- * -- coding: UTF-8 -- * -- import sysimport tabimport reimport osimport timefrom docker import Clientimport commandskeys_cont

Python script monitoring docker container

This article describes how to monitor docker containers by using python scripts. For more information, see the examples in this article, the details are as follows: Script Function: 1. Monitor CPU usage 2. Monitor memory usage 3. Monitor network traffic Code: #! /Usr/bin/env python # -- * -- coding: UTF-8 -- * -- import sysimport tabimport reimport osimport timefrom docker import Clientimport commandskeys_container_stats_list = ['blkio _

Balance of multi-processor running queues

Linux has always adhered to the symmetric multi-processing mode, which means that compared with other CPUs, the kernel does not have any bias towards one CPU. However, the multi-processor machine has many different styles, in addition, the implementation of the scheduler varies with the hardware features. We will pay special attention to the following three different types of multi-processor machines: (1) standard multi-processor architecture Until re

Summary of the latest Power Management Technology in Linux 2.6 kernel

scaling_min_freq. When selecting an appropriate running frequency, Governor selects only the frequency range determined by scaling_max_freq and scaling_min_freq, which is the content displayed by scaling_available_frequencies. Unlike cpuinfo_cur_freq, scaling_cur_freq returns the current CPU running frequency cached by the cpufreq module, instead of checking the CPU Hardware registers. Scaling_available_go

Haproxy (vi) Performance optimization

off Net.ipv4.tcp_tw_reuse = 1 ### enable the Windows scaling defined by RFC 1323 to support TCP windows over 64KB. This value must be enabled (1 is enabled) and the ### TCP window will not take effect until both sides of the 1GB,TCP connection are enabled, the default is 1 net.ipv4.tcp_window_scaling = 1 ### maximum use of physical memory Vm.swappiness = 0 Edit/etc/security/limits.conf Add the following content * Soft Nofile 10000000 * Hard nofile 10000000 root soft nofile 10000000 root hard N

Memcache storage mechanism and instruction summary

factor of 2 o'clock, and is more suitable for caching hundreds of bytes of records.Therefore, when using memcached, it is best to recalculate the expected average length of the data and adjust the growth factor to get the most appropriate settings.Back to top 3, memcache delete mechanismFrom the above we know that the allocated memory is not released for recycling, the record time-out, the client will not see the record, its storage space can be reused.Back to Top 3.1,Lazy expiration Memcached

[Python] performance optimization with profile assistance program

requirements, and we can provide an argument in the Profile.run () function, which is to save the file name of the output, and again, in the command-line arguments, we can add one more parameter to hold the output of the profile.customizing reports with PstatsProfile solves one of our needs, and there is a need: To view the output in many forms, we can solve it through another class of stats. Here we need to introduce a module pstats, which defines a

Haproxy Basics and some configurations

Basics of 1.HAproxyHaproxy work in the TCP layer and the HTTP protocol application layer of the reverse proxy software, can load balance, support high concurrency (single process, event-triggered IO), back-end health check, but also can unilaterally disconnect TCP send connection, open source free. 1.1 Global Configuration Log 127.0. 0.1 local2 #日志文件服务器, you can specify a log level, you can define twolog127.0. 0.1 local1 noticechroot /var/lib/haproxy # Hapro

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