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Map Wiki-Proposed by Shuo Ren

Map wiki--Life Encyclopedia based on Bing MapsWhen traveling, shopping or lounging, we often want to know more about food, hospitals, hotels, shopping, learning, attractions and so on. At this time, most of us will again open Baidu or public reviews

Solrcloud: According to the SOLR wiki

This article is written by the author according to Apache SOLR document, translation is not correct or understanding is not in place welcome everyone to correct! Thank you! Nodes, cores, Cluster and leadersNodes and CoresIn Solrcloud, a node is an

Introduction to Blockchain (2): Building the Ethereum private chain (private network of Ethereum), as well as mining operations.

In doing some testing, it may be necessary to build a private ethereum network to facilitate control and to get to the real test work faster.While the Ethereum nodes can link to each other need to meet 1) the same protocol version 2) the same

Implement and dynamically configure auto-start upon startup in version 3, From Forum Nokia Wiki

  Implement and dynamically configure auto-start upon startup in version 3 From Forum Nokia Wiki Applicable version: Serire 60 3rd Edition Specific solution: In version 3, the new Startup List Management API is used to enable auto-start upon Startup.

Blockchain development (i) building a private chain environment based on Ethereum (block chain)

Blockchain Development (i) building a private chain environment based on the Ethereum Lihe 2016.07.08 Through the methods described in this article and the script, we can quickly set up their own private chain for blockchain development testing,

Blockchain development (i) building a private chain environment based on Ethereum Go-ethereum

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. After learning from various sources, we decided to start building a private chain environment based on Ethereum Go-ethereum. Because my computer system for WIN8, in

[Negative tive Java distilled] item 3 enhances the singleton attribute by using a private constructor or enumeration type

About objective Java Distilled: I have read this book tive Java for nearly two times on and off, and the content in it is very deep and helpful for improving the quality of engineering code. I plan to sort out a series slowly. The reason why I name

Set up a private chain environment based on the ether block chain

First, learn the following simple command-line actions: Geth Build private chain: After learning, you will learn some Geth developer model to test the concept of mining, transfer,

The Linux OpenSSL tool creates a private CA

Certificate creation depends on the encryption algorithm, see Preface, with the development of the network, because the use of HTTP protocol communication between the two sides of the data is clear-

Ethereum builds a private chain

1. Install Geth Client Geth is the Go Ethereum, which is the Ethereum client implemented with the go language. Geth is a concrete implementation of the Ethereum protocol, through Geth, you can realize the various functions of ethereum, such as the

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