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RSS, Tag, Wiki: The technical force that makes the internet bounce

Like RSS technology, tag is also used to deal with more and more network information. And its function is mainly the content classification. Gmail users should be familiar with tag, in the mailbox users can add a number of keywords for each message

What wiki do you use to manage your knowledge?

Now things are more and more chaotic, want to find a wiki or other tools also line, classified management, for recommendation. This issue has been closed because of a discussion-based question of non-technical questions Reply content: Now

2018-04-26 "Bird Brother's Linux private cuisine Basic Study (Fourth Edition)" 21st Chapter Software Installation _ original code and Tarball notes

First, what is open source, compile program and executable fileOn a Linux system, a file can be executed to see if there is no executable (with X-permission), but the actual executable file that the Linux system really reads is actually a binary

JavaBeans Wiki Selected Passage

Given that spring's beans package complies with JavaBean specs, it is necessary to study JavaBean specs carefully.Let's take a look at what the wiki says:DefinedUnder the Java platform, JavaBeans is the class that contains a lot of objects into a

Blockchain development (i) building a private chain environment based on Ethereum Go-ethereum

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. After learning from various sources, we decided to start building a private chain environment based on Ethereum Go-ethereum. Because my computer system for WIN8, in

The "highest level" of bare metal deployment in a private cloud environment through system Center VMM

Objective For a simple environment with only a few servers, deploying a basic environment, or deploying several operating systems with Hyper-V virtualization, may not be a complex task, but a complex data center or a cloud data center of hundreds

Java's way of sealing the gods [reprint]

First, the basic article1.1 JVM1.1.1. Java memory model, Java memory Management, Java heap and stack, garbage collection 1.1.2. Understanding the various parameters

How Java engineers develop their minds

How Java engineers develop their minds I have a good summary of the JAVA learning points. My friends can see which one they will not and learn in a targeted manner.I. Basics 1.1 JVM1.1.1. Java memory model, Java memory management, Java heap and

[Java] How Java engineers develop their minds

[Java] How Java engineers develop their mindsI. Basics 1.1 JVM1.1.1. Java memory model, Java memory management, Java heap and stack, and garbage collection Http:// Id = 133Http:// 1.1.2. Learn about JVM

Recommended! System administrator resources compiled by foreign programmers (GO)

Compiled with PHP resources by other programmers, Kahun initiates a system administrator-related open source resource collation on Github.Content classifications include: Backup/Clone software, Cloud/cloud storage, collaboration software,

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