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"D3.js Practice Tutorial Special article" Pornhub released D3-based netizens watch adult video time-length distribution interactive map

("Path.country"). attr ("Class", "Country")//color the map block, the z-parameter of the function, which is the data object of the corresponding element (assigned by the data () function that was previously called). Style ("Fill ", function (z) {if (C.mapdisplaymode = =" Countries ") {//or for a specific length of time, data structure in data.min.jsvar y = MAPTIMEDATA[C.MAPSCOPE][C.MAPD Isplaymode][z.id].t;var x = d (y); Judging the color level return x} else {return c.mapoptions[c.mapdisplay

"D3.js Practice Tutorial 01" D3 Basic operations

== ' rect ') {var w = random (100) +20; var r = g.append ("rect"). attr ("Class", "Child"). attr ("X", Random (W idth). attr ("Y", random (height)). attr ("width", W) . attr (' height ', W). attr ("Fill", Colors (count)); Count + +; }//random lines else if (cmd== ' line ') {var l= g.append ("Line '). attr ("Class", "Child"). attr ("x1", random (width)) . attr ("Y1", random (height)). attr ("X2", Random (width)) .

"D3.js Practice Tutorial 02" An admission rate ranking based on the Chinese map of the college entrance examination

the SVG range of issues * * So, in the tutorial, all use this method */function Buildtip (data) {var t = "#tooltip"; Chinag.selectall ("path"). Data (data, function (d) {return d.id; }). On ("MouseOver", function (d) {d3.select (T). Style ("left", d3.e Vent.x + "px"). Style ("Top", D3.

[D3.js pro series-4.0] matrix tree, d3.js4.0

){ return d.name + " " + d.gdp; }); Result 4. Figure 4 For the complete code, click the following link and right-click to view the source code: Http://www.ourd3js.com/demo/G-4.0/treemap.html 4. Conclusion So far, all the la s in D3 have been explained. The [entry series] describes 6 la S, 2 [advanced series], and 3 [advanced series], with 11 la s in total. D3 provides a total of 12 la S: Pie, Force, Chor

D3.js Introductory Study (i)

First, install the D3.js1. Network connectionsrc="Https://d3js.org/d3.v4.min.js" >script> 2. Command-line installationCNPM | | NPM install d3--save = I'm using CNPM install D3--save3. Create a node serverA. CNPM | | NPM Install Express--save + = The previous tutorial has a

D3.js: A quick introduction to data visualization

technology.D3.js is an excellent data visualization library that allows us to quickly and easily transform data into graphics. However, before starting a follow-up tutorial, first of all, I hope you don't misunderstand d3.js: D3.

D3.js Getting Started 1: Installation configuration

D3 is currently a popular data visualization tool, through this article can have a preliminary understanding of D3. 1. What is D3? The full name of D3 is (Data-driven documents), as the name implies, is a data-driven document. Listen to the name a bit abstract, say simple, is actually a JavaScript function library, us

D3.js and Universal JS (JavaScript) Considerations for reading and parsing server-side JSON

This demand is actually quite clear, but the online search out of the tutorial is a mess, feel really need to summarize their own.D3.js is now widely used in data visualization, and with the continued development of big data, the framework is expected to become more prevalent in the future (it is said that its author Mike Bostock began full-time development, previously in charge of the New York Times data v

Summary of "D3.js Advanced series"

The advanced series of tutorials has been completed and is hereby summarized.At the beginning of the month, I said the end of the advanced tutorial, today is the last day, can be done. O (∩_∩) o~As a result, the tutorials for the "Getting Started"-"advanced"-"premium" three series are complete. The purpose of this tutorial is to provide a network of free learning series, I hope you can enjoy.In the process

D3.js Series-Interactive operation and layout

layout works by converting data that is not suitable for drawing into data that is appropriate for drawing. For beginners to understand, the role of layout can be interpreted as: data Conversion .3. What are the layouts?D3 offers a total of 12 layouts:Pie chart (PIE), Force-directed graph (forces), chord graph (Chord), tree, cluster diagram (Cluster), bundle (bundle), Pack Diagram (Pack), histogram (histog

The basic usage of d3.js plus a slightly naughty demo

) .. attr(' height ', function(d) { return - yscale(yaccessor(d)); }) You can put a constant or function in every attr, this time you use the scale, you give your scale a y-axis value of the parameter, he returned to you a corresponding length.The same x and y coordinates can be calculated as well. . attr(' x ',function (d) { return XScale(xaccessor(d)); }) . attr(' y ', function (d) { return yscale(yaccessor(d)); }) If y

Summary of issues arising from adding events to a column chart d3.js--

",function(d,i) {D3.select ( This). attr ("Fill", "Yellow"); }). On ("Mouseout",function(d,i) {D3.select ( This). Transition (). Duration (500). attr ("Fill", "Steelblue"); });...But this will cause an error, and it will show that on is not a functionthen I knew I should put the on event before transition () , but why did you do that now? ...//adding rectangles and text elements varrectpadding = 4; varRe

"D3.js Advanced Series-4.0" Matrix Tree graph

displayed. Intuitively, the function of the layout is to transform some data into another data, and the transformed data is beneficial to the visualization. Therefore, the tutorial on this site is called the layout "Data transformation."Of course, you can also follow the original word "layout" to understand, but also can be understood as "calculation", as long as you know the meaning.Thank you for reading.Document Information Copyright Notic

Essential to learning JavaScript (1), so that you are no longer confused about JS functions, JavaScript built-in objects, and the concept and relationship between this. (I hope I can set it as a recommendation article for more JS beginners)

------------------- The abstract is based on the anonymous tutorial summary. I hope it will help beginners in JS, because it solves the many puzzles I learned about Js... Functions are the basis for modular program design. To compile complex Ajax applications, you must have a deeper understanding of functions. Function

A PHP classic tutorial book recommended by PHP Beginners _php Tutorial

you can not understand. This is a very good PHP tutorial book for Beginners in PHP. Judging from personal experience, this book should always be helpful in your two years of work. But the personal feeling that the only drawback is that the actual case is a little bit, basically there is not a complete actual project. So we need to find some more classic examples to cooperate with the slow research it! ----

node. js 0 Basic Detailed tutorial (7): node. js operation MongoDB, and how to package

The seventh chapter recommends 4 hours of study time 10 chaptersHow to learn: read it in detail and implement the relevant code manuallyLearning Goals : This tutorial will teach you to install node, build servers, Express, MySQL, MongoDB, write background business logic, write interfaces, and finally complete a complete project backstage, a total of 10 days is expected.node. js Operation MangodbCreate a fol

node. js 0 Basic Detailed tutorial (7): node. js operation MongoDB, and how to package

How to learn: read it in detail and implement the relevant code manuallyLearning Goals : This tutorial will teach you to install node, build servers, Express, MySQL, MongoDB, write background business logic, write interfaces, and finally complete a complete project backstage, a total of 10 days is expected.node. js Operation MangodbCreate a folder for placing today's files, NPM init initializes, and creates

Talking about the loop binding handler in JS closures _ basic knowledge-js tutorial

What beginners often encounter is getting HTML element sets and adding events to elements cyclically. Obtain the corresponding index in the Event Response Function (eventhandler. However, each query is the index of the last loop. The reason is that beginners do not understand the closure feature of JavaScript. When I was writing front-end js Code a few days ago,

Three. js tutorial and example (Tutorials and Examples)

Three. js tutorial and example (Tutorials and Examples) Extract the following parts for translation: Tutorials and Examples Now that you are sold on Three. js, where do you start? Here is a collection of tutorials, examples, presentations and videos to get you started.Getting Started Introduction to WebGL-this is a presentation with live code examples that wi

HTML5 Add SVG create pattern pattern background Style JS Plugin tutorial

I. Methods of UseSince Textures.js is based on d3.js, d3.js files must be introduced and textures.min.js files introduced.Second, HTML structureThe HTML structure of the SVG pattern background is very simple, using an empty div element.Third, JavaScriptThe attr property selects the element to make the pattern backgroun

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