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An export error (EXP-00003) for a table in the dump export database in Oracle failed to find the storage definition for segment (0,0)

The following issues occurred when using the Oracle database for the first two days, using the DBA user to export table structures in the tool in PL/SQL, when exporting tables:A lot of table "error (EXP-00003) did not find the segment (0,0) storage

Application framework of Excel data dump database

Introduction: How to transfer the data in Excel to the relational database, has always been a topic of concern, this paper proposes a solution, that is, using the Apache POI to a certain Excel file to the database table mapping rules to parse the

GDB Debugging Common Utility commands and the generation of core dump files

1, the method of generating core dump file: $ ulimit-c//check for 0 If the 0 $ ulimit-c Unlimited This will generate a core.xxxx file in the current directory after the program crashes 2. Debug Core dump File After generating the file $

Data Pump Usage Details

From: EXPDP and IMPDP instructions for use EXPDP and IMPDP Oracle Database 10 Gb introduces the latest Data pump technology, allowing DBAs or developers to quickly move Database metadata (object

Oracle Data Types and storage methods (1)

OverviewThe basic data types of oralce and their storage methods are comprehensively and deeply analyzed through instances. Based on ORACLE 10 Gb, this article introduces the new data types introduced by ORACLE 10 Gb. This gives you a new


Excerpt from: Http:// Related tips: 1. How do I debug a process's child process? A: Use WinDbg attach to the parent process and enter the command ". Childdbg 1" (no quotation marks). This way the

Data Pump File

Expdp Introduction Expdp command line options1. AttachThis option is used to establish an association between a customer session and an existing export role. The syntax is as follows:Attach = [Schema_name.] job_nameSchema_name is used to specify the

Data Pump File

EXPDP Introduction EXPDP command line Options1. ATTACHThis option is used to establish an association between a client session and an existing export action. The syntax is as followsAttach=[schema_name.] Job_nameSchema_name is used to specify the

mysqldump Command Import Export database method and instance Rollup _mysql

Use of the mysqldump command 1. Export all libraries System command Line Mysqldump-uusername-ppassword--all-databases > All.sql 2. Import all libraries MySQL command line Mysql>source All.sql; 3. Export some libraries System command Line

Import (IMPDP) and export using Data pump (EXPDP)

Data pump technology is a new technology in Oracle Database 10g, which is 15-45 times faster than the original import/export (IMP,EXP) technology. The increase in speed stems from the use of parallel techniques to read and write export dump files.

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