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What the DBA (Database administrator administrator) needs to know

between different operating systems, such as security settings, integration with Active Directory, LDAP, and naming conventions. It is necessary to understand the operation of the database through the system log of the OS. In particular, learning about MySQL and Oracle's friends, personal knowledge of learning a good Linux or UNIX is very important. Because the database of many large companies is running o

Database Learning Classic Books __ Database

 for the MySQL database technology learning, for the first to learn the database should be a good learning pedal, below to share some of the Classics Learning Database books. "MySQL Technology Insider: SQL Programming" "MySQL Technology Insider: SQL Programming" is the best-selling book "MySQL Technology Insider:

Database Administrator DBA

What is Database Administrator DBA? Database Administrator (DBA. This position has different meanings for different people. A small software development studio has broader responsibilities than a large company with a highly detailed division of labor. A company, whether it is developing its own application software

Become a database administrator DBA

What is DBA? Database Administrator (DBA. This position has different meanings for different people. A small software development studio has broader responsibilities than a large company with a highly detailed division of labor. A company, whether it is developing its own application software or purchasing third-party application software, only needs to involve databases (how many applications that do not

Ms SQL Server 2000 administrator manual series-9. database creation

, such as sorting data. Each time SQL Server is started, a clean copy of The tempdb database is created based on the preset size of the model. Then it will automatically grow as needed. If you need a large tempdb database space, you can use the alter database command to set a larger default value. Search for the tempdb databa

Responsibilities of the database administrator

Responsibilities and objectives of Database Administrators (1) Responsibilities (2) ensure database security and stable operation 1. Routine Database Operation and Maintenance and Management 1.1 daily database health inspection. 1.2 analyze database performance trends and co

Responsibilities of the Oracle Database Administrator

Welcome to the Oracle community forum and interact with 2 million technical staff. This forum mainly introduces the specific responsibilities of the Oracle database administrator in the working environment. For details, refer to the following: the Oracle Database Administrator should perform regular monitoring on the O

Converting 11gR2 & quot; Administrator & quot; managed database to & quot; Policy & quot; managed and vice versa (Document ID 1486772.

In this Document Goal Fix References Applies to: Oracle Server-Enterprise Edition-Version and later Information in this document applies to any platform. Goal This document describes how to convert an administrator managed database to policy managed database and vice versa.Fix Converting an

JDBC database programming and jdbc programming books

JDBC database programming and jdbc programming books **************************************** ****************************************************** Original works, from the "Xiaofeng residual month xj" blog, welcome to reprint, reprint please be sure to indicate the source ( ). For various reasons, there may be many shortcomings. Thank you! *****************************

Are there any books on database table design solutions?

Books explaining database table design solutions have found that the biggest bottleneck for websites is the rationality of database table design. Please recommend books on this topic. Preferably related to mysql ., High-Performance MySQL Performance Tuning and architecture design MySQL Technology Insider: InnoDB storag

9. Database Engineer to read books-it software staff book series articles

Database design is the bottom of software project, it is related to the basic content design of software project. The job of a database engineer is to design a database, maintain a database, and optimize the database, similar to the work of the DBA

How to use MySQL Administrator to manage/back up/restore My SQL database

Original article: How to use MySQL Administrator to manage/back up/restore My SQL database What software is MySQL Administrator? MySQL AdministratorIs a software designed to manage My SQL 4.X and 5.X My SQL databases. You can use this software to back up My SQL database and rest

What is your definition of the database administrator?

Tags: database service Release resolve data remove Spatial Data Warehousing database design div What is your definition of the database administrator? Ben Kubisek, 2017/09/05 today, we have a guest in editorial work called Steve's trip to the UK. OK, I know the simple answer is the

Oracle database Administrator

Tags: hive boot database constraints internal data ORM Advanced tar ACL viewFirst, the database administratorEach Oracle database should have at least one database administrator (DBA), and one DBA is sufficient for a small database

Database Books recommended

Tags: query optimization Art Database index SQL statement Learning basic Getting Started understandingSQL Learning Guide (second Edition)The second half of the book is helpful for a deep understanding of SQL. The first half of the paragraph will not see, anyway, are some SQL statements, this will not, the basic farewell coding.Computer Science Series: Database system Concept (original book 6th edition)Compu

Recover database administrator password, user authorization, data backup and recovery

Tags: grants config SQL Web services htm Maria zone localhost tar.gzModify the database administrator password# mysqladmin-hlocalhost-uroot-p Password "new CodeEnter Password: Current login password Restore the database administrator password#vim/etc/my.cnf[Mysqld]#validate_password_policy =0#validate_password_length =

SQL Server database administrator (DBA) work content _mssql2008

In a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 system, the database administrator (DB administration, referred to as DBA) is the most important role. The goal of the DBA is to ensure that the Microsoft SQL Server 2008 System runs normally and efficiently. The work of the DBA is also the busiest, both for performance tuning and for disaster recovery, without DBA support. Generally, as a DBA, you should at least do the foll

SQL Server database dedicated administrator DAC connection method

Turn: SQL Server provides a dedicated administrator Link (DAC ). DAC allows administrators to access the running server to execute diagnostic functions or transact-SQL statements, or to troubleshoot problems on the server, even if the server is locked or runs abnormally. DAC can only be used on the server by default, but you can use the SQL Server 2005 peripheral application configurat

MySQL database administrator common command manual _ MySQL

MySQL database administrator common command manual 1. mysql remote connection commands can be used to remotely import and export data   mysqldump --default-character-set=gb2312 -h255.255.000.00 -uroot -pxxxxxx mydatabase>d:/data.sql Export the specified database to an external SQL file! Restore command:   mysql --default-character-set=gb2312 -h255.2

Level of DBA (database administrator)

personality traits and abilities. There are a number of intermediate DBAs who can do most of the work of a senior DBA, including: Database installation, database configuration and management, permissions setting and security management, monitoring and performance tuning, backup and recovery, troubleshooting general issues Intermediate DBAs tend to practice a year or so, familiar with a

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