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Common error codes for MySQL

130: The file format is incorrect. (It's not clear what the wrong situation is)145: File could not be opened.1005:mysql Creating table Failed  1006:mysql failed to create database  1007:mysql database already exists, database creation

MySQL cannot be started due to insufficient disk space during binary installation of MySQL5.5.39 _ MySQL

-- Add users and groups [root @ zlmlocal] groupadd [root @ zlmlocal] useradd-gmysql-ssbinnologin-doptmsyqlmysql -- create a directory [root @ zlmlocal] mkdirdatamysqlmysql_3306 {data, l -- Add users and groups[Root @ zlm local] # groupadd [Root @

MySQL core insider

  [Content Overview] This book is designed and implemented by a MySQL expert from Sun's Chinese Engineering Institute. The author divides the complex MySQL kernel into multiple functional subsystems to resolve various difficulties in understanding

Mysql database, apacha server, and php server setup _ MySQL

Create a blog for mysql database, apacha server, and php Server 1. install mysql: Prepare zip: mysql-5.5.33-linux2.6-x86_64.tar.gz [Root @ www ~] # Groupadd-r mysql [Root @ www ~] # Useradd-g mysql-r-s/sbin/nologin mysql [Root @ www ~] # Id

MySQL error Codes mysql bug code

OS error code 1:operation not permittedos error code 2:no such file or Directoryos error code 3:no such proces SOS error code 4:interrupted system callos error code 5:input/output erroros error code 6:no such device or ad Dressos error code

A double-click Hot standby for MySQL database setup in Linux environment

Preparing the serverBecause the Binlog format may not be the same in different versions of MySQL (binary log), the best combination is the MySQL version of the primary (master) server and the same or lower from the (Slave) server version, and the

Solve the garbled problem caused by inconsistent MySQL Codes

When using MySQL, garbled characters are often caused by inconsistent encoding. The following information about MySQL Data Encoding is provided, which may be helpful. I. MySQL encoding mechanism: 1. Database-level encoding: databases with different

14 best methods to ensure MySQL Data Security

Some enterprises use the default option when installing MySQL, which leads to data insecurity, and the server also faces the risk of intrusion, and may suffer performance problems in a short time. This article provides the best way to ensure MySQL

MySQL common error code

130: the file format is incorrect. (The error is not clear yet) 145: the file cannot be opened. 1005: An error occurred while creating the MYSQL table.  1006: MYSQL database creation failed  1007: the MYSQL database already exists. An error occurred

Origin and status of MySQL products

The name MySQL, the origin is not very clear. A more influential argument is that the basic guidelines and a large number of libraries and tools have been prefixed with "my" for more than 10 years, and anyway, the daughter of Monty Widenius, one of

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