db2 date time timestamp

Want to know db2 date time timestamp? we have a huge selection of db2 date time timestamp information on alibabacloud.com

DB2 Date Time function

DB2 Date Time function(DATE (TRIM (CHAR (dt#11y)) | | -' | | TRIM (CHAR (dt#11m)) | | ' -' | | TRIM (CHAR (dt#11d))) between date (' & StrDate1 & ') and date (' & StrDate2 & '))(Y > Y) or ((y = y) and (M > m)) or ((y = y) and (M = m) and (d >=

Dual-host setup for Linux DB2 HADR

After several days, I have completed HADR. Next, let's share it with you. System Environment: OS: SUSE 11sp1-64bit DB: db29.7.0.5   DB2server1: db2inst1 DB2server2: db2inst2 Steps: Operations on DB2server1: Db2inst1 @

SQL Server, Oracle, and DB2 database SQL statement comparison

Reposted from: longtang Bay 1.1.1 obtain the first N records SQL Server: Select Top N * From xtable ORACLE: Select * From xtable where rownum DB2: Select * From xtable fetch first n rows only 1.1.2 obtain the current date SQL Server: Select getdate

DB2 Command Daquan

Check archiving processing View Log Archive status DB2 "Select Date (CAST (start_time as TIMESTAMP)) as DATE, COUNT (*) as Number_of_logs_per_day, (Count (*) *23.4375) as AMOUNT_LOGS_DAY_MB, Dbpartitionnum as Dbpart From Sysibmadm. Db_history WHERE

DB2 Vs MySQL series | comparison of data types between MySQL and DB2, db2mysql

DB2 Vs MySQL series | comparison of data types between MySQL and DB2, db2mysql As MySQL Databases become more and more widely used, there are more and more demands for migration from DB2 to MySQL databases. During database migration, the first

Common DB2 commands

Common DB2 commands Common DB2 commandsI. Basics1. db2 connect to -- connect to the local database nameDb2 connect to user using -- connect to the remote database2. db2 force application all -- force all applications to disconnect the database3.

DB2 time and date functions

DB2 time and date function 1. To use SQL to obtain the current date, time, and time stamp, see the appropriate DB2 register: www.2cto.com SELECT current date FROM sysibm. sysdummy1SELECT current time FROM sysibm. sysdummy1SELECT current timestamp

Use of DB2 basic date and time, first article (1)

This article is intended for beginners who are new to DB2 databases and want to understand how to operate DB2 basic date and date usage. Most people who have used other databases will be pleasantly surprised to see how easy it is to operate on the

DB2 Common Commands

DB2 Common CommandsFirst, the basic article1. DB2 Connect to --Connect to local database nameDB2 Connect to user Using --connect to the remote database2. DB2 force application All--forcing all applications to disconnect from the database3. DB2

DB2 Date and Time function summary

The previous article mentioned in the DB2, can through Sysibm.sysdummy1, SYSIBM. Dual gets the value in the register, or you can get the value in the register by using the VALUES keyword. In this article, we'll look at these functions directly using

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