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[Posting] DB2 partition features

[Posting] DB2 partition features Data Warehouse scenario overviewLevel: Intermediate Paul McInerney (paulmci@ca.ibm.com), user-centric design expert, DB2 development, IBM September 18, 2006 This article introduces the following table design features

Analysis and explanation of DB2 lock problem

analysis and explanation of DB2 lock problemLock timeouts and deadlocks are often encountered in DB2 applications, so what is the cause of this phenomenon? In this paper, the phenomenon of lock waiting, lock time-out and deadlock is simulated in the


Transfer from http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/cn/data/library/techarticles/dm-0508luojunkai/Original: http://blog.csdn.net/deanza/article/details/8469447Standby is one of the DB2 high availability (Ha,high availability) technologies (and snapshot

Compare XML features in DB2 9 and DB2 v8.x _DB2

The DB2 tutorial you are looking at is: Compare the XML features in DB2 9 and DB2 v8.x. Brief IntroductionXML in the DB2 UDB Version 8.x supports a relational infrastructure based on DB2. The XML data is either stored as a character large object

Analysis and explanation of DB2 lock problem

analysis and explanation of DB2 lock problemDB2 applications often encounter lock timeouts and deadlocks, so what is the cause of this phenomenon? In this paper, we simulate the lock waiting, lock timeout and deadlock phenomenon in the form of

DB2 best practices for basic design, performance, and manageability

Over the past few years, many books have been produced to discuss best practices in DB2 design and implementation, including a large number of books and articles. These books delve into how to design DB2 and integrate it into an application. To

DB2 9 XML performance advantages

Two years after IBM introduced pureXML in DB2 9, this problem has been completely solved. When IBM launched the DB2 9 database in 2006, its pureXML technology attracted wide attention. However, people do not immediately accept the idea of

Concept of DB2 V9.7 index compression and correct enable index compression

This article mainly describes the new feature of DB2 V9.7 index compression, Which is used correctly. DB2 V9.1 database introduces the row compression technology. When the data volume in our system is large, when I/O requirements exceed the capacity

How to Use DB2 V9.1for z/OS to implement application session lock?

The following articles mainly describe how to use DB2 V9.1for z/OS to implement application session lock, if you are interested in the actual operation steps of DB2 V9.1for z/OS to implement application session lock, you can click the following

Comprehensive Analysis of DB2 performance optimization factors

BKJIA Summary: IBM provides the free version of DB2 Express-C for the Community, which provides the same core data features as DB2 Express Edition, it lays a solid foundation for building and deploying applications. DB2 performance optimization is a

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