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Simple access to Oracle database NVL function decode function

Decode () and NVL () function usage for SQL statementsSELECTDECODE (choose_tool,0, ' BMW ', 1, ' EV ', 2, ' bike ', ' walk ') as My_toolFromdata_tool_tAnalysis: When Choose_tool is 0, my_tool= ' BMW 'When Choose_tool is 1, my_tool= ' EV 'When Choose_

Use the decode Function

Decode Function usage: OracleOfDecodeThe function is quite interesting.OracleExclusive, International StandardSQLNot inDecodeFunction. Syntax Decode (Col | expression, search1, result1 [, Search2, result2 ,...,] [, Default]) Example

Restrictions on the length of an oracle table name, field name, and other objects

Restrictions on the length of an oracle table name, field name, and other objects Original Works are from the blog of "Deep Blue blog". You are welcome to repost them. Please indicate the source when you repost them. Otherwise, the copyright will be

Named length limits for objects such as Oracle table name, field name, and so on

Original works, from the "Blue Blog" blog, Welcome to reprint, please be sure to indicate the source, otherwise hold the copyright legal responsibility.Deep Blue Blog:, when the upgrade

Fine-grained access to network services in Oracle11gR1

Oracle allows several PL/SQL APIs (UTL_TCP, UTL_SMTP, UTL_MAIL, UTL_HTTP, and UTL_INADDR) to access external network services. These APIs use the TCP protocol in the previous database version (10 Gb) it is implemented through an on/off switch based

Oracle Database optimization and backup

Oracle SQL Performance Optimization: 1. select an appropriate Oracle optimizerThere are three optimizer types in Oracle A. Rule (Rule-based) B. Cost (cost-based) C. Choose (selectivity) Set the default optimizer. You can declare the optimizer_mode

Database Table Structure Extension Based on purexml Technology

December 21, 2007 At the beginning of the delivery and use of information systems, the database table structure is often designed with clear logic structures and the management usersHowever, when the information system project is running for a

Java file to demonstrate how to access the MySQL database

Java file to demonstrate how to access the MySQL database.Note: Create database on the command line or with a SQL front-end software.Create the database First:CREATE DATABASE Scutcs;Next, create the table:CREATE TABLE STUDENT(SNO CHAR (7) Not

11gv $ wait_chains and hanganalyze_MySQL

After 11 GB, we use the v $ wait_chains view to diagnose the database hang and Contention11g. after the database hang is occupied, we will perform hanganalyze on the database for analysis. after 11 GB, we can use a new view v $ wait_chains to

PHP access to the SQLite database example

$dbconn = Sqlite_open (' phpdb '); if ($dbconn) { Sqlite_query ($dbconn, "CREATE TABLE animal (Name VARCHAR (255), MaxAge INT);"); Sqlite_query ($dbconn, "INSERT into Animal VALUES (' A ', 15)"); $result = Sqlite_query

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