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Postgres is similar to Oracle's decode implementation

Assume that the following two tables exist. T_media: Mediaid flags 11111 1 22222 1 33333 1 44444 1 T_media_locations: Mediaid locationid 11111 999999 22222 999999 33333 999999 Now there is a need to count the number of media in the flags = 1

Reprint "King Battle" MySQL 8 vs PostgreSQL 10

Original Sticker Address: Original address: that MySQL 8 and PostgreSQL 10 have been

Safety Test ===sqlmap (iii) reprint

XV, operating system control 1. Execute any operating system commandParameters:--os-cmd and--os-shellIf the database management system is MySQL, PostgreSQL, or Microsoft SQL Server and the current user has the relevant permissions sqlmap can use SQL

MicroServices in Golang-part 4th-Certification with JWT

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. In the previous article, we created a user service that saved some users. Now we look at how to safely save the user password in the user service, and write several

Boltdb a simple pure Go key/value storage [Translate]

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Blot Bolt is a pure Go Key/value database inspired by Howard Chu's LMDB project. The goal of this project is to provide a simple, fast and reliable database for

Python Remote Call Metasploit

(1) Install the Python msgpack class library, The data serialization standard in the MSF official documentation is reference msgpack. [Email protected]:~# apt-get Install Python-setuptools[Email protected]:~# easy_install Msgpack-python(2) create

PHP7.0.7 officially released

PHP 7.0.7 is officially released. : Http:// The improvement log is as follows: 26 May 2016 PHP 7.0.7 -Core: . Fixed bug #72162 (use-after-free-error_reporting). (Laruence) . Add compiler option to

Logstash Beats Series & Fluentd

First, Logstash Logstash: It is a flexible data transmission and processing system that is responsible for the collection before the beats comes out. Logstash's task is to put all kinds of data, through the configuration of conversion rules, unified

Building a block chain with Go--Part 3: Persistence and command-line interface _ tutorial

The translation of the series of articles I have put on the GitHub: blockchain-tutorial, follow-up updates will be on the GitHub, may not be synchronized here. If you want to run the code directly, you can also clone GitHub on the Tutorial warehouse

Python implementation of Remote call Metasploit method _python

This paper describes in detail the Python method of remote call Metasploit, which has a good reference value for Python learning. The implementation methods are as follows: (1) Installing the Python Msgpack class library, the data serialization

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