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Pack, unpack homemade binary "database", packunpack_PHP tutorial

Pack and unpack are self-made binary "databases" and packunpack. Pack, unpack homemade binary "database", packunpack introduction pack, unpack function, if not touched socket, this may be unfamiliar, these two functions are used as pack for socket

Describes in detail how to use struct to process binary data (pack and unpack usage) in Python)

Sometimes you need to use python to process binary data, such as accessing files and using socket operations, you can use the python struct module to process binary data in c. sometimes, you need to use python to process binary data, such as when

Python uses struct to process binary data (pack and unpack usage)

Python uses struct to process binary data (pack and unpack usage). sometimes, python must be used to process binary data, such as file access and socket operations. in this case, you can use the python struct module. you can use struct to process

Share PHP Unpack function extract bit string implementation Tips _php Tutorial

We used to tell our friends that PHP unpack function definition Unzip the bit string data. Grammar: String Pack (string format, mixed [args] ...); return value: Array PHP Unpack function types: Data processing PHP Unpack Function Content

PHP unpack function decompression Bit String implementation skills

We once introduced to friends PHP unpack Function Definition Extract the bit string. Syntax: String pack (string format, mixed [args]...); Return Value: Array PHP unpack function types: Data Processing PHP unpack Function Description

Veterans and ocean VBS unpack tool code _vbs

about why you provide a packaging program and package compressed files. An MDB decompression 2006.asp Haiyang Top Net ASP Trojan 2006 version file Unpack.vbs packaged file "Hytop.mdb" Unlock device 2006x.exe Haiyang Top Net ASP Trojan 2006 C/S

Stupid methodology python (EX1-17)--%,input, unpack, read, write files

Tips: alt+3 can be multi-line annotation alt+4 multiline uncomment, F5 run, cmd directly enter python-m Pydoc can open the Help document, or can be directly followed by a function can be queried using such as Python-m Pydoc

PHP function Manual (Homemade binary "database")

IntroductionPack, unpack function, if there is no contact with the socket, this may be unfamiliar, these two functions in the socket interaction is a group package, the data loaded into a binary string, and the binary string data in the unpacking,

Basic data types for Swift tutorials _swift

Underlying type Although Swift is a new programming language designed to develop iOS and OS X apps, Swift's many features are similar to those of C and objective-c. Swift also provides basic data types similar to C and objective-c, including

6 Articles about Time_sleep_until recommendations

The Usleep () function delays code execution for several microseconds. The unpack () function unpack the data from a binary string. The Uniqid () function generates a unique ID based on the current time in microseconds. The Time_sleep_until ()

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