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Effective C ++, 3rd edition, item 7: declare Destructors (destructor) as Vir in polymorphic base classes (polymorphism base class)

Item 7: declare Destructors (destructor) as virtual in polymorphic base classes (polymorphism base class) By Scott Meyers Translator: fatalerror99 (itepub's nirvana) Release: There are many ways to get the time, so

The function and principle analysis of base class virtual destructor in C + +

The theoretical premise of virtual destructor isAfter executing the destructor of the subclass, the fictitious function of the parent class is bound to be executed.Then when you use Delete to release a subclass object that is instantiated by a

Does the destructor have to be a virtual function? Under what circumstances should a destructor be defined as a virtual function? __ function

Polymorphism is a basic attribute of object-oriented, including static polymorphism (compile phase) and dynamic polymorphism (runtime phase). Static polymorphism mainly refers to the polymorphism of different function parameters, which is a

Cannot throw an exception inside a destructor

From the syntax above, it is possible for destructors to throw exceptions, and C + + does not prevent destructors from throwing exceptions, but C + + does not recommend this practice, and it is dangerous to throw exceptions from

C ++ inherits the calling sequence and virtual destructor of the destructor in the destructor.

C ++ inherits the calling sequence and virtual destructor of the destructor in the destructor. First, let's talk about the constructor. We all know that the constructor can call member variables, and the Child class in inheritance is to turn the

Can constructor and destructor be declared as virtual functions?

Document directory The constructor cannot be declared as a virtual function. The Destructor can be declared as a virtual function, and sometimes it must be declared as a virtual function. The constructor cannot be declared as a virtual function.

Analysis on the use of C ++ virtual destructor

In C ++, virtual constructor cannot be declared, but virtual destructor can be declared. Polymorphism means that different objects have different behavior characteristics for the same message. As the basis of Runtime polymorphism, virtual functions

4.4 C + + virtual destructor

Reference: constructor cannot be declared as a virtual function, and a destructor can be declared as a virtual function.After the destructor of the base class is declared as a virtual function, the

Avoid coding in destructor

In the previous article, we introduced why we should avoid writing copy constructors and value assignment operators. Today we will discuss why we should avoid writing code in the destructor. That is, leave the Destructor empty. For example: virtual

C # destructor (destructor) and finalizers (Finalizer) __ Functions

turn from: Releasing resources with destructors Destructors are used to deconstruct instances of classes. 1 The destructor cannot be defined in the structure. Destructors can only be used

Declare the destructor of the polymorphism base class as a virtual function (Objective C ++)

Declare the destructor of the polymorphism base class as a virtual function. Now we want to consider a timer problem. First we create a base class named timekeeper, and then create various derived classes based on it, so that we can use different

Effective C + + 2nd structure/destructor/assignment operation (1)-Reading notes

Chapter Review:The 1th chapter of effective C + + makes himself accustomed to c++-reading notesEffective C + + 2nd structure/destructor/assignment operation (1)-Reading notes"Effective C + +" 8th custom new and delete-reading notesArticle 05:

Under what circumstances should class destructor be declared as virtual functions?

Destructor usage:1. Each destructor (without virtual) is only responsible for clearing its own members. 2. There may be a base class pointer pointing to the case where it is indeed a member of a derived class.For the second case:Correct execution:

A detailed explanation of the destructor function _c language in C + + programming

C + + destructor When an object is created, the system automatically calls the constructor to initialize the work, as well as the system automatically calls a function to clean up when the object is destroyed (for example, the various resources

A brief explanation of dynamic and Static Association of C + + and _c language of virtual destructor function

C + + static correlation and dynamic Association, C + + is how to achieve polymorphismIn real life, there are many examples of polymorphism. Let's analyze how people deal with polymorphism. For example, when a freshman is enrolled in a university,

C + + destructor __jquery

C + + destructor The inherited development environment that I use: Visual Studio How to write a destructor when designing a class.Destructors if we do not write,C + + will help us to automatically synthesize one, that is to say:C + + will

Execution Process of C ++ constructor destructor

Constructor: C ++ provides constructor to process object initialization. It is automatically executed when an object is created. The name of the constructor must be the same as the class name. It does not have any type or return any value. The

C ++ multi-state virtual function destructor abstract class

1. destructor and virtual destructorIf the destructor of the base class is virtual, The destructor of its derived class are virtual.This will cause: When the derived class destructor, all of its basic class destructor will be called.Otherwise, only

C # Sharp experience-Part 5: constructor and destructor)

5. constructor and destructor Li Jianzhong (, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications) Index

Object robbery-constructor and destructor exceptions

Constructor and destructor manage the creation and release of objects respectively, and take charge of the process of object birth and death. When an object is born, the constructor is responsible for creating and initializing the internal

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