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Create a DICOM dataset and keep it to the simple sample code of the file

Simple sample code for creating a DICOM dataset and keeping it to a file: Char uid [100];Dcmfileformat fileformat;Dcmdataset * dataset = fileformat. getdataset ();Dataset-> putandinsertstring (dcm_sopclassuid, uid_secondarycaptureimagestorage );Dataset-> putandinsertstring (dcm_sopinstanceuid, dcmgenerateuniqueidentifier (UID, site_instance_uid_root ));Dataset->

DICOM standards and applications-DICOM media storage functions and file formats

defines the physical characteristics of the media, such as physical media format parameters, dimensions, mechanical properties, storage properties, and the organization of bit stream information. For example, a 3.5 inch double-sided high-density floppy disk in a PC environment is a physical medium defined in the DICOM standard. The corresponding parameter description is the corresponding physical media layer, it should comply with ANSI x3.171, that i

DICOM file format and Programming

The format of any image file is composed of two parts: the header of the parameter and the pixel data ).The headers in BMP, JPEG, And Tiff formats only describe the basic parameters of the image, such as the number of rows and columns, the number of digits used for each vertex, whether the image is compressed, and the color palette. Headers are usually fixed in length.Medical Imaging also requires many other parameters, such as basic patient data, bas

DICOM dir File Format

file: dicomdir.rar the compressed file is a sample of two dicomdir files. dicomdir is a micro-database in a tree structure. The file structure of the CD is recorded. the dicomdir tree directory is a special directory structure specified in the DICOM standard, from

Python reads an instance of the Dicom header file

This article mainly introduces the Python read the dicom header file instance, has a certain reference value, now share to everyone, the need for friends can refer to Open dicom image with Dicompyler software, header file: Of course, you can read it directly: ds = Dicom.read_file (' h:\data\data\\21662\\2.16.840.1.1

SpringMVC core configuration file sample and springmvc sample

SpringMVC core configuration file sample and springmvc sample

ASP. NET Web Api 2 implements multi-file package and download file Sample source _

An article about the ASP. NET Web API download file, I've written a similar article before, see: The ASP. NET (C #) Web API downloads files to an on-premises instance via a file streamBased on this article, this paper provides the download of bytearraycontent and the ability to download multiple files when the server is compressed and packaged.About the server-side implementations that are implemented in th

PHP sample code for file downloading (preventing garbled Chinese file names)

PHP sample code for file downloading (preventing garbled Chinese file names) /** * PHP file download code, without garbled Chinese characters * By bbs.it-home.org */ $ File = "/tmp/Chinese name .tar.gz "; $ Fil

MySQL export file to txt and specify field delimiter; MySQL export to XLS file SQL sample

Tags: mysql mysql export mysql txtMySQL > select m.asset_id, M.asset_name, M.director, M.actor, M.country_of_origin, M.years, concat ('/HTTP/', P.poster_url), m.category from Ao_movie_tab m, Ao_poster_tab p where m.asset_id = p.asset_id Group B Y m.asset_id ORDER by m.asset_id to outfile ' test.txt ' fields terminated by ' \, ';The fields are separated by commas, and the exported Test.txt file is under the database pathThe followi

Python file operations-sample code for merging text file content,

Python file operations-sample code for merging text file content, Preface I believe that when you first enter a project, you generally need to look at the code. Sometimes, I want to print the code file, but the number of code files is usually two or more digits. Opening and printing one by one is really too laborious.

PHP File Upload-sample code for multiple file uploads

php File Upload-sample code for multiple file uploads PHP supports uploading multiple files at the same time and automatically naming their information as an array, and it is very simple to implement such a function, simply by uploading the domain to the file in the HTML form and using the array submission syntax for

Php sample code for file download and support for Chinese file names

Php sample code for file download and support for Chinese file names /*---------------- * $ FileName is the file name, required * $ FilePath is the file path. optional. it can be a relative or absolute path. * @ Path can

Web large file Download control (DOWN2)-Sample update-xproer.httpdownloader

Copyright 2009-2016 Jingmen Software Co., ltd All rights reserved All rights reserved Official website:http://www.ncmem.com/ Products home £http://www.ncmem.com/webapp/down2/index.asp Online Demo:http://www.ncmem.com/products/down2/index.html Product Description:http://www.cnblogs.com/xproer/archive/2011/03/26/1996322.html Development documentation:http://www.cnblogs.com/xproer/archive/2011/03/26/1996371.html Upgrade log:http://www.cnblogs.com/xproer/archive/2011/03/26/1996330.html cab installat

Java Download File sample

* @param filename Download file name* @throws IOException*/public static void Download (HttpServletResponse response, InputStream is, String fileName) {Download (response, is, fileName, encoding);} /*** File Download* @param response* @param is file input stream* @param filename Download file name* @param encoding enco

Detailed explanation of the sample code used by the AndroidXML file

We can define two or more layouts for an application. for example, you can create a directory named layout_land (indicating the horizontal screen layout of the mobile phone) and layout_port (indicating the portrait layout of the mobile phone ), the system will automatically find the most suitable layout file according to different situations, but the file names of the two sets of different layout files on t

A simple PHP file Upload sample program _php tutorial

This article to give you beginners to introduce a simple PHP file Upload sample program code, there is a need to learn friends can enter the reference. The code is as follows Copy Code Defining prompt functionsFunction alert ($msg) {Return ';}Define the allowed file types$allowType = Array (' Image/jpeg ', ' image/gif ', ' image/

asp.net file Upload sample collation

CSS, but someone tried to solve. No commercial upload component has been used in Silverlight so far, but there are sample programs that demonstrate multiple file uploads with Silverlight. Of course, the use of Silverlight can be very easy to implement multi-threaded upload, breakpoint continued to pass this function, these are not what I want to discuss in detail, if you need to be able to see for themselv

Reads the basic behavior file under the sample and processes it into the format required by the LIBSVM

SVM is a very powerful machine learning classification algorithm, which has many applications in many fields, such as text classification, image classification, biological sequence analysis and biological data mining, handwritten character recognition and so on. Specific theoretical things refer to the post http://www.dataguru.cn/forum.php?mod=viewthreadtid=371987 read or indefinitely.Recently in the SVM classification, processing object is a malicious program dynamic analysis generated by the b

JXL Excel file Java sample code description

Remember to download and import the Jxl.jar package, free points: http://download.csdn.net/detail/u010011052/7561041Package Test;import java.io.*;import jxl.*;import jxl.format.colour;import jxl.write.*;p ublic class JXLTest {private Static Writableworkbook book;private static Writablesheet sheet;p rivate static writablefont normalfont;private static Wr Itablefont difffont;private static Writablecellformat normalformat;private static Writablecellformat diffFormat;/** * Java creates an Excel simp

Springmvc uploading a ZIP file and extracting the code sample

);}Inputstream.close ();Outputstream.close ();} catch (Exception e) {Log.info ("Decompression failed:" +e.tostring ());throw new IOException ("Decompression failed:" + e.tostring ());}finally{if (InputStream! = null) {try {Inputstream.close ();} catch (IOException ex) {}}if (outputstream! = null) {try {Outputstream.close ();} catch (IOException ex) {Ex.printstacktrace ();}}Inputstream=null;Outputstream=null;}}Zfile.close ();}/*** Given the root directory, returns the actual

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